BenQ EX3501R 4k Gaming Monitor – A Gaming Beast

    Why You Should Buy It?

    Every now and then new games are being launched. The requirements they need can’t be accomplished by a normal pc. You will need to update your Pc from time to time to be in race. Without proper gaming setup neither you can enjoy the proper fps and graphics. Also other gamer have edge over you due having heavy gaming setups.

    If you play high fps games and want to have HD graphics, you should definitely go for it. It will take your gaming experience to the next level.

    What’s New?

    Above all 4k gaming monitors has opened new doors of exploration and are successful in seeking gamer attentions. They have clearer and more detailed graphics. Resolution always matters. Playing games at lower resolution always breaks the pixels and you get a blurred view which makes it difficult to play games.

    Little About The Firm

    BenQ is a very famous company, which makes various tech products and are known for their quality products. Keeping to their legacy, they always make sure their products has no problem and the build material is quality based. Their products are durable, trustable and are pleasing to use.

    BenQ EX3501R

    BenQ is Further BenQ has made it easy for you by launching EX3501R which is admirable from all aspects and will give such a display of 4k contents which you have never expected before.

    It is an ultra-wide, curved gaming monitor with unique features and remarkable performance. There are many large screen monitors but due to its curved nature Ex3501R is above all. Along with this HDR is fully supported thus providing you phenomenal contrast and eye pleasing color accuracy.

    So it is not only best for gaming but for movies as well. What will disappoint users the most is its high price tag which is unfortunate but as you know that nothing come without a cost.

    Further it possess Free Sync technology and also offer multiple secondary connectivity options. Hence it is equipped with all the features what are needed in gaming monitor. On top of that it comes with three years warranty which means that it has a long durability period too. Moreover to know its each and every details we have explained it briefly in our review.

    Design and Features

    Stand is metallic and adjustment offered by it is next level with 60 mm height adjustment and -5 to 20 degree tilting options. In this way you can set perfect viewing angle for yourself. Further the screen can be easily attached to the stand thus no need of drilling and assembly stay firm without any fear of falling.

    In addition bezels surrounding the screen are thin thus making it suitable for merging two screen together, in this way you will get a monstrous display. The bottom bezel is a bit larger because it contains button for controlling screen menu.

    Light sensor present at the bezel adjust light according to the environment you are working in and thus your eyes stay strain free. Further if you do not like automatic adjustment then simply turn off the sensor. Along with this it offers admirable secondary connectivity options that is two HDMI 2.0 ports, single display port 1.4 and two USB ports 3.0.

    35 inch screen size will immerse you into your display and this pleasure is further enhanced by the curved nature of the screen. Curvature of EX3501R is 1800R which is worth praising but not as phenomenal as 3000R. But keep in mind that for 3000R the recommended distance to sit away from the monitor is 3 meter and for 1800R it is 1.8 meter.

    As this monitor is specially designed for gamer and sitting near the table give you more control so 1800R is the perfect curvature.

    Display and Performance

    To get the best performance of BenQ EX3501R it should be used with window 10. Without it the performance and HDR quality might get disappointing. Further it possess different display modes like sRGB, Photo and HDR but you can also create a mode of your own interest by adjusting brightness and contrast. Remember that HDR mode is the best so better do not waist time on creating own mode.

     By turning on HDR mode you will get a display which you cannot imagine because of the outstanding color accuracy. But to turn on true HDR mode you should be the expert because it is a complex job to do. Further the default setting is not admirable because picture quality of some images is disturbed and this disturbance is due to the extreme brightness. Along with this color depth is 8-bit and it would be more appealing if it was 10-bit.

    In addition HDR is supported well by window 10 only if you have the latest updates. To further overcome any distortion you should use Nvidia graphics cards. But still some issues occur if you are watching HDR enabled videos but this short coming is due the window operating system and is not BenQ’s fault.

    In case of HDR enabled games performance of this monitor is world-class. Hence it is better for gaming instead of buying it for video enjoyment.

    Buttons present on the bezel are used for on/off and controlling screen menu. Power button work properly but the other four buttons for menu adjustment are only dots thus making it difficult for most user to handle.

    Panel type of EX3501R is VA due to which the response time is 4ms. Further refresh rate is advertised as 100Hz but in real practice it is 48Hz-1ooHz. Along with this Free SynC technology give more flicker free display. So Many people would think that response time may not be satisfactory but in practical use you will not notice any lag.

    Bottom Line

    If you are gaming enthusiast and looking for best 4k gaming monitor then you should go for BenQ EX3501R. As it provides amazing show of 4k games whether you play action paced games or graphic oriented games yield will be maximum. Surely you will be proud of your decision after use because it will never let you down against your enemies in the field of gaming.

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