Best way to Heat Our Home this Winter

    Looking Through the Good and Bad Features of the Popular Heating Methods in Our Search for the Best One

    Preparing for the winter season should not be overlooked and done at the last moment. Taking the right decisions needs some time and a research if you don’t want any surprises with the monthly electrical bill.

    We live in modern times and we have plenty to choose from. When it comes to heating appliances – the market offers plenty of different options.  

    We are all looking for a heating alternative that has low running costs and is able to warm up a room to the desired levels. In this blog post we will look at the available options and hopefully find the Best way to heat your home this winter.  

    1.     Let’s Talk About the Alternatives

    Electric heaters may do the job for smaller rooms but using them regularly for big areas will increase your electric bill substantially.

    Gas heaters are a cheaper choice, but on the other hand they release fumes that are bad for our health and create moisture. Not to mention that there is always a fire risk if not maintained properly.

    Using wood for heating purposes is getting a bit old-fashioned as eco regulations are getting harsher and people tend to think more about our environment. Burning wood releases fumes that are spreading through the air and getting into our lungs. Air pollution is something important and should be addressed.

    When we talk about modern ways of heating during the winter season mentioning Infrared appliances is a must. This is the method that seems to be the right choice if we want to exclude the previously-mentioned disadvantages.

    So What Is So Good About Infrared Heating?

    2.     Eco-Friendly

    First of all, they are absolutely eco-friendly. Infrared panels produce a completely natural form of heating with no CO2 emissions. They provide a 100% natural energy conversion and reduce the carbon footprint of our homes via lower energy consumption.

    3.     Good for Our Health

    In addition to that, they are good for our health. Infrared heaters warm objects and not the air in the room. This means that no bacteria or moisture is getting into the air that we breathe. This is especially beneficial for people with bad respiratory conditions.

    4.     Cheaper in the Long Run

    Infrared heaters are cheaper that other alternatives when using in zones. As they do not require a lot of time to heat up a room (as they are not heating the air) they can be turned on only in the rooms that are used. When used smartly Infrared heating may reduce your heating bill by 65%!

    5.     Smartly Operated

    Most modern infrared heaters are operated through smart thermostats that can be turned ON/OFF with a timer or even used from a distance with a Smartphone application. Infrared Heaters require no maintenance and can be installed easily without the need of a technician. They have no moving parts thus almost nothing can go wrong with them.

    Our winter heating needs should not be neglected and left for the last moment. Good decisions need time and in order to save you some time we’ve covered some heating alternatives in our search for the best way to heat our homes this winter.

    We covered some famous heating methods and revealed their disadvantages. We came to the conclusion that if we are searching for a cheap and eco-friendly heating method, using Infrared heating should be the first on our list. Think what is important for you and if we share the same life goals!

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