6 Hidden Ways Virtual Reality is Frequently Used in Education

    Virtual Reality is transforming the way we see and experience the world. Leveraging Virtual Reality has many benefits ranging from learning complex subjects to streamlining language immersion. It took a few months before the education industry started using Virtual Reality because it is expensive.

    Few experts predict that VR can become common in classrooms and VR-powered applications will be mainstream over time. The following are eight secretly hidden ways VR-based applications are already executed among the leading academies. 

    1. Learning a New Language

    To learn and speak a new language requires hard work and complete immersion. You have to speak, learn complex words, and constantly practice to become an expert. VR has now made it easier for anyone to learn a new language.

    You don’t have to move to a new country and live alongside the natives to learn a new language. VR-powered simulations can trigger the brain into making the learning experience real. Many Virtual Reality apps such as Unimersiv are helping people learn many different languages. 

    VR-Based Language App: Unimersiv app allows you to meet people from anywhere in the world who speaks different languages. The VR experience on Unimersiv is known as “The Classroom”. All the users connected are tagged with their national flag for better identification. 

    2. Creating Architectural Design

    Many high-grade schools are finding ways to squeeze Virtual Reality to streamline complex lesson plans. To boost student’s creativity and learning abilities, VR-based applications can give a helping hand. One way Virtual Reality has impacted education is by generating 3D models for architecture experts.

    By using Oculus Rift, you can seamlessly create complication 3D models of various architectures, monuments, and buildings. In an Irish high school, students have even started using Virtual Reality to create 3D models. 

    MissionV: As a learning platform for kids, MissionV allows students to use various geometric building tools to build amazing and detailed 3D models. Kids can make digital characters to easily communicate and plan to build high-end 3D architectural models. 

    3. Enhancing Collaboration 

    VR-based technology can bridge the gap between students and teachers whether you are in the classroom or living at a distant location. According to research, VR-powered applications can improve classroom creativity and teacher-student collaboration. Students can improve their learning skills by sitting at home and connecting to a class of 100 people using VR-based techniques.

    Teaching kids using Virtual Reality techniques can help teachers to communicate well with foreign exchange students. From showing foreign exchange students a different culture to helping them stay engaged in various activities, Virtual Reality can provide great assistance to students. Here are a few ways VR is helping students and experts collaborate better. 

    • Using Physical Headsets: VR-powered headsets can give you an amazing experience. You just have to wear a VR headset and communicate face-to-face with anyone in the world 
    • Virtual Avatars: By creating virtual avatars, students can see the virtual representations of any person but would take a few years to go mainstream

    4. Virtual Academy Visits

    VR-powered technology is enhancing the way students get a tour of a new campus. Many leading colleges and schools are using Virtual Reality tours which can either be in the form of campus pictures of long-form videos. These at-home VR campus ours help students to get an inside experience of a specific campus without even leaving their house.

    To discover every classroom and alley of a campus, VR has become a game-changer when it comes to campus tours. Many college campuses are offering VR-based tours and a glimpse of their academy to attract students. Here are five leading university campuses that are using VR frequently. 

    • University of Southern California
    • University of Miami
    • GCSU 
    • Bates College

    5. Acquiring Skills

    VR-based simulations can help every student learn enterprise-grade skills. In this way, students can explore real-time scenarios in the comfort of their homes. One study shows students with Virtual Reality experience learn skills faster and better than those attending a real class. Leveraging Virtual Reality can help students learn how to make coffee by showing YouTube tutorials and practicing via Virtual Reality.

    Also, VR-based skill learning is assisting disabled people to try new things and enhancing independence. Here are the leading VR-based apps designed specifically for kids.

    • Peronio Pop-Up Book (iPad)
    • InMind 2 VR (iPad, Android)
    • Discovery VR (iPad, Android)
    • Google Cardboard (iPad) 

    6. Game-Based Learning

    Students who find it challenging to learn a specific subject are shifting to game-based learning. It is more engaging and encouraging for any student facing trouble learning to play VR-based games and learn different skills. Every person using the VR experience can identify him or herself based on their skills rather than age, gender, or race.

    There are several things students can accomplish in a VR-powered environment. Some kids with disabilities can hugely benefit from game-based learning to remove their weaknesses and improve their strengths. Find the best game-based, VR-powered mobile apps for better learning. 

    • Incell
    • Dinotrek
    • Orbulus
    • WAA

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