How to Overcome Fear of Flying: Top Essential Tips

    Aviophobia or aerophobia is not a new thing. Several people are suffering from it. It can be a heritage right from childhood, or it can emerge during adulthood. Several triggering factors are there for it.

    According to the researchers, when you travel by air, it comes with the least possibility of death. Thus, if you have a fear of flying, you can overcome this by getting the essential tips. This article will guide you on how to do so.

    Things That you Can Do Between Flights:

    Let us see what we can do when we are not flying. It can encourage you to take an interest in flying.

    Understand Aerodynamics

    When you know something, you will be able to overcome the fear. You may fear any noise or if something abnormal takes place. And you start panicking. To overcome this, you need to understand aerodynamics.

    Go through the social platforms to discuss aerodynamics with people. Understand how an aeroplane fly. Understand what causes few planes to crash. Get to know how planes overcome bad weather conditions or turbulence.

    Be a Plane-Spotter

    If you have an interest in aircraft and airlines, it will make things easier for you. You can be a plane spotter.

    Look for an online app that tracks aircraft in real-time. It will tell you about its arrival, destination, altitude, speed, and a lot more. This will remove your fear and help you take more interest in flying.

    What to Do Before You Book a Flight?

    There are few things you must consider before booking a flight. It will be alleviating your anxiety. Follow these tips to overcome fear of flying:

    Choose The Correct Airline

    When you choose the correct airline, it may help in stress alleviation and may over your fears. Look at the safety records of the reputed flying companies. Check their online reviews, and ask people about their onboarding experience. All these will lower your fear of flying.


    Before booking a flight, explore and find out the best. Consider your budget as well. When you explore more, you will get more confidence in flying. After all, avoidance is not the right step to proceed.

    Before Your Flying Date

    After booking the flight, start with your preparations. Focus on making your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Let us see how to do so:

    Pre-book the Transfers

    You need to think about what to do when you arrive at the destination. So, you need to pre-book your train, bus, or car.

    Enjoy the Things

    If you have a fear of flying, try to enjoy the experience. Look outside the window of your flight. The view will never disappoint you. Enjoy your meal service. Look for the entertainment options like movies. Watch it when you are on the flight. And always keep in mind the destination. It will excite you the most.

    Focus on the Comfort Kit

    Take the things in flight with which you are most comfortable. In short, have the familiar stuff with you. You may have slippers, hand gel, blindfold, headphones, and others.

    Choose the Correct Seat

    Choose the most comfortable seat. You may choose the aisle, middle, or window seat as per your comfort. The seats on the wing are the most stable ones. So, go for those and not for the rear seats, as they are the bumpiest.

    How to Get Comfortable Inside the Plane?

    Now, you are on the plane. Just relax and enjoy! Here are a few tips on how to overcome the fear of flying:

    Get Necessary Sleep

    You can pass your journey quicker by falling asleep. Carry U-shaped neck pillows with you. And make sure it is soft, lightweight, and comfortable. It will make you feel supported.

    Take Toilet Breaks

    When you get on your feet, you start to feel better. You will also feel less turbulence. Go to the toilet for freshening up. It will give you a sense of control.

    Wear Your Slippers and Socks, and Stay Hygienic

    The slippers will give you better support while you are onboard and offer you extra comfort. You may wear your flight socks if you are going to fly long distances. It will enhance your comfort and make you feel homely. Use your hand gel to stay hygienic. This will help you to avoid anything nasty from your co-passengers.

    Use your headphones and Put on your Blindfold

    Put your blindfold on, put on your headphones, and relax and enjoy the peaceful music. It will divert you from your fear of flying.

    Do Not Panic in Turbulence

    Turbulence is common, and it is common. Put on your seatbelt. Turbulences are issues of comfort more than safety. So, do not panic about occasional bumpiness.

    EnjoyYour Meal

    Eating makes everything better. Ask for more if you are hungry. Enjoy your desserts. Enjoy your meal as it will keep you distracted from your fears.

    Ask if you are in Doubt

    Talk to the cabin crew if you are feeling worried. They will provide you with advice and tips. Get up on your feet and find someone to talk to.

    Enjoy the View

    Even if you sit in an aisle seat, look outside the window, take-offs are surprising distractions. So, look outside for enduring the anxiety.

    Remember that Aeroplanes have been Flying for Decades

    The aeroplanes are nothing new. They have been flying for more than decades. The safety and technology have improved. So, there is nothing to fear.

    Focus on Why You are Flying

    Justify to yourself why you are flying. Look at the in-flight magazine, and see if any interesting place is there at your destination. Keep your guidebooks with you for planning out things.


    In this article, we have discussed everything about how to overcome the fear of flying. Whatever you do, do not allow your fears to determine whether you should travel or not. When you travel, it opens doors. It helps you to establish relationships and expand your mind. It is good for the soul. So, book cheap holiday packages and take a flight for getting rid of your fears. Do not let your fears hold you back.

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