How unique content can help you rank higher in SERP?

    Millions of people write content for the internet and that’s something you need to focus on how can you differentiate between your content and others.

    As we all know, there are many things to be focused on while differentiating or making your content the best and easy to understand by the readers. 

    But when it comes to the first requirement, we can say having unique content is very important.

    Now, a question arises how can we make the content unique so, it can help you rank in the SERPs and some people can be still confused about the content uniqueness.

    So, let’s start from the beginning.

    What is content uniqueness?

    The simplest concept of content uniqueness is, when you copy something from the internet or any other source, it can be considered as duplicate content.

    In contrast, when you write on your own and present your word then it can be considered as unique content.

    Having unique content is very important not only for your blog but also if you are a student or some professional as well.

    But here we are specifically talking about the uniqueness of the content that can help us in ranking higher in SERPs.

    Is content duplication being bad for a blog? 

    Surely, having duplication in your content is the worst thing that can destroy your professional reputation.

    Using duplicate content will not only de-rank your blog but can also make you lose your readers too.

    Once your reader finds plague in your content, it can be very difficult to regain their trust and that’s why it is compulsory to focus on content uniqueness.

    You can check for plagiarism by any online plagiarism checker as they are mostly free of cost, authentic, and accurate.

    But having unique content doesn’t mean you don’t need to research things on the internet or you can add some additional and fictional facts and figures.

    That’s why we have concluded some points that can make it clear that how unique content can help you in ranking you higher, these points are discussed below.

    Benefits of using unique content

    As we mentioned above that using unique content is very compulsory and we cannot even think of ranking higher if we don’t have the uniqueness in the content.

    There are many benefits of having unique content so, let’s have a look at these advantages.

    1. Build a professional reputation

    If you are a blogger and owning your website, you must be cleared that you need to build a good professional reputation.

    Many bloggers are dealing with the same product or category you are dealing with but your professional reputation helps you differentiate yourself from them.

    We need to understand that you are physically there to impress your audience or convince them so, all you need to convince them by your words and other elements.

    When it comes to your words or content, all you need is to have uniqueness in it and you can easily rank higher on SERPs.

    You can also rephrase the content and make it unique but it is compulsory to focus on the readability of that content too.

    Most people are just concerned about uniqueness and ignore the other important factors like readability and many other things.

    2. Creates high-authority backlinks

    The second most important thing is when you have a uniqueness in your content, it can help you get high authority backlinks.

    First of all, the simplest benefit of having backlinks is, you can make your blog’s authority high and it can support your blog.

    Backlinks are also important for your reputation as well like people will easily trust you when you are linked with some high authority and accurate sites.

    Like if you take a link from some authentic site, it can help your audience to determine that you are writing the authentic content.

    So, it must be cleared now that having uniqueness in your content and making them plagiarism-free is very important.

    3. Improves domain authority

    Domain authority is not directly affected by the rankings or growth, it’s just a predictive number created by Moz just to determine the success of a blog.

    Domain authority score ranges from 0-100 and we need to be focused on this number too.

    It is not directly affected to the rankings but it doesn’t mean we can ignore it because some of the people judge your blog just by seeing your domain authority.

    And it is not wrong to say that you need to publish unique content on your blog if your preference is to improve the DA of your website.

    If you are willing to earn by guest posting or some other outsourcing then you must have good domain authority.

    Don’t be confused between domain authority and page authority, both are different but there is one similarity and that is, you can check da of your website by a domain authority checker. Domain authority is of the most important factor for your blog.

    How to write unique content for your website?

    Writing unique content is very easy, all you need to present your own words after having proper research from the internet.

    Some people thought that they can only have a uniqueness in their content when they don’t need any kind of help from the internet.

    But it is wrong.

    We just need to research things if the preference is to make content unique and useful too. By using your own words without researching from the internet, you can only write unique content.

    But you cannot make your content authentic and useful for the audience. There are many more steps or tips that are needed to write unique content.

    All you can do is

    1. Take your time
    2. Do proper research
    3. Write your opinions
    4. Use some easy but attractive vocabulary

    These steps are enough and help you writing unique content so, give it a try and rank higher on the SERPs.


    As we all know that there are many factors either they are minimal or having a great impact on the blog so, the most important thing is to focus on all these factors.

    It must be cleared now that having unique content is very important and it has many benefits and surely helps you rank higher on SERPs.

    We have shared our views above, have a look and follow them if you are willing to rank higher

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