The importance of employing managed IT services for your company

    IT leaders, from across businesses and geographical locations, are investing in managed IT services and support partnerships for outsourcing their IT infrastructure needs, giving their in-house team the space to focus on core business growth.

    Businesses require managed IT services and support providers because the partnership removes risks. Besides the implementation and updation of the system, they perform constant monitoring of the software, freeing up managers’ time to concentrate on their businesses.

    What is managed IT services?

    Managed IT support services is a solution type where the company’s IT functions are outsourced to a skilled third-party organization. This enables the business to focus on their core offerings while being in touch with latest technology.

    These services are typically executed by managed IT service providers who specialize in the management of IT support and technology guidance. Letting the managed IT service providers manage the technology processes enables you to access in-trend technology capabilities without going through the process of hiring and training an IT department. 

    Now, I am sure you must be wondering, does this mean I should lay off my IT team? No. Managed IT services for business is not about replacing the IT team. In fact, managed IT services providers allow the IT department to concentrate on important projects which push revenue and growth while allowing smooth operation of businesses.

    Minimized business disruptions

    Every business, irrespective of the size and sector, faces an IT downtime. Although the reasons might be different, the fact is that these disruptions hurt the brand on both operational and customer experience front. When you invest in managed IT security services, you partner with a team that is always on top of your IT systems — they know the signs to look out for and take proactive measures to have minimal damage in operations and revenue.

    High cost-effectiveness

    Hiring an IT consulting services provider is a lot more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team of experts. With the former, you know what you are paying for and the returns you will get.

    When you bring this range in comparison to the business spending costs like salary, overtime pay, office space, equipment and software, and legally mandated employee benefits, the cost will be a lot more effective when investing in managed IT services for business.

    Guaranteed regulations compliance

    Every business has to work around local and national laws that require them to follow regulation compliance. These regulations can vary from data protection, customer safety against hacks, improper handling, and unauthorized information use. A lack of information around these can open you to heavy penalties and lawsuits.

    The managed IT consulting company can ensure that your software meets with the regulatory compliance at all times, ensuring that you are on the good side of the government laws.

    Access to the IT experts

    Every managed IT support company vets their employees against every technical and interpersonal skills. Moreover, they ensure that their teams have training and certifications to manage all the latest and upcoming trends in the IT field. So when you hire an IT managed services support team, you get access to highly-qualified experts at a budget that won’t hamper your small business budget.

    Focus on core business

    In place of investing your time in learning the latest technology or spending time with platforms’ customer team to understand a feature, you can outsource these tasks to managed service provider for small business. By not having to think about the IT activities, you will have more time to think about business processes, bettering the workflows, automation of steps, and the next big product launch.

    Expedited implementation

    When it comes to acing the digital space, speed is of essence. Implementation of a new technology or software, building an MVP, etc., can take up weeks when you handle the process in-house.

    In comparison to this, investing in managed IT services for business can expedite the process as the team already holds the skills in working with in-trend technologies and platforms.

    Final Thoughts!

    Giving the IT responsibility to a company specializing in managed IT services for small business is an attractive proposition. As you saw, right from cost, efficiency, and regulation compliance, the benefits of IT consulting services are manifold.

    However, it is crucial to note that the quality of service will always be aligned with the quality of the managed IT service support team. This is where Appinventiv comes into the picture. The IT consulting team doesn’t just know how to keep businesses on top of their digital offerings but also maintain a synergy between your IT team and the leadership team, ensuring the best interest of both are addressed. 

    We have helped a number of businesses – both remotely and by deploying an offsite team to work alongside them – better their processes and get knowledgeable so that they become independent in the future. 

    To learn how your business can benefit from Appinventiv managed IT services, contact with our business analysis team today.

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