Must Have Chat Apps in Your Smartphone

    Who doesn’t like to chat with his friends whenever they want and wherever they are? No matter which operating system you are using; with these applications; you can chat with your beloved ones and strangers too.

    As mobile technologies grow, people become worry-free because they can communicate with their friends anytime anywhere. Well, this is the way to chat with friends across the world at the same time. So, we can say “World is becoming smaller day to day.”

    Do you use the mobile app for chatting with your friends? I know, it’s a silly question but does you really use the well-featured chat apps? An app or apps you are using is secure or not? No, Idea about that.

    Don’t worry, here we have listed the top 10 chat apps which are secure and well-featured to provide you hassle-free chat experience without any fear of data theft. One more thing, these apps are compatible with both Android and iOS platform. Let’s look at them one by one.

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    Is there any explanation required for this app? Definitely, not? It’s one of the widely used chat apps in the world and there is no doubt about it. Since it is acquired by Facebook; there are so many new features added to the app like video call, voice call, end-to-end data encryption and so on.

    The best thing is that all you can get it for free. Only Internet charges cost you which is nominal nowadays. Click Here to Download  Android & iOS

    Facebook Messenger


    Since 2005, Facebook hasn’t seen back ever. Every time, it brings new to the users worldwide. Facebook has its own messaging app that provides convenience to users to chat with their friends and family.

    This app will automatically import your Facebook contacts and also you can add a contact. There are ample amount of free stickers, emojis and you can send GIFs too. As Facebook believes in reliability and quality; you can see the same in video and voice call features of Facebook Messenger app.

    A feature “chat heads” allows users to keep an icon showing on the screen, you can move it anywhere on the screen. This is very convenient for any user. If you haven’t download yet. Click Here to Download  Android & iOS

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    This was widely used for voice and video chat with the friends living in the foreign countries before Whatsapp had introduced voice and video call features.

    But still, it is in popularity as it allows for voice, text messaging, sending stickers & emotions, video calls & sharing your photos. Viber to Viber calls are free and it acquires little space on your smartphone.

    So, it is a better option to chat with your friends internationally. Click Here to Download  Android & iOS

    Google Hangout


    Google Hangout – a very popular app for the users as it works on both mobile phone and desktop systems.

    You only need to have a Google account and you are able to share stickers, GIFs, favorite photos, make group calls and video calls.

    It is available for both iOS and Android platforms and shows a chat head on your screen while chatting with friends. Click Here to Download  Android & iOS 

    Google Allo

    It’s the same type of other chat apps like sharing photos, emojis, GIFs, stickers, etc. So, now you have a question in your mind that what’s new in this app? It’s none other than the “Google’s New Assistant” feature.

    It’s an app from Google family and available for both iOS and Android devices. It functions similarly like to Cortana and Siri. It’s a good one to try at least once for the experiment.

    I hope you will definitely like it and share with your friends too. Click Here to Download  Android & iOS



    The signal app comes from the Open Whisper System and is highly recommended mobile app when it comes to chatting with friends securely.

    The main attraction is “military-grade encryption” which is applicable to all your voice calls and messages. A user who wants security, encryption first & foremost; this app is preferred. Click Here to Download  Android & iOS 


    IM+ may be a right solution for those people who have accounts on every service. Means you can add accounts like Google, Twitter, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Live, Facebook and more to IM+ app and can chat with your friends with just one app. isn’t it cool? Aggregate your old messaging apps in IM+ app & simplify your messaging task. Click Here to Download  Android & iOS

    So, how many chat apps from the above list are already installed on your Smartphone right now? Almost all; that’s great. If not then install it once, experience it.

    If you are using any other app to chat with your beloved ones and want to add in the above list; just write down in the comment section. We will review it and add to the above list.

    “Happy Chatting with your friends and family. Stay Connected with your loved ones.”

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