7 Must Have Content Marketing Tools

    The first quarter of 2020 is already gone and still, experts are predicting new content marketing strategies which will help marketers grab huge traffic to their clients’ business in a short time.

    Although, many of us believe that 2020 isn’t a year for content marketing and will not be a core part of digital marketing. Let us beat the myth regarding content marketing in the current year with some statistical data.

    • Nearly 90% of B2B marketers put emphasis on Content Marketing in their daily practices while 86% of B2C digital marketers use it day to day.
    • 70% of digital marketers can demonstrate that how they increased engagement & traffic through content marketing.

    Till date, we have seen several content marketing strategies described by major digital marketing agencies and freelance marketers too. But in all the marketing strategies, one thing is common: Content Distribution & promotion. The very next question pops up in your mind

    how to distribute content over the Internet and get much leverage them without spending a lot of time?

    Today, we are going to provide some ridiculously simple tactics and tools that simplify the content distribution and amplify the content promotion task to gain quality leads and engagement.

    People apply the content marketing strategies broadly but only a few of them provide satisfactory results. This is a bit confusing and depressing. Why? The only reason is “Not considering the Content Distribution seriously.” See the below numbers; you will take the above reason very seriously and start spending time on it.

    Now, think about the competition and tell yourself where you are. Is your content creative enough to grab attention in the huge market? Your answer might be NO, right now. But after using this below tactics and tools; your perception will be changed towards content distribution.

    Content Distribution Tools & Promotion Tactics:

    Sharing on Social Media:

    Once content is created then we mostly share on social media, right? Means this is a part of your strategy but are you really doing it well? To get the answer let us ask you one more question “Do you use a social media dashboard like HootSuite, Sendible or Buffer?” No, then you are not working with social sharing very precisely and seriously.

    Use such tools to share your content on social media channels within a fraction of time whenever you want. Why?

    • Such tools allow you to share your new blog or article content to your own selected social media accounts, you only need to add RSS feed.
    • Easy to schedule your post at a particular time, no matter at that time, what you are doing.
    • Don’t believe in “one and done”; the lifespan of social media posts are transient. Schedule it multiple time a day, week or month on the dashboard.

    Must Read: Sendible – a dignified and result-driven Social Media Management Tools.

    Email Signatures:

    You are still an outdated brand, agency, or a person; if there is no email signature at the end of your email. But this is a very rare case nowadays. Generally, people add a personal name, profession, company name, number, social media profiles, and website URL.

    Have you ever been tried to add your latest content link in the email signature or even thought about that? But now, you have an idea. Try this for a few days, you will be surprised after seeing the results in Google Analytics.

    You only need to set your latest content link in the email signature with the help of the company’s administrators. Tell them to add one more line at the end of the email signature to promote your latest content. Black Pearl and Wisestamp are good add-on solutions, you should try at least once.


    The old traditional tactic – newsletters are still in demand and almost all brands are using this to aware of potential customers about brand products and services. This is a general-purpose of spending time on Newsletters. But some of the brands have been started using this old tactic with the integration of new stuff.

    Yes, this is true. What they do? They just put a link to the latest blog posts, videos, case studies link and other content that attract visitors to read and get more information about their brand that they haven’t discovered yet.

    Keep in Mind: Share only those links which are capable of engaging customers and tempt them to open.

    Content Curation Tools:

    Are you using and/or for marketing the brand? YES, you are my kind of digital marketer. These are the best website tools to curate content of others and so, others will curate your content.

    Simple, is it? You only need to mix up your brand content with others and then, there may be a good chance that other users will curate your brand’s content too. Add this to your content promotion strategy and gain a good amount of traffic to your website.

    • Organize your content into different categories with and share according to it.
    • Use to arrange topic-specific content and mix up your content too.

    Influencer Marketing:

    Don’t have an idea about Influencer marketing? Okay no problem, we are explaining you here. Influencers are a bunch of people who are closely engaged with the particular crowd in some categories like fashion, technology, photography, etc.

    Today, influencer marketing is a great tactic to bring niche traffic to your website, never leave the promotion opportunity behind. What do you need to do? Find influencers of your business niche. Push your effort to convince your niche influencers to share your content on social media sites so, your content will be spread over thousands of their followers and at the end, you will get good traffic as a result.

    Content Distribution Tools:

    Content delivery networks like Mix, Taboola, and Outbrain can help you promote and spread your brand content over the Internet world within few clicks. Several tools are available but these 3 are preferred for millions of users and people stay active for longer times in a day.

    StumbleUpon: Referred as a content discovery engine, it helps users to discover new and unique content through voting and recommendations by a community. Along with this, a native advertising option is available which runs on Pay-Per-Click model. Add your content page over there and share with your followers.

    Taboola: It distributes content over NBC, USA Today, Fox and more well-known websites.

    Outbrain: Similar to Taboola, it’s a paid content distribution tools which recommend content to well-known sites like CNN, ESPN and more.

    Blog RSS Feed:

    Many consider this tactic as a silly one and neglect them often, but they don’t know what actually they are missing. A simple RSS feed can easily serve several purposes in content distribution task.

    The very quick benefit is that subscribed users can get your recent posts in their email accounts using the RSS feed. Just set the timer to send feeds to their email address daily or weekly. Another benefit is that you can automate social media posting without scheduling posts every time; republishing feed is also possible to other websites.

    Wrapping Up:

    Creating a quality content is not enough in the content marketing field; distribution and promotion need same efforts sometimes even more too. There is no worth of creative content unless and until it is not reached to the readers. Once, a content is created; use the above tactics and tools to spread it over the Internet and bring a huge crowd to your website.

    Are you using any of the above tools or tactics to promote and distribute content over various channels? If not then start using from today onwards. If you are using a tool which is not listed here; please mention in the comment section. It will help our readers to try a new tool.

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    Andra Bank
    Andra Bank
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