My Website Traffic is Down Suddenly. Quick Ways to Analyze & Fix Them – Part 1

    Each website has some fluctuation in traffic and that’s normal. The fluctuation range is depended on your website. If your website traffic is getting similar fluctuation month on month, you don’t need to worry about it.

    When your website traffic gets a significant drop; as a website owner, it’s a matter to worry. Your very first response is that what the hell is going on? Do not be panic or desperate. There is a number of reasons your website traffic might drop significantly and plenty of ways to fix them.

    The very first thing you need to check is “your website is down or not”. If your website is down then there are no other ways to find and fix the issues. This is an issue and should be fixed as soon as possible.

    The second issue would be related to your website loading speed. Yes, this is true. If your website loading time is more than 3-4 seconds; it’s a time to worry. A slow website always fails to get more traffic. Due to some recent changes in the website, the loading speed may go down and so, your website traffic will drop.

    Website Speed
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    You can check your website speed with two trusted tools available online for free.

    Visitors love faster loading websites. Improve your website speed to get more traffic and so leads.

    Next, check that your Google Analytics Tracking code is deleted or not. If deleted; you can’t see your website traffic. Add the tracking code again and then check for the live traffic. Your issue is solved.

    At last, check the news. Is there any major update that can be a reason for a significant drop in traffic? If yes, go through the News, get the information on how to fix it and then apply on your website. This will help you get your website traffic back as before.

    The above reasons are common and you can analyze and fix them. That’s not a big deal. But the main question is “what if any of the above is not an issue”. You need the help of SEO expert who can go deep into your problem and provide solutions.

    Here, we have described a few reasons that are responsible for the significant website traffic drop.

    Check for Google Penalties:

    No need to define penalty term? We all have paid at least once in life. When your website gets a penalty from Google, you will get an immediate drop in web traffic. If you have configured your website in Google Search Console; you will get a notification from Google.

    Just imagine, there is a notification; what will you do? It’s very simple that you or your SEO team has done something wrong to improve website ranking. Google has captured it and so, your website traffic is dropped. In the SEO world, such tactics and practices are called black hat techniques.

    What is it?

    Many SEO experts use it to get a sudden rank of client’s website but it’s not genuine as per Google terms and conditions. The tactics are spammy or plagiarized content on the website, bulk link building, link farms, cloaking and more.

    If you are working with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team, you must discuss the issues and request them to fix it as soon as possible.

    Find Out Which Traffic Channel Shows Drop

    Most website owners compare the traffic channels to identify traffic related issues. This is a good way to start analyzing. When you compare traffic channels; you will get to know which type of traffic is lost.

    For example, if it’s paid traffic, it might possible that you have stopped spending money on your ads. So, you got a drop in traffic.

    You should compare branded and unbranded traffic as well. If you see a fall in branded traffic; you can count it under PR Issue.

    Branded traffic means an internet user visits your website directly by typing a domain name, not through any referral link.

    The count of Backlinks Reduced?

    A significant drop in referral traffic comes under this point. The referral traffic depends on how well you have built backlinks for your website. Compare your referral traffic; you will get a good idea.

    For example, the last month data shows that a particular link helps you get 100 visits in a month but in the current month; it shows ZERO or around 20-30;  probably, you may have lost it. Find out what happened to that backlink.

    A good SEO team can help you regain traffic through referral but generating new backlinks and optimizing the existing ones.

    We have covered some reasons for sudden website traffic drop and ways to fix them to regain the traffic. If any of the above issues are responsible, you will get peace of mind after fixing them.

    Consult with SEO agency India to get help or fix the issues. Get traffic to your website and earn through it.

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