PTE Writing Strategies to Score 79+: A Complete Guide

    The PTE Writing section evaluates your ability to effectively communicate in written English through two main tasks: Summarize the Written Text and Write the Essay. It assesses grammar, vocabulary, and overall writing skills.

    Scoring 79 or higher in the PTE Writing section is crucial for unlocking opportunities in university admissions, job placements, and visa applications. It showcases a high level of English proficiency, making you a competitive candidate.

    This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the necessary tips and strategies to achieve a score of 79 or above in the PTE Writing section. We will delve into preparation strategies, task-specific tips, effective time management, and recommended resources.

    Understanding the PTE Writing Section

    Task 1: Summarize Written Text

    This task requires summarizing a passage into one sentence within 10 minutes, assessing your ability to identify and communicate the main ideas succinctly.

    Task 2: Write Essay

    In this task, you’ll write a 200-300 word essay on a given topic within 20 minutes, evaluating your ability to present ideas coherently and develop arguments effectively.

    PTE Writing Preparation Strategies

    Building a Strong Foundation

    • Improving General English Proficiency: Engage in English reading, watching, and conversations.
    • Expanding Vocabulary: Learn and use new words daily in various contexts.
    • Enhancing Grammar Skills: Practice grammar exercises and use grammar-checking tools.

    Familiarizing with the Test Format

    • Analyzing Past Papers: Understand question formats and types.
    • Understanding Common Topics: Review frequently tested themes.
    • Learning the Exam Instructions: Know each task’s requirements to manage time effectively.

    Practicing Writing Skills

    • Regular Writing Practice: Write daily on diverse topics to enhance fluency.
    • Using PTE Writing Prompts: Practice under timed conditions using sample prompts.
    • Self-Assessment and Feedback: Review and seek feedback on your writing to identify areas for improvement.

    PTE Writing Task 1: Summarize Written Text

    PTE Summary Task Requirements 

    • Key Objectives: Capture the main idea concisely while avoiding irrelevant details.
    • Effective Reading Techniques: Utilize skimming and scanning to identify main ideas and supporting details.

    Structuring Your PTE Summary

    • Concise and Clear Summaries: Keep the sentence short and focused.
    • Maintaining Original Meaning: Ensure accuracy in reflecting the original text.

    PTE Summary Practice and Improvement

    • Sample Summaries: Write and compare summaries with model answers for accuracy.
    • Peer Review and Feedback: Exchange summaries with peers for constructive criticism.

    PTE Writing Task 2: Write Essay

    PTE Essay Writing Task Requirements

    • Essay Types in PTE: Recognize various essay prompts and understand their approaches.
    • Planning Your Essay: Spend time brainstorming and outlining before writing.
    • Time Management Strategies: Allocate time for planning, writing, and revising.

    PTE Essay Writing Strategies

    • Crafting a Strong Thesis Statement: Clearly state the main idea or argument.
    • Engaging Opening Sentences: Start with attention-grabbing hooks.
    • Developing Body Paragraphs: Ensure logical flow and coherence.
    • Concluding the Essay: Summarize key points and provide a thought-provoking conclusion.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid in PTE Essay Writing

    • Over-Complex Sentences: Maintain clarity and simplicity.
    • Off-Topic Content: Stick to the prompt and avoid tangents.
    • Repetition and Redundancy: Ensure every sentence adds value to the essay.


    Scoring 79 or higher in the PTE Writing section requires thorough preparation, effective writing strategies, and time management skills. By understanding the test format, practicing regularly, and utilizing resources, you can achieve your desired score and unlock new opportunities.
    If you need further help and support, consider enrolling in PTE Coaching classes for personalized guidance in scoring 79+ in PTE Writing section. 

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