The Cost of Power BI Is Amortized In a Short Time by Your Company

    Do you want to know if your company will be able to amortize the cost of a Power BI consultancy in a short time?

    Find out through the video that we made for you and that you can see above.

    Business intelligence is the key component business to be able to ensure agile management, competitive and effective in your organization.

    As businesses grow, it becomes very difficult to manage all the data they generate.

    This is the reason why many companies have decided to embrace business intelligence systems to a large extent.

    Creating an analytical system to effectively analyze data helps a company to decode a lot of information, useful for suggesting conclusions and supporting an advanced decision-making process.

    Microsoft Excel has always been the reporting tool used by companies especially those who offering amazon ungating services – most likely you use it too – but the giant of Bill Gates, with his proven experience in the field of technological innovation, has come to the fore with the introduction of his tool of analysis: Power BI.

    This reporting tool allows businesses to easily view and analyze business data to turn it into effective operations.

    Its speed of visualization and calculation of large amounts of data, together with its ability to provide answers in real time, make it a tool capable of offering much more detailed information than Excel.

    For these and other advantages it offers we can say with certainty that the cost of a Power BI consultancy can be amortized in a very short time.

    Let’s see why.

    How the cost of Power BI is amortized by your company over the long term

    Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analysis tools designed to help businesses examine data and share information.

    Microsoft Power BI converts company data into very attractive and understandable graphics, facilitating the collection of information and consequently facilitating the definition of effective business strategies.

    The system was created to offer a continuous data update service, identify current trends and guide your business towards success.

    The platform also helps you keep track of your activities and get quick answers through complete dashboards that are always available on all devices.

    The company also recently launched Power BI Embedded, a new and powerful version with additional reporting features that can be easily incorporated into apps, websites or portals to offer world-leading analysis solutions.

    However, what users appreciate most about this system is the ability to share reports and view them directly on the web, so that they can be made accessible to anyone and wherever they are.

    Ok, you’re right, at this point the question arises: but what are the real advantages that this tool can provide me compared to the current Excel sheet?

    We’ll tell you right away.

    Store a large amount of data

    Power BI offers a truly impressive compression capability compared to Microsoft Excel, and its text files allow you to view and analyze huge amounts of data that Excel is unable to open.

    Can you imagine being able to have your files archived, connected and analyzed in depth using only 50 MB?

    Maybe not yet, but it is now reality.

    Thanks to Power BI you can have all the data you need in one place. In fact, it allows you to integrate a large amount of data from different sources into a single report, compare them and get the answers you need.

    In fact, all the most consistent details and summaries can coexist in a single file and be accessible through drill down.

    In addition, Power BI also offers the possibility to modify and set your data:

    • You can add relationships within different tables, useful for making large datasets interact with each other.
    • You can easily add new datasets from various sources, such as excel, csv / text, MySQL database and many more. In fact, you can integrate new useful data in one click to make your reports more effective.

    With Power BI, the costly steps of data preparation are reduced, or completely eliminated, as the software will remember the steps of data preparation and will repeat them automatically during the update.

    Spot trends in real time and help you make better decisions

    Analyzing trends is extremely simple with Power BI.

    With built-in time intelligence, it takes seconds to be able to view huge amounts of data updated in real time. You can access data based on various dimensions and attributes, including the date and time.

    As a consulting agency, we often meet business executives who spend hours and hours every month filling out Excel macro files simply to be able to make temporal comparisons between their data.

    If you are also in this category, know that by requesting a simple Power BI consultation you can save a lot of time in this process.

    Custom display options

    With Power BI it is extremely easy to create something visually appealing and uncluttered.

    Drag and drop, copy and paste functionality and ease of resizing make those familiar with the Microsoft suite feel at home using this tool.

    The ability to configure text style and colors also facilitates the creation of a branded Power BI theme.

    What does it mean?

    It means that in the report view of Power BI you can choose the visual object that best suits your needs. With these elements you can best represent your data and display them in the form of graphs or matrices.

    You can say enough to the boring tables to scroll and create a personalized graphic that will allow you to understand the progress of your company in a few moments.

    Use the cloud

    Once you finish building your analysis with Power BI, you can give your employees access to dashboards and reports.

    With Excel this involves sending a large file via e-mail, or inserting it in a shared drive or in the SharePoint portal, and a communication that signals the updating of information.

    With Power BI, this process has been completely reversed.

    Now you can publish data to Microsoft’s cloud service, called Power BI Service, and add or remove users at any time. You can also obtain scalable business-grade IT tools with costs related to the number of users and the data level.

    Row-level security

    Row-level security (RLS) is complicated to achieve with Excel, while with Power BI it can be easily performed even by non-programming experts.

    A useful feature of the RLS is to guarantee employees limited access to data, for example based on their geo-location.

    Setting up these access filters is simple, and the risk of others seeing data they should not have access to be far less than an Excel file.


    Power BI is an easy-to-use tool that helps guide organizations in a culture based on data analysis. Thanks to its powerful self-service features, your employees will no longer have to depend on the IT department for data collection, processing and analysis.

    Automation of data bulk integration, ease of creation of new data sources, speed of visualization and row-level security is among several reasons why Power BI has become a necessity for businesses.

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