The SEO Copywriter and its Role in Web Site Positioning

    Today the SEO Copywriter is a figure more and more required for its particular ability to create content or review existing content following the rules of SEO, or search engine optimization.

    When positioning an animated video production for websites, relying on a professional SEO copywriter is the best solution today, given that text is a fundamental element for the company’s online visibility to always find new customers to offer products and services. Being able to get noticed in an increasingly crowded online world requires a constant work of creating content for the blog and optimization of product sheets, following the now hundreds of formal criteria of the algorithm of Google.

    Increasingly, however, the search engine takes into account the behavior of users, the best measure that lets you know if the published content meets the needs of the visitor. A good SEO Copywriter knows how to combine different skills and put them at the service of its customers. In other words, it is able to:

    • Meet the technical requirements of the search engine
    • Know the rules of persuasive writing to capture attention

    The 6 concrete activities of the SEO Copywriter for the positioning of websites

    It is immediately clear the importance of the SEO Copywriter to give visibility to companies, products, services and projects on the web by creating contents that convert and help the customer to increase brand awareness and turnover. Among the activities carried out by the SEO Copywriter to position the site on search engines are:

    • Writing tests for the institutional website, e-commerce and blog. Winning features are clear communication, quality content, agile reading, and immediate visualization of strategic content.
    • Keyword planning: it is about identifying the words typed by the user on Google and optimizing or creating content for that specific keyword
    • Compilation of tags and Meta tags: the SEO Copywriter knows how to use WordPress and compile tags and Meta tags with useful information for indexing and ranking websites.
    • Image optimization: like texts, images must also be optimized with name and alt tag and resized to improve the ranking of the Web page.
    • Setting up snippets: when you work to position a site you do not just have to worry about where it will be shown by Google, but also how and then the snippets must be studied carefully
    • Structure of internal links: the on-site optimization of the site is also the task of the SEO Copywriter and this includes the structure of internal links to facilitate navigation and help users and search engines.

    Why invest in an SEO Copywriting service?

    Given the role of the SEO Copywriter in the positioning of websites, investing in this figure offers companies several advantages:

    • Allows to gain authority in the eyes of Google working on the contents of the site
    • It allows being positioned in the first search results reaching the ideal target
    • Condenses copywriting for the Web with the traditional one by making the message persuasive
    • Unlike Facebook and AdWords campaigns, it ensures stable results in the medium and long-term even after many years.

    Deepening: the 5 SEO Copywriter tools for website positioning

    Let’s now look at the tools par excellence that every SEO Copywriter uses every day to position the contents on the Web.

    • Google Keyword Planner: allows analyzing the search volume of the keyword and its cost per click or CPC and offers even more in-depth data to those who activate an AdWords campaign. The SEO Copywriter uses it to find ideas on keywords and topics for website content.
    • Ubersuggest: this tool organizes the related keywords in alphabetical order, giving each nuance starting from the keyword entered. All with a simple click. My advice? Identify the focus keyword with Google Keyword Planner and then create a list of related keywords to insert in the text with Ubersuggest, to meet the needs of visitors.
    • Hypersuggest: not always to get first on Google is enough to identify the main keyword and related: sometimes you need to study what happens on Google for a keyword and SEO Copywriters use HyperSuggest today to place the website. You can use the Reverse Suggest function, to see what people write before your keyword
    • Google Trends: it is the tool used to create the editorial calendar as it allows to see the evolution of a given word among the search results, considering also any related ones. The SEO Copywriter uses it to know when to publish an article but also to see where the queries come from
    • Answer the Public: this tool extrapolates all the questions asked by users to search engines for a given keyword and displays them in a wheel organized according to needs: why, when, where, what and who flanked by a graph with prepositions. The ideal tool to optimize the editorial calendar.


    Looking for someone who takes care of the creation of content for the blog or the website today means looking for a professional SEO Copywriter with advanced skills in the field of communication psychology, marketing,and Web writing and website management with WordPress or other CMS.

    An increasingly strategic function for the company and that offers a valid help in the positioning of the online website.

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    Andra Bank
    Andra Bank
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