Top 5 best practices in digital marketing in 2023

    In this blog, we will talk about the 5 best practices in digital marketing that a business can have in 2023. This blog will serve as a foundation for people who are just starting in the digital world and want to start on the right foot.

    1. Have a defined branding

    When we talk about branding, we talk about all brand management, from the purpose of the brand, the way it expresses itself with its customers, the colors it uses, the typography it uses, etc. It must be remembered that how your brand is communicated will be of the utmost importance since this will make certain types of potential customers feel more attracted to your brand, either by a friendlier source like ours as opposed to a font that can have a fancy look, this also applies to colors, for example, we use the color blue because blue is used in brands that want to express intelligence, confidence or solidity, we can also find it in banks, another example can be the colors, red and yellow that are They are primarily found in restaurants since they are colors that make things look more appetizing.

    DesignEvo is a great tool that can help you create a well-designed brand logo design that will make an excellent first impression on potential customers.

    2. Be present on social networks

    Be present on social networks. It is essential, but one must know which social networks to present since each social network has a specific demographic. For example, if we talk about LinkedIn, we will meet people within the age range of 20 to 50 years who have a professional background or have a business with a very low purchase intention. If we talk about Facebook, we will find people aged 17 to 60 with varied backgrounds. This is because Facebook has many portals within it. We can find fb marketplace, fb jobs, fb gaming, etc., each with a very different demographic. On Facebook, we can find an intermediate purchase intention. We must remember that we must always focus on reaching the most significant number of users interested in buying from us.

    For this reason, most businesses must have Instagram and Facebook. The latter is becoming more and more optional since it does not have organic reach. This means that even if you have the best publications worldwide, Facebook will not show them to people. I disliked your page. Instead, Instagram shows your posts to people who have not liked them and will continue to recommend your post as long as people continue to interact with it.

    3. Create quality content

    Once we have chosen the social networks in which we will be present, we must first see what type of content is the most used in this social network. For example, on Instagram, a prevalent type of publication are carousels. More specifically, carousels are informative, where it is taught how to do some activities.

    But making informative carousels about anything will not make us have sales, just by having special publications, one always has to have the objective of encouraging our users to purchase, to do this we will make publications where we talk about our products and their benefits, information about the business or posts that educate your potential customers about the services you offer, for example right now they are reading a blog about digital marketing because we sell a digital marketing service little by little, this will gradually get people used to having digital marketing content with our blogs, and they can learn about topics that can help them grow their businesses. Another essential aspect of creating quality content is using tools that help us do our most attractive publications for our public.

    One such tool that can be very useful is FlexClip. FlexClip is a video creation platform allowing us to create professional-looking videos for our social media channels easily. We may use Flexclip to create informative videos about our products and services or to show the benefits of using our business.

    4. Have a website

    Having a web page is one of the best ways to be present in the digital world since, as in social networks, one can have quality content for users, either with blogs or case studies. Unlike social networks, on a web page, we control the design of our platform in its entirety. This will allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and structure our website to have the most significant number of sales through our website. Another strong point of having a web page is that we can have a communication channel directly with our users to filter their needs, just as we have in our contact us section.

    The most important reason for having a website is that we can have a fully automated sales channel open every day. This is called an e-commerce website or an electronic store. More and more electronic stores are becoming more necessary in the business world, reaching the point where only businesses exist digitally. For example, we can learn more about case studies of electronic stores in this Hubspot blog, where they talk about strategies to increase your sales on Black Friday.

    5. Use analytics platforms

    This is an essential aspect of digital marketing since, with the information we collect, we can make more educated decisions, either with social networks or a web page. We will always have an analysis available on the performance of our content. And about the visits that our website or social network account has. In the case of Facebook/Instagram, we are going to have the same portal, which is Facebook creator studio.

    In the case of a web page, we have a much more complete platform for statistics and Google Analytics.

    As we said, these platforms will help us to have information about our users, information such as their age, gender, what city they live in, what interaction they had with our content, etc. This will help us to know what type of content is the most attractive to our potential customers, we must remember that we can have an idea of what matters to our potential customers, but the information is what will tell us what most is. If you are interested, this also applies to products. With these platforms, we will see which products are the best sellers and thus devise a strategy to further encourage the purchase of our best-selling products, either by publishing ads on social networks or with some strategy of email marketing.


    • Being present in the digital world is essential for the growth of your business.
    • You must have a defined branding.
    • Social networks are among the best ways to create a community with your customers.
    • Creating quality content for your followers is essential to educate them and keep them in touch with your brand.
    • Having a website means you will have another store/employee working all day for you.
    • Use analytics platforms to get to know your followers and thus know what decisions to make.

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