What’s new in the Satka Matka mobile app

    The mobile application in the Satka Matka acts as a guide to the players, which allows them to get quick access for predictions. The mobile app also has easy navigation and can be used at any time of the day. With the great attention of Indians, the Majority audience has shifted their interest in Satta Matka, and the technological advancement in the application has grabbed even more attention from the organic players.

    The game is quite popular in India, where you can easily find various sites which provide live Satta Matka updates. You can now play Satta Matka online (or through mobile), and there are also some companies that manage the whole game infrastructure for others to speed up their activity.

    Now you can play Satta Mataka games on your Android phone or tablet with this very simple and easy-to-use application. The benefit of playing a game is that you don’t have to log in on a web browser every time to access the mobile version of the site. The biggest disadvantage is that you have to use your mobile data plan if you want to play online with your Android device, but this depends on your internet package from your mobile operator.

    The following are the new updates included in this version:

    News section:

    You can get all the latest news about the Satta matka game, get clippings from recent press releases, etc. Also, you will find the last 3 months’ results displayed through images on this section of the game.

    Previous Results:

     Get access to the last three month’s results, including previous year’s results, where you can expect your prediction accurately, getting fast information without surfing many websites/blogs/forums, etc.


    Navigation has been made simple to get into the game, and you can choose your match option from available six different choices: Jackpot Match, Pro Kabaddi Match, Indian Premier League (IPL), International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup 2015, Kabaddi World Cup 2015 and Pro Wrestling Match.

    Player Info & Statistics:

    You can find various information about players who are playing in the international championship leagues.

    Age Calculator:

    Now you can calculate your age with ease so that you can plan for your future predictions accordingly! Moreover, there might be some tactics to analyze the psychology of the players you are playing with in the round.

    Trending Charts based on OPTA Rates:

    Although getting involved in Matka bidding can be offensive to the Cyber Law but getting access through precautionary measures. Get access to trending charts by seeing the Number of Runs, Fours, Sixes Rate, Wickets Lost Rate, etc.

    Trending Charts based on Pitch Report:

    Get access to various trending charts like Avg Runs per Over for both Batting and Bowling will be portrayed so that you can take advantage of this feature to predict accurately.

    Winner Team:

     Now you can choose your Winner Team by checking the performance of both the teams in Head To Head matches! Similarly, from the previous gameplay performances and records, you can opt to go for the winning team.

    Favorite Settings:

    Now there is no need to enter your details every time when you login into the game. Just check the checkbox along with the “Remember me” option, which enables the autoplay function, or if you want to play manually, then uncheck it. If not required, then click on the “Submit” button.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    This section helps you in getting answers to all the frequently asked questions related to this game!

    Contact Us:

    Get access to the contact us section, and this will help you in getting in touch with us anytime when required!

    Terms & Conditions:

    Introduce yourself to the rules and regulations of this game which are displayed through images for better clarity!

    Accessibility options:

    Now when playing on a computer, if your keyboard doesn’t have arrow keys, then use “ZQSD” keys or “123456789” keys to navigate within the Satta matka mobile app easily.

    Miscellaneous Improvements

    We made some important changes to the menu to make it look better. These changes might hold some significant impact on your gameplay or might not be much effective depending upon how detail matters to you as a player.

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