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    WordPress is basically the easiest and the most traditional way of creating a website or a blog. In fact, we can say that more than one in every four websites you visit are created using WordPress. It is an open-source Content Management Software that means everyone can utilize or modify it free of cost.

    It is a software that allows you to easily handle the critical aspects of your website such as the content without the need of having much programming knowledge. The use of WordPress aids you to accomplish a number of tasks that include creating business websites, eCommerce websites, blogs, social networks, membership sites, resumes, portfolios, forums, and so on.

    Here in this article, we are going to talk more about the latest version of WordPress that is WordPress 5.4.

    The release of WordPress 5.4 was done on March 31, 2020. It was the first important release of the year. It comprises a number of new features that are largely centered around block editor enhancements. It has brought a number of prominent changes for web developers as well.

    List of WordPress 5.4 new features

    WordPress 5.4 has added a number of new features to its prior versions. Let us have a look at the new features introduced in the same.

    Improved welcome guide modal

    WordPress 5.4 has introduced an innovative welcome guide popup that explains the block editor to the new users. It is an uncomplicated slide-show that defines blocks, directs users towards the block library, and provides a link to reach the block editor tutorial.

    The guide can also be reopened by clicking the three-dot menu provided on the top-right corner within the edit screen and then picking the Welcome Guide option.

    The block editor enhancements

    WordPress 5.4 has concentrated more on strengthening the block editor by introducing additional features and extending the present blocks. This is excellent information for content designers as it will allow them to work more efficiently with blocks within the content editor.

    New blocks introduced in WordPress 5.4

    WordPress 5.4 has added two new blocks to the library

    1. Social icon blocks

    Social icons block enables you to effortlessly attach links to social media profiles within your WordPress posts as well as pages. Social media icons can then be added by clicking on the add button and attaching an icon. You can further click on an icon and link your social media page with the icon. However, these social media icons only permit you to attach links to your profiles. A WordPress social media plugin is still required for social sharing.

    1. Button blocks

    The button block is interchanged by the button block in WordPress 5.4. The

    a distinct button block enables you to attach multiple buttons side by side. This enables you to pick from two distinct styles, utilize your own text as well as background colors, and combine gradient background colors as an addition.

    The block enhancements in WordPress 5.4

    WordPress 5.4 has come with a number of enhancements to the WordPress block editor as well as single blocks. Some of the enhancements incorporated in the later are as under

    1. Increased color choices for blocks

    WordPress 5.4 has significantly increased the number of available color choices to be used for the cover, group, and column blocks. It allows you to select background and text colors for the blocks within a group block.

    1. Drag and Drop option to upload featured image

    Before WordPress 5.4, it was not possible to simply drag and drop an image with an aim to make it a featured image. However, the introduction of WordPress 5.4 has made the task possible just by dragging and dropping the image.

    1. Changing the text color within a paragraph block

    Before the introduction of WordPress 5.4, changing text color for the 

    a complete paragraph was only possible but WordPress 5.4 has made it possible to pick a particular text within a paragraph and modify the color.

    1. Adding captions below the table

    WordPress 5.4 has made it possible for the users to provide captions under the table block.

    1. Selection of gallery image size

    WordPress 5.4 enables you to select the size of the gallery images.

    1. The tik tok insertion block

    WordPress 5.4 enables you to effortlessly add tik tok videos in your WordPress pages and posts.

    1. Easy selection of blogs

    WordPress 5.4 offers a selection tool that enables you to easily select a blog that you wish to modify.

    Developer Focused Updates

    WordPress 5.4 has introduced several important changes for WordPress developers as well

    • WordPress 5.4 transferred the navigation to the nav element with an aim to support HTML 5 specs.
    • The function do_shortcode() is substituted by apply_shortcode() for better logic. 
    • WordPress 5.4 allows the users to combine ico files straight from the customizer.
    • Site ID has been affixed to the newblog_notify_siteadmin filter concerning WordPress Multisite networks.


    Above is just a small list however there is a lot more that has been introduced in the most advanced version of WordPress that is WordPress 5.4. If you have not tried this new and exciting release yet then do test it now for your next project and contact us if you need any kind of assistance in the same!

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