Age Verification Solution- A Comprehensive Way To Prevent Digital Businesses

    The digital businesses are very active specifically in this Covid-19 situation, and individuals in this covid are much more interested in doing online shopping, playing games, doing online payments, etc for their safety. It leads the businesses towards the verification processes as the world is moving towards the digital world. For the safety of businesses and the prevention of scam cases, all online systems are adopting an online age verification mechanism. Many online websites have introduced check boxes of  “I am above 18” or the credentials related to the date of birth, which supports online businesses to detect fake credentials.  Online gaming and alcohol selling sites can conveniently be verified through this age verification compliance because they do not permit customers below the age of 18. Clients below the age of 18 have to face legal penalties and heavy fines if they would be accessed and detected on the sites which are for above 18 and is for adults.

    What Is Online Age Verification?

    Age check is a mechanism of verifying customers’ identity documents to detect if their age is within the limit or not through traditional or automated means. But, manual identification is not needed as it takes a long time and that is not a requirement of this fast universe, so automated means are practiced to determine the errors. Therefore, age verification SaaS is used globally for businesses to solve such consequences. 

    How Online Age Verification Is Performed?

    The age is checked by different mechanisms as it is a secure and smooth procedure that reflects outcomes in real-time and secures the effort of related institutions. There are several steps that have to be followed for the identification of age which is given below;

    • The end-user is restricted to submit all personal details like the date of birth and show his legal identity documents like identity card, passport, and driving license to the camera
    • Age verification compliance verifies the document and examines the data regarding the date of birth through OCR compliance
    • Then the data like date of birth on documents are cross-checked with the information provided by the clients
    • The successful match is performed, age is authenticated through this process, and results are secured

    Why Is To Verify Age is Significant For Businesses?

    It is mandatory to check the age of an entity, as it can lead to serious punishment and penalties like a fine of hundred dollars and legal actions would be taken if it is not verified in a proper way. The only purpose for this is because all goods and services are not for all ages of people. For this sellers have to be very careful while selling items online. Some causes are given below that why should be age verification compulsory;

    To Detect Fake Individuals 

    It is seen that minors utilize the Identity documents of their parents to purchase the products and items online. If a business does not have the necessary safety measures for the verification of its entities, it can affect the credibility and productivity of an online business and will affect its reputation as well.  Other than this, breachers practice identity theft to get their wishes to be fulfilled and acquire advantages and services for themselves. These benefits include funds of old-age and pensions of the individuals that got retired after a certain age. Scammers use fake identities to achieve such services in a legal way. 

    Achieving Regulatory Compliance

    Many financial departments have a basic need of age verification for the clients to fulfill the requirements of global regulatory frameworks. laws and regulations are based on all states because all have their own rules as the UK and the USA believe that age verification is a compulsory process to be followed for all online businesses and in case of non-compliance, punishments and heavy fines would be imposed.  

    Age Restricted Products 

    The age-restricted items are for the safety of minors getting them. There are some products that are age-restricted such as;

    • Alcohol
    • Pharmaceutical Medicines
    • Cannabis and Tobacco
    • Online gaming
    • Online games that are not for minors
    • Digital dating websites
    • Gambling sites 
    • E-commerce stores

    Threats of Not Using Age Verified Processes 

    A business can face many risks for not practicing an age verification solution. Some are given below such as;

    • The status of the brands become negative
    • Financial obligations and threats
    • Fines and penalties

    Final Thoughts 

    To compile up the whole story it is identified that online age verification is an important solution for all online businesses for the prevention of fake identity. Age assassination helps businesses to check the age of their customers before selling any product or giving them any services. This can secure them from heavy fines.

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