Apple Releases Ad Series for “Apple Pay Cash” after 7 Months, WHY?

    Apple highlights 4 ads to promote Apple pay cash with the name “Just Text Them the Money” ad series and focuses on the integration of Apple Pay cash with messages.

    It came in the picture while iOS 11 was released in September 2017. But now, Apple brings the awareness to transfer money with ease and safely through Apple Pay Cash.

    Apple is a giant name in the mobile industries and influencing it consistently. The turnover of Apple is much more than several countries’ GDP in the world.

    It doesn’t need any introduction. We all know that Apple’s thinking is much more ahead than ours and always bring something innovative and unique for the apple customers.

    Recently, Apple released an ad series named “Just Text Them the Money” to increase the usage of “Apple Pay Cash” features and send money to loved ones within seconds. Isn’t it quite easy?

    The speed, simplicity, and ease of use are highlighted in “Apple Pay Cash” Ad Series.

    The ads by Apple are totally understandable within just 15 seconds. Yes, each ad is just 15 seconds and I am sure that you will be convinced with it at 14th second.

    Transferring money through conventional P2P systems is hard for users as they have to log into & perform transaction process through a web interface of a standalone app. The whole process is time-consuming and sometimes, a delay in transfer may feel user uncomfortable.

    While the “Apple Pay Cash” is directly integrated with the Messages app and authentication with touch ID or Face ID. It means users can send/request money within the messaging interface. Each ad suggests that “Apple Pay Cash” is fast, secure and easy to use alternative to other P2P systems

    Apple Pay — Just text them the money — Rent

     Apple Pay — Just text them the money — Hungry

    Manage Your iOS Subscription Using an Easy URL

    Apple Pay — Just text them the money — Wedding

    Apple Pay — Just text them the money — Lost Shirt

    Business Chat Beta Version on iMessage with New OS Release

    Now, Let’s Move to its Origin & Why Ads Released Today?

    Apple featured this module back in Nov 2017 after two months of iOS 11 released. While they wanted to release with iOS 11 but somehow they failed that time and then released with the iOS 11.2 in Nov 2017. The ad series is released after 7 months of its existence. So, what are the main reasons behind this ad series?

    We have mined some reasons analyzing some data from recent times. These are just the prediction, not the actual reasons.

    Possible Reason 1

    Based on a claimed 795 million active iPhones worldwide, the 2017 Apple Pay users represent 16 percent of the global iPhone user base. – Estimates from Loup Ventures

    The data clearly shows that very few users are using Apple pay comparing to total iPhone users worldwide. If we go with this statement; it might be possible that only a few users use the “Apple Pay Cash” for sending and receiving money.

    Now, increasing the no. of Apple pay cash users is the main purpose. We could say this would be a reason.

    Possible Reason 2

    The “Apple Pay Cash” is only available in the USA and partnered with the Green Dot Bank. It’s an online banking system and widely used in the United States. So, this might be possible that they get some commission from the bank on transactions. It’s a win-win for Apple.

    So, here are the 2 reasons we could predict. The reasons may be more than these. If you know any other reason for promoting the money transfer app after 7 months of its release.


    It’s not a matter for users like us whether Apple earns or not from this feature. But it’s really a great tool to transfer money to anyone within a few seconds anytime and anywhere (currently, USA Only). It works as a boon in the emergency situations where money is in the center.

    Share your thoughts in the comment section and if you are using this feature; write down the reviews in the comment and help others.

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