Best iPhone 6S Plus Wallet Cases: Carry Your Special Gadget with Style

    Apple has accepted that a smartphone with larger size is a good to use and having no issue of carrying it. That’s the reason, the next generation iPhones are bigger in size (5.5 Inches).

    Due to larger sized iPhone 6S Plus, the smartphone owners are planning to ditch old-fashioned mobile case to use the wallet case. Just imagine that what would happen when you have an iPhone 6S Plus and a wallet with cash and cards in your pocket. Sound heavy and frustrating too!

    Let your Wallet Case Carry All the Necessary Stuff

    Handling a phone with one hand may be quite hard and the associated difficulty is the risk of dropping the phone. Just imagine, your phone drops onto the floor and the screen is broken.

    Doesn’t it seem like your heart is broken? But with the trendy mobile case, your heart will not break just because your mobile screen is broken. Here, we have found out some of the best mobile case gadgets that carry your masterpiece with care and help you to use mobile with ease.

    Benuo Luxury Series Stand Feature Folio Case

    This opulent iPhone 6S Plus mobile case is made from the real leather materials and the overall case profile is slim. The interior of the case has only one card slot but enough to carry all cards and few notes with the iPhone 6S. It’s built for carrying a large screen (5.5 inches) iPhone with necessary cards and cash without making your pocket bulky.

    This case is available in various colors including black, Coffee, Navy blue, vintage red. The front closure is unique and specially designed to use the case as a media stand means two in one.

    Hilda Phone Case for iPhone 6S Plus

    This is specially designed for those who love a phone case with a sober and simple design. Hilda AILUN is classy with the sober design and also grab the attention of others. The bright colors and easy to access features make it popular among the professionals. This wallet case has 3 card holders & single pocket to keep the cash.

    Three color options: Bird-Black, Bird-Brown and Bird-Blue. Out of them, Bird-Brown is simply looking awesome for girls that reveal your personality to freedom.

    Aceabove Kickstand iPhone 6S Plus Case

    Do you carry a lot of cards with you wherever you go? The Aceabove kickstand mobile case can please you. With 4 card slots, one slot for cash and slots to keep a driving license, metro card and ID badge. A wrist strap is designed to get a grip on a larger size iPhone 6S Plus. You can use the front cover as a stand the way you want and offer comfort watching movies or video chat lying on the bed.

    The Color combinations are Dark & light brown, Pink & White and black/red. The pink/white is a preferred combination of females.

    CandyWe Elegant iPhone 6S Plus Mobile Case

    For the women, this one is the best mobile case for your personalities. Ready to go for night party, hang out in town or for one day picnic, CandyWe will please you with all the necessary facilities. It has two slots for credit and debit cards, one pocket for some cash and a wrist strap to carry it with ease.

    The case is pinkish-toned that suitable for the girls of age between 17 to 25. Need a fashionable case for your masterpiece, this one is a great choice within a nominal amount.

    Doormoon Wallet Case for iPhone 6S Plus

    Looking for a luxurious mobile case made from premium PU leather; the Doormoon wallet case is a perfect fit for your needs. It has 3 slots for debit and credit cards + one extra slot for keeping cash and a wrist strap to carry the case with convenience.

    You can also fold the cover to use as a stand. Don’t want to carry a cover? Don’t worry, you can remove a folding cover and carry only inner mobile case. Yes, it is possible with this one. The magnetic closure enables you to snap on installation very easy and quickly. It is compatible with the magnetic car mount holder.

    Available colors are Brown, Black, Rose Red, Turquoise, Red Gold. Rose Gold and Rose Red are a favorite color for girls and reveal the personality.

    Vofolen Impact Resistant iPhone 6S Plus Wallet Case

    This one is completely different than the above ones in terms of design and style while the purpose is the same. It is equipped with the hybrid hybrid-casing (scratch-proof and resistant) rubber case. Solid hard PC cover, elegant appearance, smooth touch feeling and easy to clean are the main features that tempt anyone to buy and also turn others head to your mobile case.

    It has a pocket on the back side to keep 2 credit or debit cards and for some cash. A raised lip on a front side can protect the screen against the unwanted scratches. This case doesn’t have a front cover so, it’s better to use a shatterproof tempered or gorilla glass as a screen protector.

    Available Colors: Rose Gold, Leopard Pattern, Matte Deep Grey, Matte Navy, Black, Gold Black, Pink Black, Purple, Black and Sky blue. In short, you have numerous options to choose from.

    Whether you are looking for a wallet case for your iPhone 6S Plus or to give as a gift to your beloved one; the above six options are the best. Don’t separate the necessary things; unite them in one wallet case. Let your Wallet case to carry all these things.

    What’s your favorite wallet case for iPhone 6S Plus? Let us know in the comment section to help others and you can share on Social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter.

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