Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac

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If you look then, there can be many reasons why you should look forward to running emulators on your pc. Getting an android emulator and emulating it for your pc would be fun and very techy too. By doing this, you can easily see the apps on your big screen and use them efficiently.  Also, sometimes using an emulator provides so much great experience that the regular phone cannot allow you to do that. The quite interesting thing while using the emulator can be having fun with the mobile games on the pc screen.  Here you will find which android emulator can be perfect for your pc, and you should look forward to it.

1. LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a gaming performance-focused Android emulator. This is counted as one of the few emulators on the list which receives active updates on a regular basis. It supports a wide range of games such as Garena Free Fire, Clash of Clans, etc. In the new updates, LDPlayer has optimised League of the Legend, providing predetermined keymapping to different champions and other personalized features. It allows you to automatically manage your games.

  • Provides personalized control by mouse and keyboard
  • You can simultaneously open several games.

2. ARChon

With ARChon, you can also add an extension from Google Chrome to run the function smoothly. Chrome allows Android apps and games to work (albeit with limited support). This is not so easy as an emulator you have earlier used. But This is way better than any other Android PC emulator you have seen.

3. Bliss OS

Bliss is a very different emulator from others. It is a virtual machine for an Android PC emulator. It can run by the USB on your device. The USB installation process is much more complex but allows your device to run Android from the boot. These things make Bliss a super unique emulator.

  • Provide personalized control
  • Easy to use
  • several games you can enjoy at the same time.

4. Android Studio/Virtual Device

Android Studio has a number of software designed to help developers create Android apps and games. As it happens, you can also test your app or game using an integrated emulator. The settings are very complex and may not cater to everyone, but by far it is the quickest and most advanced option on the list. Vanilla Android can be run, applications are downloaded from the Google Play Store, custom launcher, keypad, or any type or size device that is imitable.

5. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is considered the most popular emulator in Android. It also receives daily updates to make your experience better. The simulator is for smartphone players. Bluestacks are a little stigmatic since they may often feel a little bloated. It also contains vital mapping and built settings for several games.

  • There are several games you can enjoy at the same time.
  • Record and replay in real-time every action.
  • It helps you to capture and display videos.

6. GameLoop

GameLoop is an Android emulator made for gamers, also referred to as Tencent Gaming. Indeed, Tencent is well-recognized games emulator in the world, like Call of Duty: mobile and PUBG. Naturally, besides Tencent’s, it has other games, although its collection is not as extensive as possible. This can be not so good for productivity testing or growth. But if you have a mobile FPS itch and some titles, it’s also a great game emulator with an acceptable range of more new titles. Besides, the output and keyboard controls are much fine.

7. Genymotion

This emulator for Android is apparently designed for developers. It allows you to test applications without owning them on several different platforms. You can set the emulator to fit your needs for several devices with different variants of Android. You can, for example, run a Nexus One for Android 4.2 or a Nexus 6 for Android 6.0. You can switch easily at will among virtual devices. Genymotion does not sell its services for private use for free.

8. MEmu

MEmu is another upcoming Android emulator that looks pretty good for gamers. You’ll get support for chipsets AMD and Intel is one of its most outstanding features. Most AMD processors run, but it’s good to see developers pay attention explicitly to the AMD platform. The simulator receives updates very frequently.

  • Numerous options for keyboard mapping to improve your game experience.
  • Give a virtualization option.
  • It offers various dedicated keyboard configurations for fast gaming.

9. NetEase MuMu Player

It’s another game emulator with contains many of the characteristics of its rivals. Android emulator 6.0 is slightly older than its rivals. Generally, the boot time is decent enough, and the factors to be considered are sufficient to look forward to this emulator. You could download all the games that you want to test easily.

10. Nox

Nox is a PC emulator for gamers for Android as well. This includes the usual things such as critical mapping, and the controller’s assistance and the possibility to manage keymap movements. For example, without the help of actual hardware control, you can allocate the functions easily. It’s fun and most of the time seems to work pretty well.

11. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is one of Android’s latest PC emulators. With this emulator sometimes upgrading them can often be a bit of a problem. Also, on the Google Play Store, you can find every app and game. Phoenix OS also runs the relatively new Android 7.1 emulator.

12. PrimeOS

PrimeOS is kind of an exciting imitator in the Android space. It’s a gamer-oriented Android emulator that offers a seamless experience, but you can use it entirely for productivity if you like. PrimeOS contains a gaming center, a mouse for keyboard support, and most Android applications and games access. To be honest, it almost works as ChromeOS less all Chrome bits. You can task several items, view videos, or play games. We had not yet thoroughly tested this one as new from an Indian start-up in 2019. If we realized something odd about it, we’d update the post.

  • A PrimeOS installer supports the dual boot with a single press.
  • The Android environment is combined with the system interface to create a great play experience.
  • Compared to the Windows budget, it provides high performance.

13. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Jide Player is one of the latest Android PC emulators. The program runs on the Android Marshmallow and is relatively new in comparison with many others on the list. A few player features with an adjustable toolbar are included. It offers features such as many games. it is quite a clean emulator so that it is still ideally utilized as a tool for productivity.

14. Xamarin

Xamarin’s Android Studio-like IDE. It is the difference that stuff like Microsoft Visual Studio can be connected to an even wider development environment (for better or for worse). This also includes an integrated application or game test simulator such as Android Studio. Should it not be easy to see, we recommend it to developers only. The configuration is just too cumbersome to use regularly. Xamarin’s simulator is not as effective as Genymotion, but it can be done if you want to use it, and it can also be adjusted according to your needs. It is for personal use free of charge. Companies and broader teams might have a payment agreement to discuss.

15. YouWave

Youwave has been one of the oldest emulators for a long time. Even, it was revised in 2016 for the last time. We probably can say it is reasonably up-to-date. Although it’s not a game-oriented machine, it plays games quickly. This makes light gaming and efficiency preferable. There are also accessible version functions for those who need to run an older android emulator.


Above are the top 15 best Android emulators for PC and Mac of 2021, there can be many reasons why you need an emulator, whether you want to test the application or whether you want to play games on the bigger screen, whatever the reason is. You can choose the best emulator according to your need, which will allow you enough flexibility you need.

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