Best DVD Ripping Software

    Ripping DVDs to an external drive or your PC is helpful and gives you a quick backup in case the disc become scratched. Even you will get rid of the physical discs if you don’t want to keep it with you.

    Yes, windows do not come with any tool for this but thanks to the free DVD ripping software that can do this job for you. With it, you can easily convert the content of the disk easily. Out of many software, which one you have to pick is the major question and answer is here. Here we have made a listing of best DVD ripping software for you.


    Handbrake is known as medial file converter, but it can also rip the DVD.


    • It rips DVDs and converts video
    • It includes ready-made presets
    • It can queue up multiple

    It is free and open source DVD ripper. The interface looks a little complex, but it does not let you off. Yes, there is no support of bypassing the copy protection, but it can be easily solved after doing little research. There are multiple presets are ready to choose from, but if you prefer to do to the ripping session manually, then you can do it from the manual tailor.

    It is possible to queue up multiple encoding jobs to run consecutively to save if you are working with ISO images or disc folders. The fine controls make it take a try of it at least once.

    Freemake Video Converter

    It is the best DVD ripper software as well as an excellent multimedia toolkit. It can easily rip the DVDs.


    • The clean and clear user
    • Can rip particular part of DVD
      or a whole DVD
    • It can add a small watermark to

    If you are looking for powerful and high-quality software that can’t affect the quality of video after ripping, then Freemake must hold the place in some initials. It is free and provides a clean and clear interface to use it easily. It will never let you down for sure.

    Open the software, go to DVD section and choose the drive. After a quick analysis, you have to pick the video that you want to rip. Even you can rip a particular segment of the video instead of picking the whole.

    To pick the popular formats like MKV or AVI, you can easily pick them from the bottom of the screen from shortcut pan. Choose the one and click on convert and done. Yes, it shows the watermark, and if you are okay with it, then you will not find better software than this.


    MakeMKV is one of the greatest software as it can rip data from not only normal DVDs, but with it, it can rip Blu-rays as well without any awkward configuration.


    • It is effortless to use
    • Fast DVD ripping within no time
    • Some customization options are

    MakeMKV might look a little familiar if you have to use the DVD ripping software before. It shows more than a passing similarity to DVD Decrypter. It can handle DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and the working process is the same for both.

    Just open up the software, analyze the disc, choose the track or video or file, show the storage location to save and click on the ‘Make MKV’ button. Done, no complex configuration, just analyze and rip.


    So these three are the best DVD ripping software that is available for free. All of them works best and need no time to proceed. So pick the one and go ahead. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us. Thank you! 

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