3 Best Useful Gadgets under 1000 INR in India

    One cannot simply get away from gadgets in our day to day modern life. Gadgets have been deeply integrated with our lives and they are inseparable.There are several tiny little gadgets that assist us in performing our daily tasks and there are expensive gadgets that act smart even without our intervention.

    Whatever the case one thing is for sure we cannot live without using gadgets in our life. Ranging from a small handy torch light to as big smart TV everything is meant to help us. While there are expensive gadgets that cost several thousand bucks breaking your wallet, there are some tiny little gadgets that fit in everyone’s budget and do help a lot in our daily life.

    Here below we have listed some of the best useful gadgets under 1000 INR. These gadgets can be very useful in our daily life and cost very less.

    They might be small but they serve great…

    So check out these latest gadgets under 1000 Rs and be smart without spending much.

    Best Gadgets under 1000 Rupees

    1. Mobizmo 4 in 1 OTG Card Reader

    Mobizmo 4 in 1 OTG Card Reader

    Most of the smartphones these days offer OTG support. OTG support gives you the advantage to connect your external storage devices pen drive and SD card to your smartphones directly. You can just plug in and plug out an external drive just like you do with a PC and Laptop.

    But the problem is you cannot directly connect them to your phone. You need a OTG connector to connect a USB drive to your phone.

    Most of the smartphones come with a micro USB slot for charging and data transfer. And some latest smartphones come with USB Type C port. Apart from these iPhones have a lightning port.

    So you need to buy multiple OTG connectors if you have multiple devices with different ports. Carrying them is a difficult task.

    You can remove this pain with Mobizmo 4 in 1 OTG Card Reader as it comes with 4 Different connectivity ports in 1 single connector making it easy to use and carry.

    It has a lighting connector for iOS devices, Type C port, USB card reader and a micro USB port for Android devices.

    This tiny little gadget is very small and has a price tag of 779 Rupees. You can get one from Amazon.

    2. Mi 2i Power Bank

    Most smartphones offer a battery capacity of 3000 mAh to 4500 mAh. With this capacity, any phone can last up to a day under normal usage and if you play games then they would give too quickly.

    ‘Carrying a power bank with you will help make your battery stay longer especially if you are a frequent traveller.

    If you are looking for the best power bank under 1000 Rupees then you can consider buying Mi 2i Power bank from Xiaomi.

    Xiaomi is a reputed brand in the smartphone segment and is equally famous for premium accessories at less price.

    Mi 2i Power bank has a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh and quickly charge your phone 2.5 times using quick charge technology. The power bank is safe to use and doesn’t get overheated easily. The Mi 2i Power bank is available for 899 INR and can be purchased from Flipkart, Amazon and Mi portal.

    3. F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System

    F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System

    No party is complete without music. In order to have a great entertaining party, you need to play some energizing music that boosts the spirit of fun.

    Well, You don’t need an expensive sound system to do that all you need is a good Soundbar with good bass and loudspeakers for regular home parties.

    The F&D E200 Soundbar is a very good soundbar that can be purchased online at a very low price. Unlike soundbars that are expensive, the F&D E200 is a great soundbar that delivers decent audio quality.

    The F&D E200 Soundbar has a 2.0 channel output which offers you one of the best sound qualities in its range. With a 3W speaker, it delivers loud music.

    The ergonomic design makes it easy to carry and convenient to use. It works with a 3.5 MM jack or you can directly connect a USB drive to it and play music.

    The price of this Soundbar is almost equal to a pair of good quality earphones. It costs 990 INR.

    If you wish to spend more you can go with Mi soundbar which costs 5000 INR.


    So these are some of the best useful gadgets under 1000 INR in India. Though they are priced they are totally reliable and offer great value for money.

    Share this article with your near and dear and help them save some bucks by choosing the best wallet-friendly gadgets.

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