Top Reasons Podcasting Is Better Than Blogging

    Blogging has been quite beneficial for brands in terms of helping them reach to a wider audience. Blogs continue to fetch great results for enhancing visibility in the digital world and ensuring better conversions. A lot of companies, big and small alike, still invest heavily in blogging to achieve their online marketing potential.

    On the other hand, podcasting too is getting into its groove in terms of becoming one of top tools for online marketing. A podcast is also capable of taking brand messages to audience through audio form and contribute towards brand awareness. In some cases, podcasting even turns out a better tool of marketing in comparison to blogging for various reasons.

    Here are some of reasons that make podcasting better than blogging –

    1. Podcasting can help amplify a brand’s unique voice

    Blogging is not always the best tool for amplifying your brand’s unique voice. Users sometimes won’t be able to understand a brand’s real personality from the words presented in front of them. With blogs, potential audience have to decode what they read or see and hence, there will always be chances of things being decoded vaguely. On the other hand, podcast has rhythm, tone and pace which a brand can leverage to own advantage and amplify their personality easily. Podcast can present wit, humour, interviews and industry insight to reflect brand personality convincingly. Users will definitely prefer engaging voice over drab words.

    2. Podcasting can let a brand connect on a more personal level

    With podcasting, brands can talk directly to their audience and convey their messages and ideas. It’s easy to show to the world the real brand personality without any sense of pretence and this is where blogging lacks. When audience listen to a podcast, they have a voice in their ear which is a quite a personal way to stay in touch with the brand or communicate with it. Podcasting can bring both brands and audience together and this where the former can take a step to build personality in a gradual manner. All this is definitely not possible with blogging which is more suitable for impersonal communication.

    3. Podcasting makes it easy to repurpose content in future

    Your target audience is not likely to pay attention to the same blog posts you had posted earlier, no matter how good the content is. Words kind of create a sense of monotony and that’s why brands may not get most out of them with repurposing. Podcasting is though different as it helps build a library of good content and then repurpose them in future as per the need. Plus, listening to interviews feels more credible than reading the same and this is why podcasting can help in brand building. You can have the best of content and hope people benefit from it over again.

    4. Podcasting is perfect for today’s generation

    Today’s generation is not reading at all. Even if someone is doing, the time spent on reading has come down drastically over time. People have no patience for long content, and they won’t spend time perusing through pages of words. Podcasting however can prove very handy for brands as it helps them present long-form content in short duration audio and increase their consumption probability. People going to work listen audio, people in journey prefer audio to words and this is where you can benefit from the power of podcasting to realize brand goals easily. plus, you needn’t feel worried about lack of audience for your long content.

    5. Podcasting is good to building your network

    Brands can benefit from podcasting and build their network easily. You can create a podcast having guests and industry experts discussing issues and challenges and opportunities for lister to revel in. You can have conversations with thought leaders within the industry and this will help widen the network of reach easily. You can include wit, anecdotes and quotes in the audio that will be able to catch the attention of the audience and help realize the goal of brand awareness easily. This is why podcasts are being preferred over blogging by brands of all sizes and strength.

    6. Podcasting can be great for storytelling

    Stories always fascinate the humankind. The more engaging they are, the better will be their impact on the psyche. Brands understand that well and they try this trope to convey messages easily. When you decide to present ideas in a story format, you help your messages to spread widely and do more impact on the mind than plain texts would even do. When brand message is presented in the form of stories, it stays in the mind for longer and that’s why brands can benefit from them easily and for more duration.

    7. Podcasting can help a brand communicate better

    Effective communication is at the core of brand building. If a brand is able to communicate better with its audience, it will help a lot in amplifying its voice and getting its problems heard. Brands should thus focus on presenting their message or audio in clear terms so that the audience can grasp the message without much ado. The power of audio form is great, and it can be leveraged to build brand and achieve goals for the business. All this is possible only when communication is done in a better manner and in a clear-cut way. This is where podcast proves better than blogging.

    8. Podcasting can help improve visibility in search engine results

    The audio content you present with podcast can help improve brand visibility in search engines. When people search for something in Google, your podcast will appear in their results if you follow some basic SEO guidelines along the way. You can this take help of an experienced digital marketing company and score better on this front. In overall, the power of podcast is something you should benefit from to achieve brand goals and put your business in front of the competition. So, use the power of podcasting and grow the base of your business easily.

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    Andra Bank
    Andra Bank
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