Best Video Editing Software: Top Tools in 2021

    Technology has grown into a much bigger influence on the world than anything the human mind can comprehend with its new and innovative means to help our day-to-day activities be completed at a quicker and easier pace. Video editing has gained much prominence as in today’s world nothing makes a stronger impression than moving images and sound. Be it a school project or a presentation on a new product you plan on launching you can make a good impression and engage your audience through having access to the best video editing software.

    Many people have found a steady source of income through creating video content on a weekly or daily basis and in order to keep the video content engaging and creative they not only need innovative ideas but also the best video editing software. There are a good number of video editing software that have become wildly popular among video content creators and video editors in general. As each new generation of software is released, the advanced abilities of the software provide consumer friendly, accessible and affordable. The best video editing software applicable for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac include both paid and free software with varying levels of pros and cons.

    Importance of Best Video Editing Software

    Video Editing is considered to be an extremely important job in the film industry which makes having access to the best video editing software crucial to the success of the work. It is important because the sheer act of blending the images and sounds makes the audience emotionally connected as if they are truly a part of the film or video they are watching. The basic purpose of a video editing software is to handle the post production of a video. Selecting the best video editing software suited to your needs can make or break your video content. 

    There are many best video editing tools that you can rely on based on the device that you are using be it Android or iOS and it is crucial that you know which one works with your device.

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    If you ask any professional video editor about the best video editing tool on an overall level and the answer will be Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a standard tool revered in the video editing industry and is used by top professionals to edit video content from TV broadcast, movies and series to YouTube videos and Advertisements. There are many other video editing apps which compete with Premiere Pro with respect to the features it has bit in terms of accessibility it has gained great popularity.

    One of the major features that makes Adobe Premiere Pro a favorite among professionals is the Adobe Creative Cloud which helps the subscriber to use the software without much restrictions and gain access to features ranging from being able to import assets from Adobe Stock to using motion graphics tool from After Effects.

    Final Cut Pro X

    Final Cut Pro X is the best video editing software for Mac users because it is extremely capable and quite respected by professional video editors. The only downside that Final Cut pro has is that its not available for Windows user, other than that it can even be considered on par with Adobe Premiere Pro. There is no need for a Creative Cloud subscription which means that you can have unlimited access with just one payment. Some of the features that gives Final Cut Pro X its fame among Mac users are advanced tools for color correction, 360-degree video and HDR.

     It is surprisingly easy to use as it can smoothly integrate with relevant parts of the Apple ecosystem like your iTunes collection or Photos despite being equipped with top notch and powerful feature. It is a universal favorite of professional video editors mainly because of s simplistic methods to add, remove and edit audio, grouping tools, exclusively wide range of effects, innovative Magnetic Timeline and good organizational features.

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    You might not always be blessed with time to slowly edit as you might be running close to a deadline of submitting or launching the edited version of your video and you might have to finish your work on the go. Adobe Premiere Rush is your go to video editing software so that you can have a quick editing of your video without compromising the quality of your work. This software is extremely useful because it can be accessible through both iOS and Android and even though it has lesser features that its desktop counterparts, it still has all the basic features to help you edit your video. The Premiere Rush is mostly used as a conjunction with Premier Pro by pros, but can also be used as an app which can hold its own.

    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

    Adobe have been kept on the pinnacle of video editing and it might seem like the best option but if you are a beginner to video editing then Corel VideoStudio Ultimate will be a perfect choice for you. Compared to many other video editing software Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is pretty cheap and is easier to pick up. It is not something meant for professional video editors because of its unusual layers but its perfect for the use of a novice and it will help you get an understanding of the basics of video editing.


    When it comes to the creative industry video editing is extremely important and in relation using the best video editing software is important. There are many more video editing software that can be used by both pro and novice level video editors like Adobe Premiere Elements, Filmora, CyberLink PowerDirector 365, Pinnacle Studio and Vimeo Create. These video editing software are relatively affordable and some are even available for free. They have a varying number of features that make them the best among hundreds of software launched every day. You can choose the right software to make your work a true masterpiece.

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