Web Application Development Goes Through Changes And Challenges Before Finished Product

    An application is the best way to do almost everything in the world. From getting information about the current state of a pandemic to placing an order for your favorite food or ordering groceries the list is endless. There is no parallel to this aspect because no matter where we are, we are surrounded by this one thing and one thing alone called as an application.

    You can call it anything you want, but the fact remains the same. It is still an application trying to give you a seamless experience as you try to use your fingers and enjoy the sheer brilliance of someone’s knowledge being put to practice.

    It doesn’t take long for us to believe that we can and will be able to use it because we know that the app has been released to public and so it would have all the ingredients to being a safe app. The fact is this that every application has updates, and it fixes a lot of previous errors, but have we ever thought about this in the human context? As humans, we continually keep feeding ourselves with the information on the web, whether it be true or not, and then it leads to a malfunction that is not good.

    Have we ever taken the time to update ourselves like the apps on a regular basis without losing on the good parts, but updating the bad parts or bugs? This is a question that may sound irrelevant but it is as true as anything else that you may or hear off because a lot goes into making things credible.

    The user interface, the design, the buttons, and the feasibility to find something worthwhile is a topic of discussion, and one should understand it. If you are someone who doesn’t like to have irrelevant ads or purchases during their program then this is what it should be like but we all know that a lot of apps do have in-built app purchases and if you don’t pick it, things can go anyway. This is where proper intervention is required, and a lot of us block such app formats like we block irrelevant people from our lives.

    Life is similar to apps, but it’s just that we don’t see the significance of it. As important is an update for humans, it is the same for apps as well, and humans have gone on to reconcile themselves into being the biggest species in all of mankind, this alone has been possible due to the ongoing state of constant evolution.

    Every app in the world has updated because Google never looked the way it does now, or did MSN, and even Facebook. It was once an intra-connectivity tool for the school, but has now turned into one of the biggest social networking and marketing giant. We all know that every platform we see today has been through a change, but we see the final product not the challenges that go behind the scenes. Here’s a list of challenges that the app developer faces, but they never come into light:

    #1 Performance

    This is the thumb rule for any app in the world. You want your app to perform because these days humans have the least attention and patience level. If your app can’t strike with them instantly, you have lost the conversation with your possible client even before it started. Performance is not just important for corporates and its employees but everyone in general.

    #2 Security

    The second most important thing that an application developer has to go through is the security around its app. If the app is not secure then you wouldn’t make it to the online stores. You may put it on your website along with your own launcher, but a snag is easily detectable for anyone. The app will not be on the right pace and that is the biggest way to understand if the app is actually right or it has a glitch. This will help you decipher between the app and it’s consistency to provide you a product that is worth the time.

    #3 Platform

    Every platform is important and so if you wish to check on the platform it would be the best thing ever because no matter what platform you choose the world will change for good and so you must check if the app or platform is according to your needs or not. If you are not on the recent platform then it means that the app is out dated and the security as well as the information shared can be compromised. This is not the best of things to read or know and that is where the importance of doing the right thing comes into place.

    #4 Updates

    Have you ever checked on an app, and be worried on how and why is the app not updated? It is because it may have been recently updated or the app is discontinued. The app developer works on the backend of the app to make things a reality and keep it in line with the recent updates. Updates happen on a day in and out basis. If you have installed Facebook Pages Manager, and are in the beta program, you will be amazed and amused by the number of updates the app has in a given day.

    #5 Interface

    While we did talk about platform and performance, nothing compares to the interface of an app because if the app is worth the time and has the right interface it would make you feel exhilarated every time you go on the app, or else it would be a bad idea. This is one of the major reasons why interface is the most important aspect that comes into effect. If your app is performing well, and the interface doesn’t entice the end user then despite your effective efforts everything else goes in vain.

    It is an aspect that should be the top priority but it’s not a chronological order that one has to stick to. You are always welcome to look into things your way.

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    Andra Bank
    Andra Bank
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