Cloud Certification – 4 Reasons why you should take it up

    Because of many tech organizations that are investing in cloud computing technology, it has produced a lot of interest. This technology has captured a huge market over the past several years.

    Worldwide, for many companies, cloud computing has become an essential part of the information technology infrastructure. According to many industry analysts, there is a swift growth in the cloud computing industry over recent years.

    According to Wikibon, the AWS (Amazon Web Services) revenue will rise to 43 billion dollars by 2022. As Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are high in demand. In general, cloud skills will have increased demand further as cloud computing becomes critical to business and information technology. You must prove your talent and familiarity with the cloud if you have any of them.

    If an individual wants to compete favorably in the market, cloud certification is the best choice. Cloud and their certifications about the cloud are being offered by tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. To understand the cloud, Microsoft has released many certifications, such as AZ-900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals) and AZ-103 (Microsoft Azure Administrator).

    An individual can pass the examination for the certification with proper AZ-103 preparation. This certification will be a stamp on the skills of the cloud.

    Here are some reasons to understand the status of the cloud and certifications related to it.

    Demand Will Raise Continuously

    You are the one for whom cloud-based companies are looking if you have attained professional training in cloud computing. In implementing a cloud environment, an individual with professional training and certification can help various organizations.

    A cloud environment can be implemented by a trained professional as impeccably as possible. According to the research conducted by indeed, 25,000 vacant positions are in the United States of America. for AWS only that are yet to be filled.

    Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103 is a great advantage if you want to get certification in the cloud and inclusive cloud computing training. It covers many aspects of cloud such as:Implement and Manage Storage /Configure Network Access to the Storage Account.

    • Understand and Implement, Azure Storage Replication /by using Log Analytics, Monitor Activity Log.
    • Use Azure Data Box / Configure and use Azure Blob Storage/ Import and Export Data to Azure.
    • Create Azure File Sync Service, Azure File Share and Azure Sync Group / Configure Azure Files.
    • Configure Azure backup / Review backup Reports /Implement Azure backup.
    • Perform Backup Operation /Create and Configure Backup Policy.

    Searching for professionals who work on the Microsoft Azure Platform has always been tough for hiring companies.

    According to research, 120 Microsoft partners showed that they faced this hindrance. Certification helps company owners to make a decision about which resource is well-meaning and which isn’t.

    Today, most companies use DevOps to deliver the latest features and applications. Almost 80% of all companies have now adopted it. Most companies are looking for certified DevOps professionals as its demand is raised. This shows us the importance of certification.

    Improvement in Earning Potential

    According to the reports published by Simply Hired, the average earnings for cloud administrators are less than 78,000 dollars. While Cloud developers get much more than that. They earn 4118,758 per year.

    In cloud technology, is this the highest salary? Apparently not! Cloud architects are big moneymakers with a median of 124,406 dollars. Some architects earn as huge as 4118,758 dollars a year. These are the figures of the report published by Forbes, but not local figures.

    Cloud computing can be helpful for you to enhance your earning potential. So, take a step in the right direction without wasting time.

    Securing Jobs

    Jobs that aren’t inclined by the volatile market condition. If you attain the latest and newly introduced skills in cloud computing, you can lend these jobs. Cloud Computing can help if you want to build your career in the industry of information technology. Many industries find it hard to search for a cloud computing professional. This is why you can secure a job in IT with this skill and certification.

    Credibility promotion with Employer and Peers

    Certifications are a great way to quantify skills and knowledge against industry benchmarks. The organization looks for top attributes that are certification, exercise, and knowledge when hiring a person for a cloud-related position. These 3 attributes are crucial to get a job according to Microsoft and IDC.

    A certification is a stamp on your skills if you are professional in cloud computing and can help your company to minimize risks and costs. An organization is not going to give you access to utilize your techniques without certification, as it is risky for various projects on various platforms.

    Final thought

    Cloud applications can give a good start to your career. You can get a certification with proper AZ-103 preparation. no one is going to believe that you are skilled if you do not have any certification and most probably, you’ll not get any interview call.

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