Cutting-edge Techniques To Boost Your FMCG Operations

    Online purchase and delivery of FMCG goods have made the implementation of Delivery Management  Software a mandate, in order to offer seamless operations and real time tracking. The advantages that the logistics tracking software offers will indeed boost the FMCG operations.

    1. Bulk task assignment

    Cutting-edge Techniques To Boost Your FMCG Operations

    Considering the size of the FMCG industry, bulk task assignment for all the delivery agents are essential, in order to ensure seamless operations and optimised usage of the resources. All agents receive the tasks simultaneously thus reducing task assignment delay by 100%.

    2. On-time delivery due to route optimization

    With efficient route optimization, delivery agents can move in optimized path, thus making the maximum coverage in minimum time. This results in on-time delivery and has reduced chances of failed or missed delivery by 83%.

    3. Real time traceability

    With GPS technology working efficiently, tracking all vehicles and delivery agents in real time has made it easier for the admin and business owners of the FMCG Industry to locate, track and manage all agents globally from a remote location, without deploying zonal managers.

    4. Being connected to customers

    With live notifications being send to the customers via SMSs and Emails, the FMCG companies can stay connected with the customers all round the clock. Moreover, the customers can also plan their activities according to the delivery schedule, thus making it even more convenient.

    5. Satisfied customers

    With Delivery Tracking software and the utility features of the app, the FMCG industry can attract thousands of customers and retain them and win over the competitors. The reputation of the business is also improved with deployment of such useful delivery tracking system.

    Deliforce is SaaS based platform that offers you efficient delivery tracking and management software for FMCG industries, with efficient features like real time tracking, live update sharing, easy tracking links for customers, complete report and statistics generation, bulk task assignment and many more useful features. Using this software in the FMCG industry can increase your revenue, along with increased customer satisfaction and transparency.

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