6 Easy Link Building Tips to Rank Better

    Google keeps changing preferences for websites to rank on the SERPs and receive traffic. One of the prominent ways these days to reach out to added and authentic traffic is through link building. Google supports this practice and has set algorithms to follow in order to help sites find links that can help increase their credibility. 

    Following the Google PageRank guidelines, there are several ways to receive authoritative links. However, there are many ways to get links by spammy and black hat methods at the cost of getting on the bad side of Google. These methods may seem easy and time-saving but won’t make your site authoritative. So here are some of the latest link building strategies that are said to make a difference and worked for many in 2022:

    Acquire Quality Links

    Once you start searching for link-building prospects online, you can quickly discover several sites and links that are relevant to yours. Although all these sites may have some traffic, they might not provide that much to your site.

    Instead of using your time and hard work to get your links published on regular or low-trafficked sites, work a little harder and get quality site links. For this task, find high authority sites with the help of link analysis tools for finding authority on websites. Target these sites through similar and wanted content. 

    Links are essential for SEO and ranking on the top of SERPs. However, it’s important to aim for the best if you desire to become like the top sites on the net. And if you’re skeptical about link building at all, the following data can help open your eyes


    Try Email Outreach

    Email marketing is the way to reach out to linking sites and get quality links, and more importantly, reestablish valuable connections. However, you have to do it right rather than simply cold mailing. If you want to stick to white hat methods and get the attention of quality sites, work smart and not hard.

    You can try searching for great posting pages of sites that allow blacklining openly and content them directly by filling a form or sending pitches through email. However, if you want to target better sites with high-quality links, email the people that run the sites directly. The following are some things to do in order to gain more chances for being published:

    • Pitch content likely to be published
    • Solve a problem for the site through content
    • Create less spam my scripts 
    • Personalize your pitches according to the site owner

    Work Smart than Hard

    Often getting your first few links can be hard, and minting the connections with these sites can make you put all your focus on these sites. Link building demands resistance and patience as you plan and reach out to prospects. 

    One promising route is to choose a good link-building agency to work with in order to secure good sites. If you decide to place your truth on credible sites like Globex Outreach, and work smarter this way. 

    Some other techniques for working smarter can be finding blocker links on authority sites and mending them with your links, searching for resource pages that link out to several sites on a particular topic, and more. Make sure to target quality links this way to gain better exposure.

    Make it Relevant

    Another piece of advice and rule from Google algorithms is to focus on the relevancy of the site you’re linking rather than their quality. This is one of the PageRank advice that can help greatly in your quest for gaining relevant traffic and views. 

    In order to gain a following and traffic that will convert, reaching out to relevant sites can help. Another advantage will be that you can write guest posts that are related to your niche and you are an expert at. 

    Instead of going for blogs that are all-rounders in all sorts of topics, finding and linking to specific niche related topics can be more advantageous. Your attempts at getting your page on the authority site will also feel more natural and not get tossed into spam.

    Do Some Content Marketing

    Content rules on the internet and is the number one component to market effectively with. Having exceptional content on your site opens it to several marketing opportunities that can’t be grasped out wise. One big advantage is that you can acquire quality links and add internal links of your own website pages to increase traffic on them.

    Don’t only focus on creating one kind of content for your blog. Having a variety of consonants including visually intriguing images, infographics, videos, charts, graphs, and written content in the forms of guides, blogs, lists, why and how-to posts, and so on.  


    Moreover, researched articles and case studies with honest and treble proof can provide amazing linking opportunities as blogs, and other sites require your link to provide the case study data to their readers. Thus, creating content on your own site can be like an asset for it and key in link building.

    It’s All about Placing

    Finding quality links to authoritative websites and the best anchor texts or keywords for your links to be pasted can sometimes go to waste if they aren’t placed right. You need to make sure that your links are placed well in the content and provide some use to the reader.

    Your links must be in the editorial part of the website or pages you’re linking to and not anywhere else than in the middle of the content where they are the best fit and can be used.

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    Andra Bank
    Andra Bank
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