Eight Essential Whatsapp Features You Should Know

    Although Google Playstore has various chatting applications, WhatsApp is at the top of everything. Whatsapp, developed by Facebook, has taken over almost all smartphones. Over 100 million people worldwide are currently using the application as a means of communication. Various fun features of the app have been enticing users from the beginning.

    However, WhatsApp has some features that are not known to many users. In this post, we will publish some of the hidden WhatsApp features which are very important for a user to know. So if you are a WhatsApp user, this post will be helpful for you.

    Eight essential  WhatsApp  features you should know

    Hide WhatsApp group photos and videos from the gallery

    On WhatsApp, we are associated with different groups. As a result, various pictures shared by other members of the groups are always stored in our phone gallery. And manually deleting these pictures from the phone is a boring task.

    Almost all of us have headaches with this problem. However, WhatsApp has a way to solve this problem. You need to go to group settings and turn OFF the Media Visibility option. After that, No image file shared by other members of the group will find space in your phone’s gallery.

    Hide Profile Picture From Unknown Parson

     It is a beneficial WhatsApp feature for girls. Most of the girls who use WhatsApp don’t set their DP on their WhatsApp profiles.

     They use other images instead of their own DP In WhatsApp. Because they don’t want anyone downloading their pictures from WhatsApp. You will be surprised to know that with this feature, anyone can protect his own WhatsApp DP from downloading.

    Through its features, girls can share WhatsApp DP only with their chosen people. To turn on the feature, go to WhatsApp’s privacy option and select the profile photo option. It will help to set up WhatsApp DP for girls to their own accounts.

    Chat Delete

     An essential feature. With the feature, you will be able to delete any messages you mistakenly send. However, you do not need to change the setting. Just tap the message for a while. You will get the option to delete the message immediately. However, you will be able to delete a message within 60 minutes of sending it.

    Fingerprint Lock

    Fingerprint lock features have been added to provide protection to users. WhatsApp users will be able to protect this application on a fingerprint-support smartphone. We mean, with this feature, you will be able to protect all the data contained in your WhatsApp.

    However, smartphone users who do not have a fingerprint scanner will not be able to enjoy the facility. Instead, they can download any other apps locker from Google Play.

    Real-Time Location Sharing:

    An essential WhatsApp features for users. It will help you to share your real-time location with anyone. After selecting a user, click on the attachment icon next to the text input field. Here you will find the option to share the real-time location. You will be able to share a maximum of 8 hours of the real-time location.

    Know The Time When Your Friend Read The Message You Sent

    You all know that after sending a message on WhatsApp, showing the blue tick means your message has been read. But do you know? You can also find out exactly when your message has been read on WhatsApp. Surprising WhatsApp features. Not so! Tap on a text to know exactly when your message was read. Now click on the circular option at the top. You will get information about this immediately.

    Change WhatsApp Number

    With this feature of WhatsApp, we can change the mobile number we currently have. If for any reason, you want to change your WhatsApp mobile number, you can easily do it. You do not need to delete or re-register your existing WhatsApp account. If you want to change the number, you have to select the Change Number option from the setting. It is a very functional feature.

    Backup Data on Google Drive

    Backup is a vital feature of WhatsApp. We have many important chats or pictures on WhatsApp, so we can face problems if those data are deleted for some reason. But there is no reason to worry.

    You can back up all data on WhatsApp if you want. For any other reason, even if the data is deleted, you can restore it from the backup. You need to select the Chat Backup option from Settings. Then enter your email id and turn ON the backup feature. From then on, the backup will be stored on google drive automatically.

    We hope you find this post very helpful. You can shear your thought about these WhatsApp features. If you think this post might be beneficial to someone else, please share it.

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