How To Free Music Download Music Song Legally [Royalty Free music]

    Today, finding & downloading music track online is not a daunting and expensive task anymore. Many great developers and artists have made easier for us to download music for free. But, from where to download the latest music track for free? Don’t worry, we have selected some of the top-rated free music downloading sites.

    According to Statistic, the revenue through downloading music in 2018 is 2.35bn USD worldwide.

    Among the various things offered for free on the Internet, music is one of them. So, if you’re looking to download your favorite songs at a free of cost; start from here…

    Before going checking out top rated free music sites; do check our YouTube Video downloaders for Windows and Mac here.


    When it’s a matter of downloading music for free; the very first name comes in mind is SoundCloud. One of my favorite website – SoundCloud offers download music for free and also allows you to stream unlimited music. You can consider it an alternative to Spotify where you do not need to pay for listening to music and download them.

    Almost all popular bands, artists and musicians have created their channels means you have access to listen to various artists for free. In this site, content is uploaded by famous artists & independent musicians. Just type the name of a song or a music band in a search bar; you will get what you are looking for.

    However, you can’t download all the music for free; some of them require you to hit the like button of FB page to get access to. Oh! Ultimately, we don’t need to pay a single penny. While the remaining tracks can be downloaded to your device instantly by pressing the FREE DOWNLOAD button.


    For years on years, Audiomack has been evolving gradually and finally, has made the second position in my list. Whether you want to download or stream your favorite track; I would recommend this digital platform.

    This amazing website not only allows you to download & transmit songs, but it’s also well connected with the social networks too.  Means you can share your favorite music with your friends. This feature is quite professional and great for those who would love to share with others what they are listening to.

    However, the digital platform has a limited amount of the latest songs and so, it might be possible that you will not get what you are looking for. After all, it’s free with multiple fantastic features. It deserves to be in second place on the list.


    Bandcamp is mainly a quick way for small bands & independent music artists to create their own storefront to find new music audiences & make some money for living through the work. But most of them have set their few favorite tracks for free.

    Due to its quick navigation and simple user interface, Bandcamp is getting more listeners and so, the artists get more exposure and earn money as well. Each artist has own customized page with biography, song previews, discography, reviews and more.

    A user can narrow down the search to find the actual music he/she is looking for. The website mostly focuses on US & UK based music genre however, you will get awesome music tracks from Europe & Asia too.


    One of the largest and most popular video streaming site – YouTube is also a great platform to download only music. Yes, it’s true. You can download famous audio tracks for free. It offers unlimited video streaming with all kinds of music and almost all are free to listen to.

    Remember, not all music tracks on YouTube are free; some of them are licensed version & can’t be downloaded for free. Only those music tracks are free which have CC license however, it depends on the terms & conditions of license.


    I frequently use this website to download audio tracks in mp3 format. This website is a great source of free music download & compatible with Android. It’s not just a tool to download the music quickly but also allows users to enjoy the music online without hassle.

    You can see the screen with plenty of advertising and while downloading the music. That’s not a big deal while you are getting your favorite tracks for free.

    Initiated in 2002, it was like an internet radio station but later in 2005, the biggest audio company – Audioscrobbler acquired the site.

    The company implemented a new feature – music recommendation system that can collect the music and relevant data from several music players & streaming websites. With this system, a website has created individual profiles based on listening habits, genres and musical interest.

    Since then, has been getting popularity with its unique filter option and having a database of millions of music tracks. Get the free music downloads for free at


    NoiseTrade has a vast range of collection of music albums by numbers of artists. All music listed there are for free. If you want to provide support to an artist; you can donate too. Yes, an option is available.

    You will not have to bear any legal issue when you download or listen to music from NoiseTrade. That’s cool! Some music tracks can be streamed only a few portions of it & to get full access to listen to or download the track, you need to provide your email address & postal code.

    Finding latest and trending music tracks is quite easy. Just click on the trending section & top downloads; you will get a screen with all the trendiest & latest songs.

    Jamendo Music

    Unfortunately, Jamendo is not popular among most of the music lovers but offers hassle-free & safely music download services. Same like Audiomack, this website provides social sharing option means you can share your favorite track to social networking sites.

    You can download unlimited music tracks for free however, all are not free. Few of them require commercial licenses to download them.

    With its well-curated & regularly updated content; you will have a wide range of music tracks to choose from. But if you want to use a licensed music track for your video, film or any other purposes; Jamendo is a recommended source to get the rich collection at affordable rates.


    Do you know that from where the music bands like “The Civil Wars”, “Imagine Dragons” & “Alabama Shakes” got huge popularity? ReverbNation – a music website is behind them. After sharing their pleasant music tracks for free on ReverbNation; they got a huge fan following and loyal listeners.

    If your interest in Hip-Hop, Pop & anything relevant to these; ReverbNation is the right source for you. It allows you to make your playlists of your lovable artists.

    Along with such amazing features; there are few flaws too. Sometimes, a player doesn’t work well & there is an issue of social spam too.


    Plenty of famous artists offer their awesome music for free to their fans at SoundClick. One can directly download the music without breaking their bank. All songs & audio tracks are categorized in genres so, user can get what they are looking for in no time.

    Sign up is necessary to download & stream the music tracks. Once you have signed up; you will have a wide variety of audio tracks on your screen. Along with this, you can take advantage of features like creating custom radio stations, forum, more information about artists & more.

    With a great feature – personalized e-cards, you can mail e-cards to your beloved one with themes like valentine’s day, anniversary and birthday with custom text & can add free background music of your choice from SoundClick.

    Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

    Internet Archive is a giant website with several sections and Audio Archive is one of them. The audio section offers a free download of music, podcasts, audiobooks, live music and radio programs. This library contains more than 2M free audio files.

    However, the songs are not categorized accurately In terms of ‘date of publish’, ‘language’ ‘genres’, ‘topics’, ‘subjects’, etc. The most important part is that you can easily download your favorite track safely & free in MP3 & OGG file formats.


    PureVolume is an ideal pace for the music bands & artists who want to make their name in the music industry. This website is a good platform to discuss topics related to music with other users & allow them to download the music. All the music content is 100% safe & legal; all music tracks are available in MP3 format.

    However, they haven’t any application for mobile devices; you need to open the website in a browser to download or stream your favorite music track.


    The music tracks on CCTrax are available to download for free. With its nice layout & easy navigation, CCTrax attracts the visitors to find the music tracks categorized in license, label, artist and genre.

    The website provides music categories like Dub, Electronica, Ambient, Techno, etc. You can stream or download the tunes without sign up & you can also download the entire album at a time.


    Musopen has a wide range of classical music and so, this is a great source for classical music lovers. The digital platform has millions of audios, songs & associated information about music.

    If you are a music teacher, classical music lover or a musician, you should bookmark this site. It has plenty of information regarding music genre that can be helpful to make tunes in a better way. Of course, this is a free site; you don’t need to pay anything.


    Are you a rap & hip-hop music lover? Datpiff is the right choice for you and should be in your bookmark list. You can find millions of webpages with various genres to choose the music for you. This dedicated website allows users to download updated music track from popular artists.


    FreeMusicArchive is a website where you can download songs & music transmission online. According to me, this is one of the safest places to download music in OGG & MP3 format. This digital platform has a wide variety in terms of genres, artists and musicians.

    The quality of music audio offered by the website is quite good compared to other websites of the same style. You can download songs of any size for free.


    FreeSound is a preferred application dedicated to music lovers & satisfying the tastes too. The website listens to each opinion & comments. On that basis, a website uploads new music tracks. The website has a wide array of songs with all the detailed information about a particular song. However, you can’t download without creating an account. But don’t worry, creating an account is like a piece of cake.

    Moreover, music lovers often download music from this site just because of its sound quality. A person can bear a few issues in creating an account, searching songs and downloading them but not accept the humming noise or low sound quality, do you?

    Few premium music streaming websites like Prime Music and Apple Music offers free trials for downloading music tracks for a limited time. It’s not bad to try them once. You might get your favorite tracks for free. Who knows?


    Hope you have enough resources to download and stream music tracks of your choice. According to me, SoundCloud and audiomack are the top-rated music streaming sites and download my favorite tracks from there often. Let us know what’s your favorite music downloading sites? We would love to add in the list if it’s not listed in the post.

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