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    For bloggers, affiliate marketing is not a new field. It’s an essential section for the bloggers to get a good return on spending time on their blogs. Are you a blogger and not using affiliate programs to earn money? Guys! You should leave the blogging to earn money. Do you think that Google Adsense or similar platforms are the only ways to earn money from blogging?

    Guys, you are either new to this world or not aware of the importance of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can help you earn more than earning through Adsense account. You can’t even imagine how much money you can earn through affiliate programs.

    Affiliate marketing can help you earn more than earning through Adsense account. You can’t even imagine how much money you can earn through affiliate programs.

    Blogging is Common But Affiliate Marketing is Extra-ordinary

    Blogging is common and even non-technical person uses this platform to share knowledge. But not all bloggers use affiliate program. If you are one of them who do not know “how affiliate marketing can help you earn thousands in a short time?” You should sign up to the below affiliate programs.

    Before start reading; you must know the fact that…

    Around 80% of major brands believe that Affiliate marketing programs are good to improve their sales and widen the search.

    Definition of Affiliate Marketing

    In an understandable language, you promote other’s products and when someone purchases through your affiliate marketing programs; you will get some % of the total price of a product as a commission.

    Quite simple, isn’t it?

    Now let’s go through the list of Affiliate Marketing Websites

    Amazon Associates

    One of my favorite and others as well, Amazon associate is one of the top picks among the bloggers. Most of the bloggers put trust on Amazon Associates to earn money and they are earning as well. The reason is Amazon offers almost everything that everyone needs it. The commission rate is different for each products.

    You can assume a 10% commission on each item sold from your affiliate promotion. The trustworthiness, reputation, spread around the world and many brands on Amazon make it one of the best affiliate program in the world

    The Signup process is very easy like creating an account in the e-commerce website. There is a  guarantee that you will get the money that you have earned through promotion. As Amazon offers plenty of products; you have numerous options to promote on your blog.

    Shopify Affiliate Program

    Shopify – a word is enough for the e-Commerce industry. No one can doubt the reliability of the platform. It’s a great platform for online retailers who sell limited products online. It works well for bloggers too. After Amazon, Shopify is a good affiliate marketing program which pays you high as a commission.

    Due to its reliability and popularity among the internet users, I would suggest all bloggers try at least once to get maximum ROI.


    Many bloggers do not have enough idea about MaxBounty but whoever knows this program, they do not want to move on another program to earn money through promotion. Yes, it’s true. This platform is new; however, it has got attention and earned reputation compared to others.

    Founded in Canada in 2004, MaxBounty’s main aim is to direct bloggers and brands towards affiliates. Today, it has 15,000+ active campaigns running successfully. In a very short time, maxBounty has got fame and grabbed the attention of major brands. One more thing, if your commission balance is above $50 in a week, the amount will be delivered in your account. This is a great perk, I think. What do you say?

    CJ Affiliate

    Ask a blogger who is dealing in affiliate marketing “recommend me a good affiliate program”; the chance is high to get the name CJ Affiliate in the list. One of the giant platforms – CJ Affiliate offers a variety of features to use it for promotion and so, earn money. If you are looking for a reputable affiliate program, you should consider CJ affiliate.

    Today, the website has a giant network with numerous merchants, brands and advertisers. This means you will have vast opportunities and options to promote products online and help merchants to generate revenue through affiliate marketing. And so, you will get a handsome amount as a commission in your hands.

    Hey bloggers, what are you waiting for? Just dive in the field of affiliate marketing and win great prices in terms of selling commission. The above platforms are ready to welcome you and enhance your income to a new level.

    Learn Affiliate Marketing, apply on your blog and fetch a good income.

    If you are already using any other affiliate program; let us know in the comment section. We would love to write on them as well.

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