How ePrompt 6 Cloud .net is Best Deal ERP for Travel Agents?

    ePrompt 6 is a software that is an all-in-one platform that is tailored to cater to the needs of Travel Agents. This ERP management software ensures the efficient working of all the back-office tasks that are essential in the working of a successful travel agency.

    This application manages the Customer Relationship of a given travel organization and maintains healthy business relations with the past and potential clients by providing them with a feedback service to write their opinions after receiving a certain service. Also, ePrompt manages the queries made by clients over the website of the agency.

    This software provides the user with an interactive dashboard that helps them in keeping an eye on the overall performance of their company via colourful graphs and visual representations that represent the scaling of their business.

    Moreover, one can also use its feature of Contact Master for Personal / Family / Employee Information that provides them with the details of the desired members in a matter of moments.

    This feature of the software helps in the real-time filling of forms and applications. Also, with its lead follow up and reminders, ePrompt ensures the conversion of a potential customer. Being a unique platform for the management and conversion of potential customers into buyers, this application ensures to take the business to new heights.

    ePrompt 6 Use in the Booking of Railway Tickets

    ePrompt helps the Travel agents avidly in the successful booking of tickets by revealing the information on the Unbilled PNR number. The PNR status represents the real-time booking of the seats that are available in the train. It states whether the ticket of a particular candidate has been confirmed, or is kept on hold in the Waiting List.

     It also records the details of a ticket which is under reservation against cancellation (RAC). By having a detailed knowledge of the given services, it makes the process of booking and checkout faster to keep up with the completion in the process of booking a train seat.

    Moreover, with its Date wise Travel List & Reminder, ePrompt helps the travel agencies to have a detailed list of the clients and their travel schedule, allowing them to remind their clients on the regular updates of their travelling program. Due to the application’s direct integration with the Indian Railways, ePrompt also provides the agencies with a railway order booking form to boost the process of ticket booking.

    ePrompt 6 Use in the Booking of Airplane Tickets

    Additionally, ePrompt allows the users to book the facilities of airline services as well, by its feature that categorizes and sorts Auto Splitting Airline Memo.

    This provides a detailed break-up of the fares, taxes and service charges taken by the agency and the application represents them clearly in the bill. With its Service Fees Invoice feature, the service charges that are charged elsewhere apart from the agency are updated, enabling transparency between the business and its customers.

    The markup feature that is levied on Basic fees, charged Tax on the services and overall cancellation policy, allows the agencies to maintain clear terms with their customers and clients. Moreover, every detail is clearly mentioned on the final billing that is sent to the customer.

    For the travel agencies who are into tours and travelling sector, ePrompt helps in getting the best possible hotel and excursion rates that save them from calling each and every hotel and excursion provider to get a quotation for their planned travel.

    Moreover, with the daily plans that can be set at an itinerary, the agencies can plan trips and holidays at an instant. This software also provides the user with a voucher for Hotel /Transport / Excursion that makes it easy on the side of the customers to have a piece of firsthand knowledge about the total discounts available in the selected hotels.

    Extensive Uses of ePrompt 6

    Apart from catering to the needs of Ticketing, Customer Relationship Management and Touring facilities of a given travel agency, one can also apply for Visa under this application that enables the agencies to do business on a much larger scale.

    Agents and agencies get the feature of a Visa Booking Form that enables them to book it on an early stage and apply for the visa of a selected destination beforehand.

    This saves the visitors from the hassle of booking for visas in long queues. ePrompt also allows Country & Category wise Quota Management that helps the agencies in an easier categorizing of the quota that is made available to the travellers by the tourism industries.

    Generally, ePrompt helps its users with the preparation of invoice wise profitability that helps the agencies and agents to know the reach of their services towards the dedicated customer base that comes to them.

    The invoice wise profitability also helps the agencies in managing the total profit that they seek to generate and invest accordingly on the scalability of their business.

    Additionally, with the user design report, agencies get an idea about the total number of interactions and visits on their websites. With the detailed report on views and total visits, agencies can form the desired number of SEO techniques for increasing the popularity of their website.

    Also, the Entry / SMS Log Viewer feature of ePrompt allows the agencies to visit the log viewer to update their clients regarding the upcoming travel visits.

    Other Extensive Uses of ePrompt Software for Travel Agents

    Lastly, another key usage of ePrompt software is that the agencies can do all their back-office work. Beginning from generation and conversion of Leads into potential customers, this software also helps in the management of leads.

    Additionally, the Quotation feature allows the agencies to quote travel packages to various customers and hotels. The Purchase and Purchase Return feature of this application helps the users in filing the returns on taxes effectively, thus eliminating the need to hire accountants.

    The other necessary services provided by ePrompt for the successful running of a travel agency businesses, include Rent A Cab Reservation service, Cash Receipt and the Payment receipt that helps users to keep a note of the services provided to other customers.

    Additionally, for the accounting part of a company, ePrompt also provides Bank Receipt and Payment information, Bank Reconciliation statement to tally with the real-time business transactions, General Credit & Debit Note, Tax, GST, BSP Reconciliation, Trading, TDS, Balance Sheet, Reminders, Report, Profit & Loss, and Journal Voucher. This makes the software a comprehensive platform for travel agencies to manage all their travel business operations at one place.

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