How to Choose the Best Camera for Vlogging

    In recent years, video blogging has become very popular, and you don’t need to have studio equipment to create viral content. Any modern camera is suitable if you choose the right stabilizing system for it. Everything depends on your style and needs. See more details at keepitportable.

    For example, smartphones are incredibly portable, but they are not suitable for dynamic scenes. And an action camera is either quite expensive, or it shoots low-quality video.

    Choosing a camera is an important point in the work of any blogger, from a beginner to a very experienced one. Market research can be a real headache because there are so many options. What kind of resolution is required? Can you just shoot on your smartphone? Will you need any additional accessories? Now we will discuss the most important points when choosing video equipment.

    Image quality

    It is very important to understand whether you are going to shoot a blog in Full HD or 4K resolution. Nowadays, most smartphones and small cameras know how to shoot at 4K resolution. Such videos are very impressive. But on weak computers, it will not be easy to edit such content. Also, most people watch vlogs on smartphones. So, your wonderful video will make a very wrong impression.

    At the same time, people are starting to buy more and more monitors and TVs with 4K support, so in the future, your video will be appreciated. If you opt for this video resolution, you can crop your clips with almost no loss of quality, which opens up new boundaries for creativity. You will be able to create a zoom effect, while in fact just enlarged the image.

    Image Stabilization

    This is one of the most important characteristics. The meaning of the technology is to compensate for camera vibrations during shooting. Do not confuse mechanical stabilization with electronic (EIS) and optical (OIS), which are used in action cameras and smartphones. Mechanical stabilizers usually use a three-axis or two-axis suspension with a motor system that controls camera movements.

    Optical Image Stabilizer uses a movable optical element inside the lens, thus eliminating video shake. And some cameras use electronic stabilization at all. The main problem with this system is that it greatly impairs image quality. Videos shot on such devices can be easily identified by a strange curved effect. So, to avoid this problem, most smartphones usually combine electronic and optical stabilization systems. In SLR cameras, everything depends on the lens you use.


    A blogger needs to start video recording at any second. It’s much easier to shoot these days than it used to be. A high-resolution camera can easily fit in your pocket. On the other hand, digital cameras can boast better image quality. In addition, they are great for shooting in various situations. The portability of the camera is the criterion that each blogger determines for himself based on the type of content created. You may prefer a small gadget, or you may sacrifice convenience for better shooting quality.

    Microphone jack

    Any blogger will tell you that high-quality sound will transform an ordinary blog and make it more professional. Built-in microphones usually record the sound of poor quality compared to external microphones. When buying a camera, be sure to pay attention to whether it has a 3.5 mm Jack or can be connected in any other way.

    LCD Screen

    The built-in screen can perform some different functions; it all depends on its design. There are a couple of useful options: tilt and turn display and touch screen. The first allows you to take pictures and control the process by turning the camera screen in your own direction. It may be possible to do without it, but with this function, it is much easier to shoot. And the touchscreen allows you to adjust the focus in one touch.

    Shooting in low light

    If you often shoot at night or indoors, it’s worth considering the characteristics of the camera associated with shooting in low light conditions. Although smartphone sensors are now much better than before, digital cameras still do a better job of taking pictures in twilight or darkness.

    Connecting Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi connection helps you quickly download videos to your smartphone for publishing on social networks. Also, this function is useful for online broadcasts. You can shoot in real-time for your subscribers.

    Besides, you can use Wi-Fi to connect additional accessories such as external monitors, stabilizers, and lens focus control devices. Check the wireless options of your camera to see if they meet your needs.


    It all depends on the type of camera. In the Studio or at home, you can use models with a small capacity. The action camera must have a good battery so that the preparation of the material does not end at an unexpected moment due to technical reasons. And you should also pay attention to the battery if you have to conduct live broadcasts.

    Popular models

    There are many manufacturers on the market, but only a few provide quality equipment. The best of the best have long deserved the attention of buyers. It makes sense to pay attention to such manufacturers.

    1. Sony. These cameras are considered the best by bloggers in terms of quality/price ratio.
    2. Panasonic. The main competitor of the previous brand. The cameras are interesting and allow you to create quality content.
    3. Canon. The company, in general, is famous for its video and photo equipment. The manufacturer must make products in different price segments. Here you can find something suitable for both a beginner and a professional.
    4. GoPro. Acceptable price for cameras to shoot in active mode. A good solution for extreme situations, hiking, and sports activities. All models have reliable protection against aggressive environmental and mechanical influences.

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