How to Drive 3X Traffic to Online Store and Blog via Pinterest in a Short Run?

    If you are having an online store or a personal blog and you aren’t using the Pinterest then you are losing something very important that no one would like.

    Today we are living in 2019, not in 2014 or 15. The time is gone when the Pinterest wasn’t enough to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website as people do not put much emphasis on it.

    Today, people love to re-share amazing images & great information on the Pinterest through repins. Let me tell you the fact “around 80% of the pins are actually the repins on the Pinterest.”

    Strange but true. In nutshell, pins with useful information and/or great images may have good chances to be re-pinned several times and hence, the traffic will be increased.

    That’s the main objective of using Pinterest, right? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s drive traffic to the website or blog in a short time. Steps to be followed one by one.

    Sign up for a Business Account

    Sign up for a Business Account

    There are mainly two types of Pinterest account:

    1. Personal

    2. Business.

    As a website or blog owner, a business account is preferred. If you have already personal account then with a simple process; you can convert your existing personal account to a business account.

    A very important tool “Pinterest Analytics” is available for you once you verified your website with the Pinterest. The business account is used for the commercial use of Pinterest.

    Other features of a business account are: promoted pins, plus rich pins and Analytics.

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    Don’t Forget to Confirm Your Website


    Once you have created a business account or converted from the personal account; the very next step is to “confirm your website”.

    So, you can able to see who is visiting your website from a Pinterest account. With the usage of Pinterest Widget Builder, you can add a “SAVE” button to your website.

    This will allow users to share your blog post or product on Pinterest within your website.

    Create Your Business Niche Boards with Targeted Keywords

    Now, it’s a step to optimize business account for Pinterest search. Pinterest is not as smart as Google, so it is easy for you to stuff the keywords carefully to improve your visibility on this platform.

    The keywords can be used in the board name, in its description and in pin description too. There is no any type of prevention.

    So, what to do next? You only need to find your target audience, for example, if you are running a business for selling clothes then your audience would be female of 18-35 age, fashion designers, fashion bloggers etc. So, you need to list out the keywords according to it.

    Once it is done from your side. The next move is to set up the boards approx. 10 – 20 depending on your business products and services. And then fill each board with 20-100 awesome relevant pins from valuable resources.

    You can add your business product or blog post as a pin on the created boards and also set up the special board for your blog posts only like “Best of website category name”.

    Free Tip – Don’t forget to add keywords to Board Description.

    Stay with the Rich Pins for Your Blog or Website

    The must-do thing is the integration between your website, online store or blog and your Pinterest account through the Rich Pins. “How can you do this?

    As I told before that you can add “SAVE” or “PIN” button on your blog. If you have already added then it’s really a good thing because a user can easily pin your blog posts to his Pinterest account.

    Rich Pins are vital pins that include several extra information displayed on a pin itself. Currently, Pinterest has 6 kinds of Rich Pins: Product, Article, Place, App, Recipe and Movie. Choose your option according to your business.

    For example, your blog is related to Recipe. Obviously, your rich pins type is “Recipe”. If your blog is related to tips, tricks and How to Type. Then Article Rich Pin is your option.

    Why Should I do Rich Pins set up?” Actually, Pinterest is capable of extracting the valuable data (headline, author, story description, date, etc.) from your website via and Open Graph.

    If you aren’t aware of these tools then you should consult with the developers. They will help to add “Meta Properties” in each blog post or product page automatically and yes, it’s just a few minute tasks for them.


    For the WordPress, Yoast SEO Plugin is enough to for that.

    Free Tip: It’s easy to verify your rich pins using the “Rich Pin Validator”.

    Increase Your Pinterest Followers and Following Both

    From my experience, the number of Pinterest followers doesn’t affect your website traffic you will get. But a well-established profile can drive significant traffic.

    The principle is so simple. Follow the Pinterest boards and/or accounts to get attention to yours. Two options are available for that. Either you should use some automated tools to follow & unfollow OR do it manually from your business account. The choice is yours.

    For the automated following and unfollowing process, two popular tools are PinPinterest and PinFollow. But there are not pure genuine tools and may affect your business account negatively.

    So, most of the people choose the manual way. Yes, it takes time but will not affect negatively. It is enough to spend an hour or two hours a day to grow followers count. “How Many accounts should I Follow and unfollow?” Follow 150 – 200 account and unfollow the similar number of accounts to keep the balance.

    I know it’s not an exciting activity but will create impact too.

    But the impact wouldn’t be as you wish. Because at the end of the month, you will get a very few numbers of followers (approx. 300-350).

    This is a rough number as I got from my experiments. It may vary depending on several tests.

    But don’t worry, there is a nice idea which helps you to increase the followers and engagement too. And “What is that?” Find the users who pinned your website content (any) and then connect/engage with them.

    How to Find Users Who Pinned Your Website Stuff?

    At a first glance, it is hard for many people to find as they don’t have any idea or trick for the same. “Are you curious to know the trick?” Don’t worry, here it is. You only need to make changes in the Pinterest URL structure.

    Make the URL like this:


    That’s it. All the pins of your website will be displayed below with the people who have pinned your content. Now, the task is easier for you to connect and/or engage with them within a minute.

    Join Hands with the Group Boards

    Whenever you read something related to “How to drive massive traffic from Pinterest?” You will see this tip as it’s a gold mine. Yes, the group boards are supposed to be the fastest and smartest way to reach a broad audience in a short time.

    Yes, you are reading right. In short, a group board is a nothing but a Pinterest board where a group of users (more than one) can pin.

    The most important part is that each and every pinner can add his own followers means a group board has the total number of board’s following. For example, there are 5 contributors to a particular group board then a total number of followers are the summation of each contributor’s followers. Have you ever thought about this?

    There are simply two ways to join hands with the Group Boards.

    1. Create your own board and invite people to contribute.
    2. Request other users to be a contributor to his some of the boards.

    For the first one, you need to “EDIT” your board and add the names in the “collaborators” field. Simple and easy.

    For the second one, you need to find the groups which allow others to pin. Fortunately, there are mainly two tools or services (whatever you call): PinGroupie & Group Boards on BoardBooster.

    It’s a straightforward process to find such groups but it’s a challenging task to choose the right category. For example, Digital marketing boards are categorized as “Geek”, “Technology” and something “Other”, mostly.

    Once the above process is done, message the user directly on Pinterest or send email to them.

    Pin Consistently

    Again, I would like to say that in every Pinterest guide; there is one step “Pin Regularly”. But the main question is that “how many pins I should post in a day?

    The views are different for different businesses and the experts have their own too. Some of them say “daily 5-10 is enough” or “30 pins per day works fine.”

    I would like to say that you should start with the small number like 5-7 and then accelerate to 30-35 pins.

    Free Tip: Tailwind is the popular Pinterest Automation Tool. Try it once. It’s paid but worth too.

    Bonus: Ultimate Guide to Increase Traffic to Your e-Commerce Store Through Pinterest

    1. Promote Pinning on Your e-Commerce Store
    2. Stay with Rich Pins
    3. Create a Pinterest Business Account
    4. Connect and/or Engage Your Followers
    5. Always Prefer to use High-Quality Images
    6. Proactive at Content Curation
    7. Optimize for Keywords
    8. Categories products into separate boards
    9. Use Contests & Offers
    10. Don’t forget to add Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

    Final Words

    Pinterest is a kind of social media services and specially designed for sharing the visual content with others. It’s a great way to drive traffic towards a website, especially for the e-Commerce business.

    With the capability of Pinterest, you can drive traffic 3 times higher than before in a short run. The only thing you need to follow “the strategy shown above”.

    Having any other idea or hack in your mind? Have any question related to “Increase Pinterest Traffic”? Let us know in the comment section shown below.

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