How to Export Multiple Zimbra Files to Office 365?

    Are you thinking about moving to Office 365 platform from Zimbra account? Need to access critical Zimbra files in Office 365 but wondering how to export multiple Zimbra files to Office 365 at once? Not to worry, simply read the article and you will encounter an exceptional technique with the help of you can export multiple Zimbra files to Office 365 with all the data items such as emails, contacts, briefcases, calendars, and other items accurately.

    Zimbra is a collaboration suite which formerly quite well-known as ZCS. It has both client and server components and earlier it offered Zimbra Desktop as well. However, it is now discontinued under VMware’s stewardship. Many have utilized the desktop version of Zimbra but later several of its competitors came in the market which were offering enhanced interface, robust security, and good storage capacity. Thus, people started moving from Zimbra onto different email service providers. So currently, Zimbra has webmail service but users are finding Office 365 more suitable.

    Why Office 365 is more demanding than Zimbra?

    Office 365 is a popular cloud-based collaborative software that is equipped with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Spreadsheet, OneNote, and more. It has 1 TB of storage space, bug fixes, and security updates. Some of its powerful benefits are discussed here –

    • Office 365 has automatic updates whenever new version is released.
    • Allows to access Office 365 services from anywhere any time.
    • Offers advanced security measures to safeguard database stored on cloud.
    • Includes Teams and Yammer tools for real-time collaboration with others.
    • Supports Outlook online app to keep the communication straightforward and centralised.
    • It is a subscription-based. You can purchase the license depend on the functionalities you need for your business.
    • Equipped with apps such as Word, Excel, and Outlook which can work online without any installation.

    Office 365 is a feature-rich cloud application. And many businesses have found the app very friendly, easy, and safe to use.

    How to Export Multiple Zimbra Files to Office 365?

    The easiest way to export multiple Zimbra files to Office 365 account is CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool. The application is direct, easy to use, and simple. Both technical and non-technical individuals can operate the solution without encountering any challenges and perform the migration of Zimbra mailboxes to Office 365 with ease. Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool has limited operational steps and thus save the time of users by implementing the batch migration process in few seconds.

    Moreover, the application has advanced and plentiful features which help users in gaining the desirable results within seconds. However, the free demo version of the software is available that helps to check the working steps of the tool for free.

    Working Steps to Export Multiple Zimbra Files to Office 365

    Step 1. Download, install, and open CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Tool on your system. If you have Zimbra-on premise files, then choose the first option. But if you want to export Zimbra Webmail files, then choose the second option. Click Next.

    Quick Note: We have selected the second option and discussed the further steps accordingly.

    Step 2. Now, on the launch screen, specify Zimbra Webmail credentials in required fields. Simultaneously set IMAP Host and Port Number. Then, press Login button.

    Step 3. Click the option Use Batch Mode to export multiple Zimbra files of multiple user’s accounts at once.

    Step 4. Click Add CSV button to add a CSV file holding the details of multiple Zimbra users account.

    Step 5. Press Next button.

    Step 6. The application will read Zimbra users’ details and list them one by one on the software. Click Next.

    Step 7. Now, on the left side of the tool, you will see the list of Zimbra mailboxes.

    Step 8. Go to the right-side of the software screen. Click Select Saving Options. Choose Office 365 from the list.

    Step 9. Add Office 365 email address. Simultaneously set the sub-options i.e. Save Messages in Default Folder and I am Admin.

    Step 10. Go to Filters option tab and set the filters such as date range, subject, from, to, etc. if you want to export specific Zimbra files to Office 365.

    Step 11. You may come back to the Backup tab and press the Backup button to start the migration process.

    Step 12. The process will start quickly and finishes successfully with a pop-up message “Conversion Completed Successfully”.

    Click on OK button and then go to Office 365 account to check the results. However, you can choose the required item whose data you want to read. Moreover, you will encounter that the data is accurately migrated. The folder structure is also precise.


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    The blog has offered an outstanding methodology to export multiple Zimbra files to Office 365 at once. The migration will be smooth and the tool will make sure to export Zimbra to Office 365 with accurate email messages, contacts, calendars, briefcases, and other items. Also, CubexSoft Zimbra Converter Tool has a free demo facility that can be downloaded to get the desired results in a short time. It also has the ability to export first 25 Zimbra files to Office 365 free of cost.

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