How to Open Zimbra Mail in Gmail? – [Solution 2023]

    Want a way out to open Zimbra mail in Gmail account but not able to find any suitable method for the same? Not to worry, read the blog and you will surely escape from the troublesome situation and easily open Zimbra mail in Gmail with attachments accurately.

    Emails are a great source for collaborating and connecting with others. Many people are utilizing email applications and webmail services to convey essential information and to enhance security for profiles as well as accounts. However, Zimbra Mail is one of them.

    Zimbra Mail is a feature-rich web-based email server that provides reliability, address book, high-performance email, tasks lists, calendaring, and web document authoring capabilities. It comes in two versions i.e. Advanced Web Client and Standard Web Client.

    Advanced Web Client delivers the complete set of AJAX-based Web collaboration features. It works with newer browsers and a fast internet connection.

    Standard Web Client is a good option in case of slow internet speed or users prefer HTML-based messaging to navigate within the mailbox.

    The main components of Zimbra Webmail are Email, Tasks, Address Book, Calendar, Briefcase, and Documents. Even, User Preferences and Zimbra Assistant are also considered an extraordinary features of Zimbra Mail Client.

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    Why to Migrate from Zimbra Mail to Gmail?

    It is true that Zimbra mail is a full-features webmail server but it is also true that it has been reported with many problems.

    Many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Zimbra multi-server platform, saying that it requires improvement in high availability and bug fixes. They feel that these areas should be properly optimized to improve reliability and overall performance.

    Even, plenty of users are not satisfied with the technical support it offers. They have reported that their experiences with the support service over the past two years have been less positive as compared to previous interactions.

    Some have noticed the decline of certain functionalities in the mobile version of Zimbra. Especially if we talk about the features such as attachments, basic environment, and online chat have given hard time to most of the users. This hampers the productivity when trying to access the emails during travelling.

    How to Open Zimbra Mail in Gmail? – [Solution 2023]

    The easy and powerful way to open Zimbra Mail in Gmail is CubexSoft Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool. The direct and cost-effective application that securely migrate emails from Zimbra Mail to Gmail with attachments. The GUI of the tool is user-friendly. So, both professional and non-professional users can operate the application without any problem and easily open Zimbra Mail in Gmail with 100% accuracy. Even, the steps are short and time-saving.

    Moreover, users will come across many advanced features that one can apply according to their requirements to get the desired result. However, utilize the free demo version and test the working of the tool for free.

    Working Steps to Open Zimbra Mail in Gmail

    Follow the steps to migrate Zimbra Mail emails in Google Mail:
    Step 1. Download, and run CubexSoft Zimbra to Gmail Tool on Windows. Choose “Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes Option” and continue by tapping Next.
    Step 2. Enter Zimbra email address and password in the required fields. Simultaneously enter IMAP Host and Port Number.

    Note. You can take help of “Use Batch Mode” option to batch migrate multiple Zimbra user’s account emails to Gmail at once. Also, you can try “Use Proxy Server” option that will help to migrate Zimbra Mail to Gmail through a different server.

    Step 3. Use the required option to continue and click on the Login button.
    Step 4. We have selected the Use Batch Mode property, so we will get the screen which will ask to upload a CSV file of multiple Zimbra users by tapping Add CSV button.
    Step 5. Once the file is uploaded successfully, the tool start to list all the users account on the software panel with the passwords. However, they will appear with the checkboxes which can be used to perform the necessary selection of Zimbra users, if needed. Click Next.
    Step 6. The account will connect with the application and its mailboxes will start to appear on the software pane.
    Step 7. Now, go to the right-side of the software window, click on the Select Saving Options and select Gmail option from the menu.
    Step 8. Enter the Gmail credentials i.e. Email ID and App Password.
    Step 9. Go to Filters tab to set the required filters to migrate specific Zimbra Mail emails to Gmail account.
    Step 10. Navigate back to the Backup tab and click on the Backup button to start the process. The migration will immediately start after this and Conversion Completed successfully message will appear on the screen. Click on the OK to close the pop-up window.

    Now, go to the specified Gmail account to check the migrated files. And, you will see that they are accurately transferred and their content is also original.


    The write-up has discussed the incredible procedure to resolve “how to open Zimbra Mail in Gmail account?”. The CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a dependable solution that is known for its fast migration and accurate results in a short time. Any user can effortlessly operate the application to migrate unlimited Zimbra emails to Gmail in less time. However, the utility is available with a free demo that is useful in evaluating the complete procedure for free. It also allows to open first 25 Zimbra emails to Gmail with attachments free of cost.

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