Sendible: Social Media Management Tool Highly Rated by Users around the World

    Today, Social Media is one of the best integral parts of digital marketing strategies. No one would like to avoid social media in their marketing practices in today’s era.

    The hard and time-consuming task for any marketer or agency is to manage the social media channels and monitor competitors’ social media campaigns.

    With the help of social media management tools; you can easily manage and monitor various SM channels without spending too much time.

    Here, we are going to provide full information about such tool which can help you build an award-winning strategy, easy to engage with your targeted audience, schedule messages and all-in-one dashboard. We are talking about SENDIBLE Tool.

    What Actually a Sendible is?

    It’s a well-liked social media management tool in the digital marketing world and widely used by numbers of marketing agencies, social media consultants and businesses across the world.

    To manage your all social media campaigns and schedule daily tasks easily with accuracy; Sendible is the right option to choose from. A large number of features allows you to monitor channels within just one dashboard and has 20+ integrations with imperious social media sites and blogs.

    Sendible for You and Your Clients:

    It can able to do everything in a better way than other tools like HootSuite. Along with this, it offers fantastic features, insights and application that other social media tools can’t deliver.

    Having 20+ Integrations More than Other Tools

    An alternative to Hootsuite, Sendible can provide integration with key social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and much more.

    Plus, you can directly get access to Google drive, Canva (an image creation tool) and Dropbox, it means you can have access to all your content from only one place, wherever you are.


    No other tools are needed to monitor your brand reputation and distribute content over several channels from just one dashboard within just a minute. Isn’t it a time-saving tool?

    Organize Your Social Channels Feeds into One Screen Only:

    The very common problem for the social media marketer is to open all social media sites in different tabs and continuously watching them one by one and thus, several times marketer forget to respond important notifications.

    Have you ever experienced, before? Yes, this tool is for you only. Get a Start Trail right now.

    With Sendible, This common issue is no longer an issue; it’s just vanished. You can organize all your social media feeds in just one dashboard and no chance to forget any important notification from all your channels as you get notifications at one place from different channels.

    Once, you have integrated all your channels; you will have a clean, easy to use and an organized stream.

    With the organized stream, you can easily respond to your audience, schedule posts, identify the important notifications and much more.

    Keep Eye on Your Brand’s Reputation:

    Within a minute, you will get a notification when someone writes something about your brand. So, you can respond them promptly and quick responses increase the trust towards the brand.

    Most importantly, you do not need to be logged in your social media channels to get notifications. Sendible can do it for you easily; it will send you an alert via slack or email immediately.

    Even if your brand gets any positive or negative review on Yelp, you will get alert and so, you can easily reply back right away.

    Bonus: Sendible can alert you when someone mentions your competitors on social media accounts. It means you can stay ahead of your competitors. You only need to set them in your tool.

    Curate, Post and Schedule Creative Content within Fraction of Time:

    Keep your social media accounts active by posting & repeating “Creative Content” whenever you want to increase the new leads to your brand site constantly.

    Integration to Canva can help you post graphics on channels hassle-free.

    Detailed Insightful & Analytics Reports


    Yes, we know that each social media accounts provide insights to you, but will they show insights in just one dashboard? The answer is NO. While Sendible provides up-to-date insight and in-depth analytical reports to know how your posts & social media accounts are performing?

    Audience engagement, your post reach, number of followers, etc are included in Insight data and can track the traffic via integration of Google Analytics.

    Automated Twitter Strategy:

    With the Sendible’s automated tool, you can set up automatic replies (DMs or Tweets), welcome messages and retweets.

    Other facilities like if you follow someone and if they do not follow you back within 24 hours; the tool will automatically unfollow them which reduces the fake following and keep your profile balanced.

    The features are much more than the above list. You only need to start a free trial today and experience all the features and improve your social media strategy to a next level.

    Merits of Sendible Tool:

    • Easy to integrate with 20+ social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram) and blogs (WordPress, Blogger & Medium)
    • Schedule Content in bulk with Images via CSV file. Yes, it’s true. You can do it. Try Today!
    • Automation tools to increase following & engagement on Instagram and Twitter.
    • In-built content data & easy access to Canva – an image creation tool.
    • Easy to manage channels from your smartphone via Android and/or iOS app.
    • Manage permissions & team workflows

    Special Pricing for Sendible

    • Micro – $29 / Month ($24.65 / month for annually billing) 1 User & 12 services
    • Small – $99 / Month ($84 / month for annually billing) 3 User & 48 services & 6 services
    • Medium – $199 / Month ($169 / month for annually billing) 7 User & 105 services & 35 services
    • Micro – $229 / Month ($254 / month for annually billing) 12 User & 190 services & 60 services

    Choose any of the above options today and start building your brand reputation through Social Media Channels with the help of Sendible.

    Final Words

    Aren’t you getting impressive results from your old traditional social media campaign? Want to shake hands with the heavy hitting social media management tools? Sendible is a good option to try at least once.

    Compare your results with before and after using the tools. Share your feedback in the comment section which will inspire us to write more on such quality topics in future.

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