How to Open Outlook File to PDF File? – Effortlessly Solution!

    Do you want to open an Outlook data file to a PDF with attachments if you use Outlook? Then you can solve the problem of how to open Outlook file to PDF query by using this post. You can find a step-by-step guide explaining how to export Outlook emails to PDFs in this blog post. Since not everyone can benefit from the direct migration method, we will also discuss an alternate option that is appropriate for advanced, rapid, safe, and secure Outlook data file migration to PDF.

    Reasons to Access & Open Outlook Emails to PDF Documents

    The most widely used document format for storing all of your electronic documents is a PDF file. It is independent of the hardware and operating system and does not require any specific application to display the file content. Users are compelled to export PST to PDF due to the additional benefits of PDF files:

    • A PDF file displays the same content and layout of your document regardless of the operating system, device, or software used.
    • Users can easily create, read, and use PDF files.
    • Users want to download Outlook emails as PDF files so they can access them offline.
    • It has been observed that someone requires the migration of Outlook emails to another application.
    • To reduce the possibility of data loss, you can password-protect your PDF file.
    • It will be easier to transfer your information once you have saved it in a PDF file.

    These are some of the explanations for why converting Outlook emails to PDFs is necessary. Let’s now examine the process for converting PST files to PDF.

    Manual Techniques to Save Outlook Emails as PDFs with Attachments

    To convert Outlook PST to PDF format, there are several ways to do it. Here, we go over the top two manual techniques for downloading Outlook emails as PDFs. To fully export the Outlook folder to PDF, adhere to the practical instructions.

    Technique 1. Convert PST File to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

    One well-known program for modifying and creating PDF files is Adobe Acrobat. It provides an Outlook plug-in that enables you to store emails in PDF format. To convert PST to PDF format, take the following actions:

    1. Launch the Outlook application and select the Adobe PDF option from the menu bar.
    2. You must choose which emails you wish to convert in this section.
    3. Subsequently, select the desired email messages from the Adobe PDF tab.
    4. From the drop-down list, select the option labeled Create a New PDF.
    5. Your screen opens in a new tab that assigns the file name and saving location.
    6. Lastly, to download Outlook email messages as PDFs, click the Save button.

    Technique 2. Save the PST File to PDF via Microsoft Outlook

    The best email management tool is Microsoft Outlook, which also offers the ability to print emails as PDF files. Users can convert PST files to PDF files quickly and easily with the help of the Microsoft Print to PDF option. To do so, adhere to these steps:

    1. Navigate to the email messages you want to convert in Outlook.
    2. Navigate to File and select Print.
    3. Tap the Print Options button here.
    4. Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the list on the Print tab.
    5. Select the remaining options and press the Print button.
    6. Assign a file path and name to the Save Print Output As tab.
    7. To convert the selected email to PDF format, click Save.

    An Expert Method to Open Outlook File to PDF File with Attachments in Bulk

    The aforementioned techniques are useful for converting Outlook PST files to PDF files, and they also let you convert a single email message into a technical PDF file. As a result, we advise you to use the CubexSoft PST Converter Tool, which enables users to export multiple Outlook PST files in PDF format. The program lets you convert PST files into other formats, such as EML, MSG, CSV, MBOX, EMLX, DOC, etc. and has an intuitive user interface.

    How to Use CubexSoft PST to PDF Converter Software?

    1. First of all, download, install, & launch the PST to PDF Converter tool on your machine.
    2. Then, choose the Add Files option to load Outlook files/folders for the conversion process.
    3. As you select Outlook data file, it shows all selected files with a checkbox so tick on the checkbox which want to save in PDF.
    4. Now, hit on the Export button to select saving options and choose PDF as your saving option.
    5. Select the options you want, such as the saving path and file naming. Press the “Convert” button.
    6. The migration will now begin processing and display a green progress bar before ending with a successful message.
    7. Press the OK button. It creates a log report of the process that was carried out, complete with the date, time, saving path, and other details. It then takes you automatically to the files that are the result of that.

    If you’re still unsure or have questions, you can download it for free and open 25 items from an Outlook data file to a PDF. Consequently, you can attempt the two methods that have been described to open an Outlook data file as a PDF file. It can answer all of your questions about opening an Outlook data file as a PDF file.

    Wrap Up!

    All of the methods described in this blog are extremely useful and practical for converting Outlook PST files to PDF format; you can use any of them. We recommend, however, that you use the PST Converter Software, which allows you to convert single and multiple PST files to PDF format in just a few simple steps.

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