How to Save Email in IBM Notes to Outlook?

    If you’re looking for a way to open a Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook, you’ve come to the correct spot. We went over the complete method for converting IBM Notes files to Outlook PST files. We’ve talked about a professional third-party utility in this blog post, the CubexSoft NSF to PST Converter software, which enables you to know how to save email in IBM Notes to Outlook PST file format instantaneously, complete with all of the attachments, and without any issues using the Lotus Notes application.

    The most widely used email software for email correspondence is Lotus Notes. Large businesses and organizations primarily utilize Lotus Notes to manage their email data. For several reasons, it saves the user’s inbox or complete email account data in NSF file format. Users must use Outlook instead of this Lotus Notes client. Furthermore, users must open an NSF file in Outlook to access data from their Lotus Notes account.  

    However, it is not feasible to directly read NSF files in Outlook. Thus, you have the option to swiftly import Lotus Notes data into an Outlook PST file by converting NSF to PST files. The greatest method to attempt right now to complete the NSF to PST Conversion process is listed below.  

    Reasons to Move Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook

    • The MS Outlook user interface is simpler than the Lotus Notes GUI.
    • Compared to Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes is more difficult for non-technical users to comprehend and utilize.
    • Complete technical knowledge is necessary to operate the HCL Lotus Notes application.
    • It is difficult to manage numerous accounts at once in Lotus Notes, but it is possible using the Microsoft Outlook email program.
    • Compared to Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook updates are simpler to comprehend.
    • One of the primary causes of email conversion from Lotus Notes to Outlook can be a change in employment.

    Manual Methods to Save Email in IBM Notes to Outlook

    Make sure you back up your IBM Notes data before switching to the manual procedure and exporting Lotus Notes NSF files to PST files. Now, follow to the detailed instructions below to manually migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook:

    It takes two steps for users to implement the NSF to PST export technique.

    1. Convert NSF files from Lotus Notes to CSV
    2. Open Outlook and Import Converted CSV Files

    Solution1: NSF File to CSV Format Conversion

    1. Launch the Lotus Notes program, then select File > Open to launch the Lotus Notes program.
    2. After choosing the NSF file with the Browse button, click the Open button.
    3. Next, choose File Menu >> Select the Export menu item.
    4. Next, specify the file name, destination, and kind of file saving.
    5. Select the Common Separate Value Format at this point.
    6. Lastly, use the CSV Export wizard to select the desired choice.

    Solution2. Import CSV File to Outlook

    1. Launch Outlook, then select File > Open & Export > Import/Export from the menu.
    2. After that, click the Next button after choosing to “import from another program or file.”
    3. After selecting comma-separate values, press the Next button.
    4. Click the Next button after choosing the Browse option to save the CSV file that was produced by the Export command.
    5. After selecting the necessary folder to hold the generated data, press the Next button.
    6. When you’re done, click the Finish button and check the box in the import file.

    Manual Solutions’ Limitations and Drawbacks

    You can choose to manually move the HCL Notes database to Outlook, but be aware of the following drawbacks:

    • For novice users, the manual procedure of migrating NSF files to Outlook is quite demanding and time-consuming.
    • Because there are numerous steps in the free technique, operators may become confused.
    • If used incorrectly, the free solution may result in file corruption or data loss.
    • The bulk transfer of NSF files to PST files is not supported.
    • The conversion process requires the use of both the email programs Outlook and IBM Notes.
    • If you would prefer to avoid these limitations and downsides, here is an effective and straightforward way to read an open Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook.

    Pro Solution to Open IBM Lotus Notes File to Outlook PST

    You can access a Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook without any data loss or changes by using the fantastic CubexSoft Lotus Notes Converter Tool. The NSF file to PST conversion process is completed in a relatively short amount of time. It can address every other problem about the Lotus Notes mailbox without any problems. It offers numerous more formats to save Lotus Notes data from NSF files. NSF files can be converted to a variety of file formats, including Outlook PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, MSG, Office365, Gmail, Exchange Server, and many more. This freeware makes it simple to open any Lotus Notes database in Outlook. The program offers easy ways to convert NSF files to Outlook PST format.


    We have discussed all of the ways to open a Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook in this blog. With CubexSoft Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion Tool, users can get assistance without encountering any issues. You can use its easy-to-understand methods to convert NSF files to PST files. To understand how NSF to PST Converter operates, take advantage of its free trial edition.

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