How to Read Zimbra Desktop Email Messages in Office 365?

    Are you having Zimbra desktop email messages in TGZ files that you want to urgently transfer in Office 365 environment? Wondering how to read Zimbra Desktop email messages in Office 365 in a safe way? Looking for an easy and effective approach to implement the necessary task? No worries, read the article in which you will find a solution that will help to successfully read Zimbra Desktop email messages in Office 365 with all the other items accurately.

    Zimbra Desktop was considered as one of the powerful desktop app that easily integrate and manage multiple email accounts at once. The email client was popular for its fast and a simple GUI which also supports offline viewing of data. However, its services are now discontinued and people started moving to different email platforms.

    Office 365 has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It is developed by Microsoft itself that guarantees great data protection to users. Not only this, one is very much impressed with the flexibility it delivers. Office 365 provide freedom to users to access their stored data from anywhere and anytime as it only requires web browser and internet connection.

    What are the benefits of using Office 365 Platform?     

    There are several organizations who are moving to the platforms that offers productivity tools for company growth. Office 365 is one of those cloud subscription-based service that is equipped with a lot of applications to manage large amount of data. One can say that it is a cloud version of Microsoft Office Suite. Because, it also includes Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet, OneNote, OneDrive, PowerPoint,, and more. Some of its wonderful benefits are discussed below –

    • It allows all users and organizations to store their essential data on cloud. And the data is saved in a way that it is easily accessible via any platform.
    • The robust security measures such as two-factor authentication will not allow unauthorised user to access the data easily.
    • Threat Detection and Anti-Malware will detect the identified security threats and take measures to stop them immediately.
    • Tools such as Teams and Outlook help companies to collaborate with each other from all over the globe.
    • Yammer works as a social network for the organization.
    • Subscription-based services are affordable. Because, the cost of the license depends on the plan you are opting for the business.
    • No need to worry about the data backup as files are stored on cloud and they are backed up regularly.

    How to Read Zimbra Desktop Email Messages in Office 365?

    The quick and effective way to read Zimbra Desktop email messages in Office 365 is CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool. The application is easy, friendly, and trouble-free. It has a simple operational platform that can be accessed by any user easily. Even, the steps are not lengthy. They will take a few seconds of users and perform the migration in a minimum time.

    Moreover, the software is programmed with features that help users transfer Zimbra email messages in Office 365 according to their requirements. However, the trial edition is also available with the help of users can check the migration process of Zimbra Desktop email messages for free.

    Working Steps to Read Zimbra Desktop Email Messages in Office 365

    Step 1. Download, launch, and run CubexSoft Zimbra Desktop to Office 365 Migration Tool on the system. Select Zimbra On-Premise Mailbox option and click Next.

    Step 2. Go to Add File(s) button to add Zimbra Desktop mailboxes on the software.

    Step 3. Click on one of the options available to load Zimbra database on the app i.e. Add TGZ File(s), Add Folder, and Add Extracted TGZ Item.

    Step 4. The application will analyse the files and list them on the application one by one.

    Step 5. Click on the necessary item to list all its files on the right side of the tool. You can click on the required file to view its data in a Preview window.

    Step 6. Go to Export. Click on the Select Saving Options. Choose Office 365 option.

    Step 7. You need to provide Office 365 email address in the field. Select I am Admin option if you are adding admin account details. Set the other options such as copy to default folder, category, and filter as per your choice and click on Connect button.

    Step 8. The Microsoft login window will be shown on the screen. Specify the password of the account and click Next.

    Quick Note. For admin users – clicking on the next will show a Mailbox Mapping window in which you need to add a CSV file with multiple Zimbra account users for batch migration. For single users, clicking Next will immediately start the migration process.

    Step 9. The process will finish with a pop-up window “Conversion Completed Successfully”. Click on OK and quit.

    Now, you can go to Office 365 account to check the resultant files. However, you will see that the data is migrated with 100% accuracy.


    The blog has mentioned an advanced procedure to read Zimbra email messages in an Office 365 account. The CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a safe utility that securely performs the migration without disturbing the originality and folder structure of Zimbra data. The tool has a free demo as well which is useful in testing the migration steps for free. Also, one will be able to read 25 Zimbra email messages in Office 365 free of cost.

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