How to Set Up & Earn Money from Coupon Code Website?

    Today, people are earning money in several ways. E-Commerce has opened the doors to various opportunities of making money online without hard work. (Smart work is a must.)

    The ways are: sell your products online, sell others product online, promote others brand on your website, give product reviews and help people with coupon codes and earn money.

    Among all these ways, today we are going to discuss creating the coupon code website and earning an enormous amount of money in a short time.

    In the modern days, people search for the coupon or promo code before purchasing any item to get a handsome discount and/or cashback. Most of the famous sites provide promo and coupon codes to the users to increase the customer base and brand reputation means it’s a win-win position for brands and users both.

    But the main problem for the brands that how to spread the coupon codes to the customers in short time. At the time, coupon code websites come to rescue.

    A simple tendency of customers today is to save money if there is anyway. As you display more attractive codes to a website; more visitors will visit your website and they return too. More visitors to a website means a more money, you will earn.

    Do you know that more than 59% of people search online to find coupon codes so, they can get handsome discount or cashback while purchasing online.

    In short, half of the users in the USA will seek for saving money before they purchase. This small stat is enough to inspire all to build a coupon code website and help people to save money and on the other hand, help brands to be recognized by a huge crowd in a short time.

    So, are you ready to start a website to share famous brand’s coupon codes and earning money from it?

    Find and Pick your Niche.

    Let me tell you frankly that at the start-up stage; it’s nearly impossible to compete and beat the big coupon and deal related sites such as Retail Me Not, Coupon Chief, Groupon, etc.

    These sites cover all the deals of various categories mostly while you will narrow down to a targeted (in short profitable) audience.

    The question is “How to find the profitable Niche?” A low-competition market is enough to start initially and if you have already a connection with the niche; it would be great for your online business.

    For example, you are a fitness freak and want to start a coupon code website to help customers find the best discount and deals on gym products and accessories. As a fitness freak, you have a keen knowledge of what types of gym accessories to buy.

    You can recommend them which gym product and brand is good. Even you can share your fitness tips and fitness videos to users that will bring more traffic to your website and translate into sales, ultimately you will earn more money.

    Another way to find the low-competition niche – a quick Google search. It will tell you whether or not a coupon or deal site already available on the Internet with your chosen niche.

    What to Search? Let’s take an example of gym coach again. Search for “treadmill coupon code” or “Gym equipment discount code” or “Yoga Mat coupon” etc.

    Yes, you will see giant deals sites in the search results. But keep in mind that these sites focus on all types of coupon codes while you will not find any other coupon sites focusing on the fitness equipment.

    Let’s craft the Coupon Website:

    So, all set with your research work? Awesome! The next step is finding the right hosting provider. If you have never owned a site before, I strongly recommend using BlueHost. It provides numerous hosting services at an affordable rate and chances of getting your website down is much lower.

    And opt for WordPress as a platform as it’s one of the easiest and fastest platforms to build a website.

    Bluehost offer

    When you move ahead with a BlueHost as your hosting provider; you will get a domain name & a one-click WordPress Install. The facilities don’t end here; it will also provide a step-by-step guide to set up hosting and a tech support when you need it.

    Follow the steps; within a short time, you will be ready for the next. Having an issue with setting up a host; let us know. We will help you set it right.

    Choose the Right Theme

    Once the hosting is done; the next step is to choose the right theme for your coupon code site. A quick search for coupon code website WordPress theme on Envato, ThemeForest type marketplaces; you will get thousands of results there in few seconds.

    But you can choose from the top coupon code WordPress Website Theme here. But I would like to prefer a customized WordPress Website and here is the example:

    The whole website is fully-customized from homepage to contact us page. All the necessary modules are included in the website:

    • Customized coupon code listing page
    • Mobile Responsiveness
    • AdSense Optimization
    • Customized layout for each page

    See the Screenshot below.

    Once, you upload the theme and activate on your site. Some necessary customization is needed to make your website more alluring to users. With the WordPress tutorials; you can fix them. Great, you have a ready coupon site.

    Monetize Your Website and Start Earning Money:

    The next step is to monetize your website as our prior goal to set up this website. With the coupon site, you are not selling anything but only giving coupons to users so, they can grab the discount offers and save few bucks while placing an order online. So, from where could I earn money? I couldn’t find any way to make money.

    Thank god, you asked this question. Let’s discuss the ways of earning money.

    Affiliate Links:

    The prior source of getting money is through Affiliate Links. Look at the PromoCouponsCode home page as an example.


    Screenshot here:

    The listings showing in the image are actually the affiliate links. Now, when a user clicks on any of the coupon code listings and then place an order; PromoCouponsCodes secures a certain amount of money of the sale.

    How does it work?

    Let’s go this way; someone clicks on the Coupon code button and redirected to the actual listing page where we see the coupon code in the below screenshot.


    Click on the Open Site Button; it will directly redirect to the Way website. Yes, what’s new in it?

    I am glad you raised this question.

    Now, see the URL of a website. It’s not as it is. The string after the domain name is nothing but a referral ID that helps the Way to track from where a user is redirected to the website.

    Now, when we make a purchase using the code; PromoCouponsCodes gets some commission from the brand website (here is Way).

    That’s it. Your website is now a money generating machine. Fuel it up and yield money as much as you can.

    The other money generating ideas are: Google AdSense, advertisement and promote other business on your site. We will discuss these later; these are hints for you to speed up your website to earn money.

    Note this seriously, a coupon code websites convert visitors into customers better than other websites. Even a single coupon code listed on your website may help you earn good amount within few days. You only need to start and update coupon codes regularly.

    This is what I think about creating a website to share others’ coupon code and get money from it. Leave your valuable thoughts in the comment section below!

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