Get Instant Panic and SOS Alert when Children in Danger

    Do you get tensed when your kid is roaming alone?

    Do you find it safe when your kid is away from home?

    Have you ever thought of an Instant Panic Alert for your kid?

    In a techno-savvy world where nobody is excluded from using tech gadgets, kids are swayed in the wave as well. Even the study pattern is shifting from simple chalk and board to computers and projectors urging your kids to use the internet.

    It is equally important for a child to keep pace with the world. Thus, it is inevitable to keep them away from the cyber world.

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    However, children are exposed to tech era at an extremely younger age, and it becomes important for parents to stay vigilant. So, the answer to all your daunting questions is the Panic and SOS alert.

    Let us introduce you on how you can protect your kids’ dangerous circumstances by the help of an app that alerts you with the best parental controls- Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

    What is Panic and SOS Alert?

    Panic Alert is an alarm on your phone that goes off when your child is in danger. 

    SOS alert, available in child’s device, sends a notification to the parent with their current location.

    When your kid is in dire straits and needs your help, they can press the panic alert and it buzzes in the parent’s device. Once the alert is triggered, you can contact them immediately.

    SOS alert allows children to alert you in case of an emergency.

    You can even share your distressed kids’ details with another responsible guardian in case you cannot reach the location.

    What is Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

    Bit Guardian Parental Control is an android parental control app that helps a parent and a kid simultaneously.

    This app gives a detailed insight about your child’s phone like it lets you know the storage apps in your child’s device. You can get access to your kid’s device to monitor and control their activities.

    The best feature of this amazing app is that it enables you to add an infinite number of children.

    You can connect your phone with all your kids’ devices with a single login. You just need to download this app on your and your kids’ phone.

    There are various features available in this software, namely Panic Alert, App Block, App Install Block, Kiosk Mode, GPS, Calls, Time schedule, and Anti-Theft. From all these, the most prominent among them is the Panic Alert Button.

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    Below is a few highlighted features of Bit Guardian Control program that provide solutions with its distinctive characteristics.

    • If you want to reduce your kid’s screen time, use its time schedule feature to control it. Kiosk Mode lets you take complete control of the child’s phone which creates a new launcher in their device.
    • App Blocker stops accessing of unnecessary apps and App Install Blocker blocks the downloading of new and unwanted applications.

    Why Panic and SOS Alert is important?

    • You get the virtual benefit of learning about your kid’s situation when you are not around.
    • If any of your kids gets stuck in an unpredictable situation, you can locate them with your single device.
    • Panic and SOS alert ensures kid’s safety, even in remote locations.
    • It allows you to focus on your routine work keeping aside your kids’ concerns.
    • This feature enables you to add more than one guardian at a time so as to share your child’s safety with others kith and kin.

    Apart from Panic and SOS alerts, one additional feature is provided, which is the “Pick Me” button. This button is present in a child’s device. 

    When a kid is pressing the Pick Me button, it notifies you to receive them from a specific location. Say, for example, if they attend school or college and unknowingly get stuck in a lonely lane where the chances of mugging and stalking are high, they can use this feature to alert you immediately.

    In case, if a child misuses any of these buttons (SOS or Pick me) to frighten you often, you can disable it. When your kid is at home and if there is no use of this feature, it’s easy to simply deactivate that button and stay relaxed.

    Panic and SOS alert feature is the leading characteristic of the Bit Guardian Parental Control App. In a very short time, it has collected many appraisals for its reliability and trustworthiness features.

    Shelter your kids with this user-friendly app. Don’t wait anymore, ‘The Sooner, The Better.’ Install Bit Guardian Parental Control app now!

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