7 Best Cross-Platform Frameworks for App Development 

    Over the last few years, the adoption of an omnichannel approach to target customers for the majority of the businesses today has resulted in a peak in the requirement for effective mobile app development. Along with this, the supply of mobile app marketing agency services has also increased to help mobile app developers spread a positive word.

    Especially since 2020, when the entire world was limited inside the four walls of their houses, the usage of different mobile applications as well as online websites increased by a great margin. At present, the availability of mobile apps for basic needs like grocery shopping to luxury purchases like branded goods is all possible with a single mobile app. 

    Market Study

    According to statistics, approximately 5,000,000 types of different mobile applications are available on both the App Store as well as Google play store, as calculated at the end of 2021. This is a clear indication of the multiple benefits of introducing a mobile application for a business, to cash on this growing demand as an opportunity to attract a larger target audience for your business, while increasing monetary benefits.

    Moreover, the trend within the mobile app development market is highlighting a potential growth rate of 14% by the end of 2022, with market size of a hundred billion dollars. Thus, successfully creating a mobile application that caters to the right target audience and conveys the right message is the need of the hour. 

    The Changing Dynamics

    With the increasing competition in the market for survival, the key selling point for any business today is to provide a mobile application that offers the best user experience to their customers.

    Creating a mobile application is not just about putting together 2+2, producing an app that serves the basic purpose of your product/service, and then signing up with a mobile app marketing agency to promote downloads. It requires multiple steps that require a proper combination of the right software development kits and the appropriate tools, also known as mobile app development frameworks. Before we discuss the different cross-platform frameworks available for app development in 2022, let us discuss the exact meaning behind an app development framework below. 

    What Is An App Development Framework?

    As one of the most comprehensive tools available for app developers today, a mobile app development framework allows developers to get access to a wide variety of APR tools, code libraries, SDKs, etc. This particular accessibility allows them to plan and build up applications that have a strong base structure along with unique feature-rich capabilities, without having to rebuild from the scratch each time.

    Other than this native app development framework, the popularity of a cross-platform app development framework is increasing every day. With the right innovation and creative 80, these cross-platform development frameworks improve efficacy and efficiency for a business. The main idea behind a cross-platform mobile app development framework is to create applications with a range of operating systems to increase their compatibility with multiple destinations like iOS, Windows, Android, etc. All the developers who wish to implement a cross-platform mobile app development framework can easily be implemented by using the same code and changing a tad bit here and there as per each operating base station. 

    7 Best Cross-Platform Frameworks for App Development 2022 

    #1 Flutter

    Another popular Google product, Flutter as a cross-platform app development framework offers multiple features including seamless animation, flexible UI, software development kit, etc. It uses the dart programming language and supports two-dimensional apps and many stock platform app development requirements. 

    #2 Ionic

    For building interactive progressive and hybrid web applications, Ionic is a popular name amongst developers. You can create and operate applications on android and iOS simultaneously as this platform uses Cardova, Apache, and Angular. As a top advantage, Ionic allows app developers to explore a user interface that comes with components like inputs, easy navigation, priority list, etc.

    #3 Xamarin

    A . Net-based mobile app development framework by Microsoft, Xamarin is known to be a top choice as a cross-platform app-building framework. It comes with a range of tools and an entire native library to help build successful applications for iOS, Android, and other web apps. As it uses a common cold, it reduces the overall time of development as well as costs evidently. 

    #4 Sencha

    This particular cross-platform app development framework allows you to create applications for different operating systems including android, iOS, and even the operating system for blackberry. It uses the HTML 5 framework for the efficient creation of mobile applications. It comes with a customizable UI and a large library of various components to experiment with. It uses hardware acceleration to speed up the overall performance of the application. 

    #5 React Native

    Developed and maintained by META, React Native is known as a JavaScript library for anyone looking for a cross-platform app development framework. It is flexible and highly performance-oriented, making it a top choice for the majority of app developers today. The key features of this framework include an easy programming language, high compatibility with third-party extensions, multiple development features, easy migration and maintenance, reusable code and components, etc. 

    #6 Adobe PhoneGap

    With a robust back end, Adobe PhoneGap helps developers create hybrid applications with the usage of C++, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML 5. It is secure and highly flexible because of its open-source cross-platform framework flexibility. It supports all the native functions as well.

    #7 Swiftic 

    With an easy navigation interface, Swiftic is one of the most convenient options for cross-platform app development frameworks today. The biggest benefit other than the multiple features of this framework is the option of a monthly money-back guarantee for all plans. The top features include easy third-party integration, attractive options for push notification, advanced reports and analytics, social media platform feeds available, etc.

    Overall, to conclude, having the right Mobile App Development Agency can no longer do the magic for your business if you do not employ the right resources and frameworks necessary to reach the target audience. As a modern-day to day requirement, app development is progressing at the speed of light and so using the right frameworks as per the trends is the only way forward. If you are someone looking to integrate your business with top mobile applications, choose a mobile app developer who is well informed about the various frameworks that are trending in 2022 and then only reach out to a mobile app marketing agency for further promotions.

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