No Worry About Smartphone Cracking; “Mobile Airbag” is Invented by an Engineering Student

    For me, it’s a nightmare that my iPhone is cracked due to fall from my hand. The pain that every smartphone owners feel when they see a smartphone drop to the floor and also praying to god that your screen isn’t scratched or cracked.

    People spend $500 to $1,000 to buy a smartphone and some crazy guys even sell their kidney to buy the latest iPhone just to show off to their friends.

    Now, just what happens when your iPhone screen is cracked within a week of purchase? Can’t even imagine. Well, now you do not have to worry about such nightmares and bad incidents. “Mobile Airbag’ is here to rescue your Smartphone.

    An ambitious engineering student has invented a mobile case called “Mobile Airbag” which helps your mobile phone not to be cracked when dropping on the sturdy ground.

    Philip Frenzel was seeking a smart solution to keep his smartphone secured even while it drops from his hand while walking. Recently, spotted on a giant image sharing website Imgur

    Philip Frenzel and His Awesome Invention “Mobile Airbag”

    Philip Frenzel is now an international celebrity as he invented the protective mobile case that major Smartphone manufacturer couldn’t even imagine.

    His invention is quite innovative and convinced the judges (well, he convinced us too.) and secured the first place with the awesome thesis by the German Society for Mechatronics Germany.

    The name of the project is “AD Case” means “Active Dumping Case” and one more thing, this project is already registered for the patent and will be kick-started in July with hopes sufficient funding. Good Opportunity for the investors!

    Detailed information about Frenzel’s innovation; click here

    Mobile AirBag
    Mobile Airbag

    The Active protective case works similarly like an Airbag of a car. It works in the emergency situation and here the emergency situation is a “phone drop” mostly.

    The case is equipped with the sensors that easily detect the fall of a smartphone and opens its legs to keep the screen secured. You can also push the attachments (legs) back into a case so, it can be again opened when necessary.

    Please Note: Currently, it’s just a start-up idea so, PLEASE don’t ask for the prices. We will update you when it’s ready to be sold.

    Some Creepy yet Creative comment on the “Mobile Airbag”

    • Apple and Samsung will buy this patent and never launch.
    • Waiting for such inventing for the case for the camera and lenses?
    • Is it enough for me to buy a waterproof Smartphone and this “AD Case”?
    • Your heart bit will not increase while your phone will drop to the ground if “AD Case” is there.
    • No need to pray to god for your screen is cracked. If “AD Case” is there.
    • I am ready to give multiple dollars to secure my $1000 iPhone.
    • Germany never goes out of focus. Lost in World Cup 2018 but delivered a great invention to the universe.
    • This is how you can become a billionaire overnight with your idea only.
    • No Air and No Bag but it’s an “Air Bag”.
    • Screen Repair and Case Manufacturing companies will hate him.
    • The ritual of throwing a phone while breaking up will be end soon.
    • Need such type of cases for burgers and sandwiches, I often drop it.

    Have anything in your mind regarding this; share in the comment box below. Frankly, I need this case on urgent basis. Philip, please commercialize your invention and bring it for the people like us.

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