My Website Traffic is Down Suddenly. Quick Ways to Analyze & Fix Them – Part 2

    My Website Traffic is Down Suddenly. Quick Ways to Analyze & Fix Them – Part 1

    In the previous part, we have seen a few reasons that are responsible for a sudden drop in traffic. And we have also seen the ways to resolve it. These are the most common reasons and are easy to get resolved without getting the help of an SEO expert.

    If you have seen the first part yet; have a look right here…

    Hope you have gone through the first part and keep in mind to resolve the issues that might make you desperate. Yes, they will.

    In this post, I have listed the reasons and solutions to fix the traffic issues and get your website ranking back after a sudden fall of traffic.

    Lost Backlinks in Recent Time?

    Check for the traffic channel in your Google Analytics Account where your website is configured. In the traffic channel, click on the “referral” to get the list of links. These links are responsible for getting traffic to your website.

    Compare the referral traffic month on month or quarter on quarter; it will help you identify which backlink is gone and/or which backlink is failed to generate traffic. If you have noticed a drop in backlink numbers; it’s time to think about rebuilding it.

    The lost of backlinks is an obvious reason to get a sudden fall of website traffic. The prime question is “how to rebuild or reinstate them?”

    A common way is to mail to those website owners who used to link to your website & ask them what’s happening.

    • It may be possible that your good content needs some improvement to stay related to the concept.
    • Maybe your link gets fewer clicks due to your competitor’s strong link building practices.
    • A content (source) that used to give a link to your site is gone completely.

    The above reasons are obvious when you see a fall in your referral traffic. “Who can help you regain links?” A trustworthy SEO agency can help you build the new backlinks and regain the old ones if possible.

    Does Your Website have Quality Backlinks?

    Remember, not all backlinks are qualitative and helpful to enhance website reputation. Some backlinks are bad and may cause harm to your website ranking. If you are getting a backlink from a spammy site, Google may consider you have paid for such links or performed a black-hat SEO practice. It is against Google’s terms and condition. It means your link will not get a good reputation as per terms & condition of Search Engine.

    What to do to get rid of such problems? Simple, you need to request a site owner to remove the backlink from their website. No matter, you have done bad practices intentionally or not. The domain authority and site traffic will drop.

    What if they don’t remove as you wish; Google’s Disavow tool can help. The tool is specially designed by Google to remove the association your backlink. The Disavow tool is easy to operate and can remove the association of backlinks. So, your domain authority and traffic will not suffer much.

    Compare with Your Competitor:

    Competitor analysis is necessary when your website losses the ranking and so traffic. It might be possible that you haven’t lost your position but your competitor wins over your ranking. HOW? Your competitor has created a new piece of informative content that providing bigger value than your content. In other words, your competitor has taken your traffic offering user-centric content.

    You have two ways to deal with this issue.

    1. Focus on the direct competition if you are assured that you can get success against your competitors.
    2. Focus on your keywords and content from ground level and apply new strategies that haven’t invested by competitors yet.

    These both ways will depend on your competitors’ strategies and resources. In such cases; I would suggest consulting with SEO expert to plan strategies and win the battle.

    Examine Your Page & Traffic Type:

    Check your website pages which are suffering more than other pages. Look for the pages which are not getting traffic as before. Is it home page, category pages, service page, blog post, product or other pages? You will get a rough idea of what is happening to your website and a reason behind the sudden drop.

    You need to focus on sharing the content through social media and content marketing strategy if you get a drop in traffic in blog posts.

    A drop in product or service page could be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) problem or a problem of UI/UX of a particular page.

    Make necessary changes in your home page or focus on PR & branding if your homepage couldn’t get traffic to your website as it did previously.

    These are a few more ways to fix the “sudden traffic drop” issue and get a peace of mind after showing positive numbers in Google Analytics. If you know any other way that could help to regain traffic to a website; write it in the comment box below. We would love to discuss the same.

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