SEO Trends of 2020

    Yes, there are many, who say that the time for SEO is over. But as per business experts, SEO will remain in top position for at least a decade. The only factor, that may change, is instead of humans working on SEO, it may be robots or an AI program which will do the job in the future. So. shall we get back to business? In this article, let us look at the SEO trends of 2020.

    Trends For This Year

    Okay, get set and stay tuned. It is this article, which may lay the foundation for SEO professionals.

    1. Understand The Audience And Make Content As per Their Requirement

    One factor, that has been in use since the good olden ages for becoming successful in any business is the requirement of your target audience. If you are just preparing products by the dozen, and there is no requirement, you will have to use them all by yourself. So, first, understand what the audience needs and searches for your products or services in the search engines.

    Does your audience cater to only a specific age category? Which method do they prefer most for your product? Is it images, video or audio? You need to know the perfect spot, as voice search is becoming popular in recent times.

    So, the content on the website should contain a phrase or a sentence which the customer searches on the internet. And yes, the change will occur. It may happen every six months or a decade. But being a business owner, you need to know the pulse of your target audience to sustain in the market.

    So, the SEO, as well as content specialists, should focus on the answers that are required by the audience. So, not only the keyword research but also the content used is vital.

    It is also in the FAQs that the content specialist needs to play a vital role. He/she should anticipate the next question that can be asked by the customer after getting the reply to the first question. This aspect comes first in the SEO trends of 2020.

    2. Google Search

    There was a time when every company wanted to optimize the content just for the Search Engine Google, but in this year 2020, the need is also to optimize for other types of search engines. That includes even the social media platforms.

    So, the way of doing SEO has undergone a change. Now, you need to post the relevant content on all platforms where there can be an interaction with the target audience. If you find that the target audience is searching for your products or services in apps, then you need to have an application in the PlayStore. The most important factor is that you should know the way to drive traffic as well as engagement for every item.

    In this way, you show the customer that your company is always available to fulfill their needs. And they can avail of your products or services on any platforms.

    3. Structured Data Markup Becomes Vital

    As per SEO experts, you need to make use of structured data in case of a requirement. The main reason is the use of artificial intelligence programs in Google search engines. If your content in the website does not have a clear picture, and the answer or content for the product is not structured properly, then you may face a backlash. The search engines want the content and the topic to be searched easy and the paragraphs should be related to each other.

    Making use of the Schema vocabulary for your banners, web pages or contact information is important. This factor can be labeled as one of the SEO trends of 2020.

    4. Content

    There has been, and this proverb is always true. It will remain the same for the next century. And that is Content Is King. Why does everyone go to search engines? To get the right info in a jiffy. If your content in the website beats around the bush instead of focusing on the right subject and topic, the customer will lose his/her valuable time. He/she has to once again go to another website to search for the right answer.

    Now, every search engine, whether it be Google, Yahoo or Bing wants its customers to get the best answer. At the first shot.

    So, if you have a website which does not have the right content, then the rankings may go low this year. In other words, if you are just posting content to ensure that the blog or website stays alive, think again.

    New Update

    As per the new update in Moz, there are lots of websites which have seen their DA numbers dwindling since March 5, 2019. Can you guess the reason? Majority of the websites are expired domains, and they have been purchased by another party. If the content is not suitable, then the downslide has happened.


    How To Prepare Viral Content

    As per SEO experts, you need to prepare the content which gives the solution to the problem. The words should motivate people and make them go for call-of-action.

    5. EAT

    The full form is Expertise, Authority as well as trustworthiness. So, till now the content has been written as favorable for the recent Google algorithm. In 2020, it is quality in combination with Google algorithms that will do the trick for the website.

    6. Technical SEO

    It is not only the content that makes the website go high in rankings, but also the technical aspect of the website. If the website loads at a faster speed, then the rank can go higher in the search engine. And in the future, many websites will be having JavaScript. So, you need to know a little Javascript. The next step, how do the search engines behave with JavaScript websites?

    7. On-page Optimization

    The same old rule applies, even this year. You need to have content and links which can make the audience feel easy while visiting your website.

    The other requisites for SEO trends of 2020 with regards to on-page optimization are –

    • The website should have
      FAQs in the proper order. It should first solve the basic questions and then
      move on to complex questions.
    • If the website is related
      to e-commerce, the banners and content on the website should shorten the
      process of conversion.
    • Websites that follow the
      recent technology trends are awarded. So a website with an AI chatbot which
      responds to queries in quick time is favored.

    8. Voice Search

    There was a time when the mobile industry experts predicted that a specific year will become the year of mobiles. But it did not happen. The time finally came in 2015. So, yes, every now and then, you read the article on the internet stating that this year 2020 will become the year of voice search. It may become true, but not for India.

    This journey has started, and it will be a matter of a few years before the voice search becomes prominent. But are we talking only about English language websites? What about the websites or blogs which use the local language? The voice search will become a game changer.

    9. Machine Learning

    This new technology will work in a different version. It will point out the errors of the working content and words. And non-working content, yes it has to get modified and never used till some time.

    Machine learning, you can tell, is a technology which can learn by itself. When machine learning gets implemented to the digital marketing team, then you can see the results. The words, and figures that work.

    So, machine learning is one of the few new technologies that will work and it is going to be one of the new SEO trends of 2020.


    So, there ends the article on the SEO trends of 2020 for an appliance repair website. As in all cases,  there is one aspect which has become popular all over again. Content is always the Kingmaker. If you are a business owner catering to laptop repair in Mumbai.

    To interact with the customers, you also have a website. For generating revenue, you have tied up with a company which offers home appliance repair services in Mumbai. You have optimized the content long before and have got good leads. And now, after reading this article on the trends, you plan to make the changes to ensure that the website generates more leads.

    We wish you all the best!

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