The Most Energy Efficient Patio Heater on the Market

    Your Search for an Outdoor Space Heater Will Finally Come to Its Successful end with Our Help

    Every person has different dreams and desires. Some of us fantasize about fast cars, others about vacations to exotic places while the humble ones crave for health and nothing more. Nevertheless, there is one universal dream that is common for most of us – having a nice house.

    Our “dream houses” may have different features but owning a patio space is probably the most common one and the one that we most often realize to some extent. We always have a garden/yard or at least a balcony that we use for dining and recreational activities.

    Typically a patio is most often an open space that is paved and is full of flowers and grass. It is a relaxing area where we regroup and charge our physical and mental state. We said that it is an open space, meaning that it is mostly used during the warm parts of the day/year. But why should we limit our outdoor space usage when we can benefit from it during the whole year. Nowadays there are cost-efficient heating options that work marvelously for open-door spaces. In this blog post we are going to share information on the most energy efficient patio heater that we tested. If you are just searching for something to heat up an outside area – trust our judgment as we came across many products, in order to determine the best one!       

    What Features Should We Search For?

    First of all – since we are trying to warm an outdoor space we need a type of heating that doesn’t heat the air in a room but the things situated in it. As it is an outdoor space we don’t want any heat loss and a huge increase in our electric bill. In addition, search for a low-carbon method that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance since it is not going to be used every day.

    We would advice you to stay away from the gas line or burning wood as there is a much greener and modern approach.

    What is the Right Option?

    If we have to tick all needed features the answer to our query would be Infrared heating. Infrared heating warms directly the objects close to the panel, similar to the sunlight rays. This means that no energy/heat is lost to warm up the air but you feel the warmth directly onto your skin.

    In spite of the fact that we are heating an outdoor space we still wouldn’t want to breathe any bad emissions. Infrared heating is a completely natural form of heat that produces no bad emissions whatsoever. It is absolutely eco-friendly as it doesn’t need time to warm up (it produces heat immediately) and thus no energy is lost upon start up. It delivers a 100% natural energy conversion and is made entirely form recyclable materials. 

    Infrared heaters are a very cost-effective heating method and may reduce your electric bill by 65%. This is complimented by the fact that it can be smart controlled via thermostats and even through your smartphones for some models.

    Infrared heating panels require no maintenance and they are less likely to break as they have no moving parts. This means that nothing needs to be oiled from time to time and no noise is created – so you can just listen to the birds around you.

    The perfect infrared heater for your patio will be the 1800W Blade Infrared Bar Heater. It is developed in accordance with all important Australian standards and is easy to install. You don’t need to hire a specialist to set it up as you can do everything by yourself. 

    The Outcome

    Do you have a big house with a wonderful garden or balcony? If you do have a beautiful patio but you can’t use it during the colder days – worry no more! The times we live in gave us an option to feel warm even in outdoor spaces. We created a list of the needed features and had only one method that satisfies all of them – Infrared heating.

    Infrared heating is perfect for this usage as no heat is lost in the air; it is energy efficient and requires no maintenance. See our winner above and check the website of the manufacturer as they are offering great deals at the moment. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your patio and use it through the whole year!

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