The Ultimate Guide to Developing a Healthcare App Like Practo: How to Choose Features, Tech Stack, and Cost

    The healthcare sector has always had a huge impact on our world, as has the use of technology. However, as technology advances, its significance to society grows. The fusion of technology and healthcare, including the creation of an amazing healthcare app, has opened the door to several discoveries that could one day save millions of lives.

    This category, which today covers practically every health-related sector, has been boosted by the enormous volume of searches for physicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities, and pharmaceutical companies by billions of people worldwide. The widespread use of mobile devices, the quick development of mobile technology, and healthcare providers’ creative efforts to provide top-notch medical care while protecting patient data all contribute to the increase.

    Statista predicts that the mobile health market will expand steadily over the coming years, reaching a valuation of more than $300 billion US by 2025. Significant prospects in the development of medical apps are highlighted by this trend.

    A well-known doctor search tool in India called Practo has flourished in the competitive healthcare industry. We think Practo has the ability to rule the healthcare sector due to its remarkable features and methods. For anyone planning to create a healthcare app, this success story serves as an example. However, before beginning this trip, it’s crucial to take into account variables like the cost to develop app like Practo.

    Overview of Practo

    In this extremely competitive time, Practo, a healthcare platform for ordering medications and finding doctors online, is becoming increasingly well-liked. Its success acts as inspiration for healthcare organizations thinking about developing medical apps. Practo has a broad selection of vertical services available under the guise of a complete healthcare app.

    Additionally, Practo is a well-known healthcare app that enables patients to speak with nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Through the use of cloud computing, the system is designed to keep patient data secure. This guarantees that online patient records are constantly current and are simple for healthcare professionals to access. Users of medical apps can schedule new appointments, see their medical records or treatment progress, and handle online accounting and app payment tasks.

    A few years back, Practo managed about 180,000 patients on a monthly basis. Currently, they handle over 2 crore patients, along with more than 2 million doctors year on year basis. Their end goal is to be the one-stop solution for healthcare, enter into new markets, and explore new categories – both domestically as well as internationally. They are even striving to include medical professionals and software development.

    SaaS (Software as a Service) sales, commissions from buyers and sellers, and ad-space sales make up Practo’s business model. Patients and healthcare professionals both benefit greatly from Practo in terms of scheduling appointments and running a successful medical practice. The enormous potential and many financial prospects that come with the development of medical apps are highlighted by Practo’s revenue generation plan. Four sources provide revenue to Practo:

    What Attributes Ought Practo-Like Features To Have?

    It is vital to include the relevant elements in order to create an app similar to Practo. Users consider features before downloading an application. Additionally, several important elements simply cannot be disregarded when creating an application like Practo.

    Notable characteristics make it simpler and more successful for doctors and patients to communicate. So, you need to incorporate the following attributes:

    How To Create A Healthcare App Similar To Practo?

    Let us look at the steps to learn how to build an app like Practo:

    1. Determine the issue

    Numerous mobile healthcare applications are available. How will your business stand out from the competition and add more value to drive away customers? It would be wise to design a healthcare app similar to Practo after conducting thorough market research to identify the gaps and issues your solution can address.

    You can get ideas about how to make a useful, effective product by speaking with doctors, nurses, hospital staff, patients, and other important audiences.

    1. Study the market

    To design a healthcare app like Practo that lets you assess pain areas and your demands from your app, you must first understand your target audience. It can be used to enhance a successful medical procedure solution.

    To ascertain the demands of medical professionals and patients, conduct a thorough market analysis. When creating a product, it’s important to understand your target market and all the rules you need to abide by. By doing so, you’ll be able to create a functional app and comprehend what needs to be improved in later iterations.

    1. Analysis and Planning

    Practo is an example of an effective online healthcare software that requires more than just feature selection. An extensive consultation on the demands of the company or organization serves as the starting point for the entire procedure.

    Included in this is what you wish to give patients. A budget is used to measure everything to ensure its effectiveness. Documents that have undergone extensive editing and investigation are likewise essential. The flow of work will be slowed down and you will be guided through each stage appropriately if you document every step before you begin developing a health app like Practo.

    However, creating healthcare software like Practo takes a lot of time. But making enough time for research, planning, and writing is worthwhile. As a result, the next procedure will be simpler, quicker, and more likely to provide the desired outcome.

    How Much Does Developing a Healthcare App Like Practo Cost?

    The first consideration after choosing an app’s features, such as Practo, is knowing the cost to make a healthcare app like Practo. Naturally, it requires a significant investment, thus creating a healthcare app may cost millions. However, there are a number of variables that affect manufacturing costs while creating a mobile app.

    It’s crucial to choose the best technological stack when creating custom iPhone apps. The app’s UI, which draws users in, is another essential framework. As a result, you must use UI/UX elements like animation, pictures, and other types to keep users interested.

    A healthcare app’s development expenses could range from $120,000 to $200,000. Along with the length of time and difficulty of the application, it typically depends on a number of variables. In addition to design, framework, and features, geographic location is a key factor in determining how much it costs to develop a mobile app.

    Of course, different mobile app development companies across the globe charge their customers in different ways. You can use the table below to estimate the price of developing a mobile app.


    Now, you know how to create an app like Practo. Undoubtedly, the healthcare sector has changed over the past ten years, and many new businesses are now competing for a piece of this multibillion-dollar market. Although investing time and resources to create a top-notch healthcare application is by no means cheap, using a high-quality design can make your medical app stand out from the crowd. Therefore, when intending to design an application like Practo, these factors must be taken into account. Your healthcare app’s functionality and user experience can be significantly improved by incorporating DoctorHub solutions, bringing it closer to the level of success attained by platforms like Practo.

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