What to Do After You Get Your Australia PR Visa


    Congratulations! You’ve successfully obtained your Australia Permanent Residency (PR) visa. This is a significant achievement and opens the door to numerous opportunities for a brighter future. However, the journey doesn’t end here. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps you should take after receiving your Australia PR visa to ensure a smooth transition and a successful settlement in the land down under.

    Table of Contents

    1. Activation of your PR visa

    2. Plan your move

    3. Find suitable accommodation

    4. Secure a job

    5. Set up a bank account

    6. Enroll in Medicare

    7. Get your child’s education sorted

    8. Explore your new city

    9. Networking and building connections

    10. Learning about Australian culture

    11. Obtain a tax file number (TFN)

    12. Contribute to the community

    13. Update your contact information

    14. Ensure proper legal documentation

    15. Stay updated with visa rules and regulations

    Activation of your PR visa

    The first crucial step after receiving your Australia PR visa is to activate it. You usually have a certain period within which you must make your initial entry into Australia. This validates your visa, and you can then start planning your permanent settlement.

    Plan your move

    Moving to a new country is a significant transition. Start by creating a checklist of things to do and items to pack. Consider shipping your belongings or purchasing new items upon arrival.

    Find suitable accommodation

    Securing a place to live is essential. Whether you choose to rent or buy, ensure that your accommodation suits your needs and is located in a convenient area.

    Secure a job

    If you don’t already have a job lined up, begin your job search as soon as you arrive in Australia. Update your resume to meet Australian standards, and use online platforms and local resources to find job openings.

    Set up a bank account

    Having a local bank account will make managing your finances in Australia much more straightforward. Visit a nearby bank to set up your account.

    Enroll in Medicare

    Australia has a robust healthcare system. Enrolling in Medicare will give you access to various medical services. Be sure to understand how it works and what it covers.

    Get your child’s education sorted

    If you have school-aged children, research and enroll them in a suitable educational institution. Australia offers a range of public and private schools to choose from.

    Explore your new city

    Take some time to get to know your new surroundings. Explore the city, its neighborhoods, and public transportation options.

    Networking and building connections

    Networking is essential for personal and professional growth. Attend local events, join clubs or organizations, and start building your social and professional networks.

    Learning about Australian culture

    Familiarize yourself with Australian customs, traditions, and etiquette. This will help you adapt to the local culture and build positive relationships with your new neighbors.

    Obtain a tax file number (TFN)

    You’ll need a TFN to work in Australia. You can apply for one online, and it’s a crucial document for your employment and tax-related matters.

    Contribute to the community

    Participate in community activities and events. Volunteering and engaging in local initiatives are excellent ways to integrate into your new community.

    Update your contact information

    Ensure that all your contact details, including your address and phone number, are updated with the relevant authorities.

    Ensure proper legal documentation

    Stay on top of visa rules and regulations. Make sure to renew or extend your PR visa when necessary to maintain your legal status in Australia.


    Obtaining an Australia PR visa is a major milestone, but the real journey begins after its grant. Following these steps will help you make a smooth transition to your new life in Australia. Embrace the change, stay proactive, and make the most of the opportunities this wonderful country has to offer.


    1. Can I activate my Australia PR visa from outside the country?

    Yes, you can activate your PR visa by making an initial entry into Australia. However, make sure to check the visa conditions for specific requirements.

    2. How can I find job openings in Australia?

    You can search for job openings online through job portals, company websites, or consult local job agencies. Networking is also a valuable way to discover job opportunities.

    3. What is the Medicare system in Australia, and is it mandatory?

    Medicare is Australia’s public healthcare system. While it’s not mandatory, it is highly recommended to enroll, as it provides access to essential medical services.

    4. How long do I have to activate my PR visa?

    The time frame for activating your PR visa can vary depending on the specific visa subclass you hold. Be sure to check the conditions of your visa.

    5. Can I travel in and out of Australia once my PR visa is activated?

    Yes, you can travel in and out of Australia after your PR visa is activated, but be aware of the visa’s travel conditions and expiry date.

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