7 Best Music Players For Android 2020

    Each manufacturer of mobile devices usually brings its own Music player. Some are very good with their design and functionalities. However, in Google Play there is a large number of audio reproductions that have more and better features than the application that is included in your mobile.

    In the same way today other light music players that consume few resources of your mobile and that are perfect for low-end devices or that with the passage of time are very slow. Let’s see in detail the best music players for Android 2020

    The Best Music Player for Android

    Pulsar Music Player

    One of the best players without ads that have features and minimalist design.

    • Interface with lines of material Design organized by tabs for albums, folders, genres, songs.
    • Fast search engine with filters by criteria.
    • From the playback interface, you can change the playback speed; add to a Playlist list, edit labels, set as tone, stop the timer.
    • Exclude folders to prevent you from scanning audios such as WhatsApp.
    • Automatic download of the cover.
    • Playback from the lock screen.

    Shuttle Music Player

    Shuttle Music Player is one of the best android music players for most of the users for being minimalist with a design material design, but with many features. By using this awesome music player you can quickly scan your mobile for music search, also organized by different categories with the option to browse through folders, edit labels, send to a TV with Chrome cast and much more.

    There are more than 6 equalizer bands, listen to music without pauses, support for embedded lyrics, cover downloads, timer, listen to radio, Widgets, and themes to customize.

    Only For Mac user

    Elmedia Player

    Elmedia Player

    You can try Elmedia Player. This is a universal media player for all  audio and video formats. In the player, you can create playlists to collect all your favorite audio tracks in them, instead of playing one by one separately.

    You can stream audio files to AirPlay devices, as well as DLNA- and Chromecast-enabled  devices. During audio streaming from Elmedia Player, the following controls are available: play, pause, skip, stop.This mac music player has its own system-independent volume control.

    Built-in 10-band equalizer makes the sound perfect for listening. You can choose one of the existing presets (for a big hall, a party, etc.) or create your own unique. A more detailed comparison of Elmedia Player with other music players for Mac can be found here.


    This application has tools such as 10 bands optimized graphic equalizer, dynamic queue, repeat again, label editor, 4 customizable widgets, visual themes, adjustment function for bass and highs, stereo expansion and many more functions that will make a very sound Professional for your Android device.

    Phonograph Music Player

    Forget about complicated menus, with this application you can create playlists and add labels with colors as you wish, in addition to naming individual songs in great detail, add cover your songs and interact with a widget on your home screen.

    Jockey – Light and intelligent

    A light music player that has a material design interface where you can browse albums, artists, genres, songs and a list of productions.

    • Create a smart production list: By rules and filters.
    • Customize the default color and tab
    • Off timer.
    • Include and exclude folders.
    • Integrated equalizer.
    • Play when connecting the headphones.
    • Preproduction manager on the cover.

    Note: What differentiates this application from the others is that it allows creating a smart playlist which can be created with a series of filters and conditions as you add new songs if that rule is updated automatically.

    n7player Music Player

    This innovative approach music player has the entire library at your fingertips sorted by albums, songs or artists, it also provides high-quality sound, collects and pigeonholes your favorite songs through playlists, manages your music in different ways like the use of widgets and many more features.

    BlackPlayer – Light Medium Low Range (Discontinue)

    A player that has the equalizer, bass boost and sound effects that give an enveloping quality in 3D. This android music player supports formats of MP3, WAV, OGG that you can customize with the tag editor for the cover and general information of the song.

    It is very Customizable thanks to its themes and 3 widgets to add to the desktop and thus listen to music without stopping with the function without pauses and time to sleep.

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