Boosting Your Blog’s SEO Strategy with Internal and External Links

    If you own a website, then you must have heard about SEO enhancement. You may also have read or seen people include links in their blog posts. They have a significant impact and it is important to include them in your strategy.

    But how can one do this when they don’t even know their importance? Well, do not worry, we have some helpful insights that will be invaluable to you before making a decision.

    Internal Links Explained

    Just as the name suggests, these are links that direct readers to other pages of a similar website. They are common in business blogs because readers need to move back and forth as they refer to something else. The links can be attached on a word, phrase, or an image so that when the users click on them, they are directed to the intended page. One crucial thing is to make sure that the linked URL is functioning properly as an error of any sort will disappoint the users.

    Be sure to direct readers to different pages because you want your traffic in different pages distributed. These links are not just used for these roles. When readers are directed to pages that are hard to find like “About Us,” the entire blog becomes active and search engines will start ranking it higher, which has a positive effect on the website.

    External Links Explains

    On the other hand, external links are those that someone links on other websites. In most cases, people prefer to link to other websites because search engines are always checking them. The SEO impact will be even greater when the external links are from websites that have higher domain authority. But there is a lot of caution that needs to be taken. When linked websites get penalized, your website can be affected as well. Unfortunately, this is how our primary search engines like Google work.

    More Info on Anchor Text Optimization Guide

    Thus, when choosing external links, it is better to involve a professional in SEO because they know exactly what is best for your website. They will search for all reputable websites, blogs, and pages that will add SEO value to your site. Apart from doing the outbound links, they will also do inbound links to your website from other popular websites.

    The other main role that they do this is to monitor the response of your website in relation to external links and take the necessary action. The best thing is that they can identify any problem way before it escalates and messes up your website.

    More Benefits from Both Internal and External Links

    We have seen what each of these concepts is and how they help a website. So, let us look at more benefits.

    Internal links increase the experience of the blog for the users. The ease in which they direct users to other pages that may not be visible on the home page is excellent. If you have an older blog post that you want people to relate with a current one, then do not hesitate to direct them to it.

    Using external links directing to authority websites is a common strategy today. These trusted websites boost the SEO of a blog very well, but you should not overdo it. It may have some drawbacks on your website that might be hard to recover from.

    External links that are useful to readers are those that direct them to websites with relevant information. They help you to build a pool of loyal readers who will always come back to your website to get more information. That is why you should select the topics very carefully.

    The Possible Cons of Internal and External Links

    Failure to adhere to some linking rules will lead to many possible challenges in the future. That is why blog owners are advised to use experts in SEO when they are not certain. It is wrong to use incorrect anchor text or add a broken link to the anchor. There will also be a problem if the external link has been penalized by Google for a violation of rules. This will definitely cost your SEO strategy.

    Considerations When Choosing External Links

    Now that you are linking other websites on yours, the risks that we mentioned above may be costly to you. Thus, it is important to consider the situation carefully before accepting to link a site even if you need it for your benefit.

    Popularity of the websites – It is a no-brainer that the website you are linking to should be popular, which is why authority websites like media websites give the best results. Again, they are rarely penalized by Google or Yahoo search engines, which makes them very safe. However, there are many other websites which are popular. Make use of the tools that are available all over the web to check into this before linking them.

    Higher domain authority – Do you know how to check the domain authority of a website? Well, if you do, it is time to take advantage of this and choose those websites that have a higher authority. Most people go for domain authority of above 30.

    Relevancy – It is best to explain this using an example. If your website is offering technological solutions like computers, phones, or other devices, it is better to stick to websites that are offering information about the devices. The more relevant and related that your websites and external links are, the better the intended results. If you read up on links and SEO enhancement, you will be surprised to know that this is a costly mistake that should be kept at bay.


    Using links carefully has numerous benefits for your website. This works well for those who are careful with what they do. Ultimately, it is better to work closely with an SEO expert, even if it means getting short consultations for guidance on the best route to follow and the mistakes to avoid. As we have seen, it could cost you a lot if the links have problems like broken URLs, slow landing pages, or any other problem. Always do the right thing for your blog.

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